10 May 2020
JewH364 Investigate “Product to Human” Transmission of the Coronavirus

Anti-Trumpers wrong by default
First the good news … if you see … when you take all of the right moves that are people centric and that are good for the country … then your actions and policies become 100% right. And interestingly, anyone who opposes you, automatically becomes wrong by default. When you are right … people who oppose you become wrong.

  • Media. Everybody can see through the media’s biased reporting of the Trump Administration. Everyone knows that what you are doing is right.
  • Democrats. Democrats fell for the Establishment misleading in anti-Trumpism and came up with many anti-Trump policies … but all of them ended up being wrong. Look at Warren … created policies based upon being anti-Trump and she failed. The same goes for Biden and Pelosi. When you blindly oppose Trump … then you are the one who is wrong.

To the extent that even Obama is saying that Trump’s response to the crisis was a “chaotic disaster”. These are just party politics and everyone can see through them. None of these candidates … Warren, Biden, Pelosi or Obama … none of them can say anything that they would have done anything better that Trump has not already done. None of them can give any strategy or action that you have already not taken. They just don’t have any factual action on their side.

Not only Trump’s response to the pandemic was great and phenomenal … but he has created world records in his response. There is not a single stone that Trump has not turned to save his people and his country from this deadly virus. Your opposition can talk blind anti-Trumpism … but they can’t give one action or policy that they would have done better. This is your advantage of having a great lead in the game.

Working beyond your Opposition
Currently, Trump is in a state where he can work beyond his opposition. He can work beyond what his opposition can’t even think or plan. In this level that you are in … your opposition can’t think, can’t plan nor can they give any solutions to take things forward. That’s the massive lead that you have.

Let me show you what to do next.

Layered Response to Layered Malice
Obama is quite good in war scenarios. This is the challenge that his Presidency faced and he knows quite a lot about managing Establishment malice in wars. One of the things that we showed him was to give … “a layered response to layered malice”.

This is what the Establishment was doing during the War on Terror:

  • Frontend Show. Their frontend show in this entire war was that … Islam is bad and Muslims are bad … and because of them these terror events are happening. All of this was false information.
  • Backend Planning. And in the backend … they would sponsor terrorists to carry out terror events. The media and politicians would be used to blame Islam and Muslims.

This disgusting scam was run around the world for about 20 years. How we ended this malice was … via a “layered response”.

  • Frontend Show. We told Obama to investigate all of these events. The objective of these investigations was to get to the Command Center of these terrorists. To know who sponsored them and who directed them to carry out the event. We pushed them to reach to the second level of this malice. This was a perfect way to activate intelligence agencies in these activities.
  • Backend Planning. And the key backend planning behind these investigations was … to get to the Establishment elements behind these terror events. These investigations were being carried out to catch the Establishment red handed.

Seeing that the media and politicians were not falling for their false gimmicks anymore … and that intelligence agencies were after them … the terror events vaporized from the world. We provided a layered response to layered malice.

Product based malicious spread of the Coronavirus
The War on Terror has been vaporized … but the Establishment has released another worldwide scheme of fear and death that causes us great economic damage. Countries like America and UK are being held at peak heights of spread and death. The virus is continuing to expand in many other countries like Iran, Turkey and Russia.

66% of the people hospitalized in New York were staying at home. If people were staying at home then how did the virus reach their homes? This itself is evidence that the Establishment is maliciously channelizing the virus to the people’s homes via products.

Investigating “product to human” transmissions
Till date, if you see … most of the measures incorporated are for human to human transmission.

  • Wear masks, wear gloves
  • Social distancing
  • Avoid crowds
  • No schools and no public transport

All of these measures are designed to avoid human to human transmission. But interestingly, the majority of the acute infections are from “product to human” transmission. It is not from human to human transmission. Human to human transmission cases are generally mild and treatable. The acute hospitalizations that we are getting … and the deaths that we are getting … they are from product to human transmission.

Layered Response to Product to Human Transmission
The first question that will come to your mind is … how will I tell the intelligence agencies to investigate this? How will I teach them about the “Establishment” and their malice? These are genuine questions. For this … you need to design a layered response.

  • Frontend Show. You should tell the intelligence agencies that … you want to investigate “possible product contamination at the source”. It may be that someone is infected at the manufacturing plant … or it may be that some ingredient that they are using is contaminated. You never know, we get a lot of products from China. The infections might be coming from products from China. Someone might be sick at a particular store … or he may be not be symptomatic … he may be unknowingly contaminating the products. There are several scenarios where the product can be contaminated. This information is more than enough to activate intelligence agencies on this line.
  • Backend Planning. But your backend master planning is to hammer the Establishment’s activities via product based spread of the virus. Once you activate intelligence agencies … everything gets investigated … the product, the people, the store, the manufacturer, the ingredients, the delivery, the packaging … everything gets investigated.

Hammering one of the biggest routes of spread
We already have the data and the numbers that are openly showing us “product based malice”. It is a must to investigate and stop the product to human transmission of the virus. A layered response will help you to activate the intelligence agencies with enough instructions to stop this malicious spread.

66% of hospitalizations in New York are of people who were staying at home. It means that the infection is so acute that people need to get hospitalized. To add to that … 80% of people who need ventilators are dying. This only shows how acute the infections are via this channel. Hammering Establishment malice is a must on this route.