08 May 2020
JewH363 Evidence of the Establishment’s “product based” malicious spread of the Coronavirus in New York

Investigating Malice
President Trump has done a great job in addressing the pandemic till date. He has created several world records in his response to the pandemic. But most of these measures were of the normal routes addressing the problems via the normal spread of the virus. Now, since all of the normal routes are activated … the focus and efforts have to shift on the “malicious spread” of the virus. It is these efforts that will help us to successfully end this crisis. It will greatly hasten the road to recovery.

Establishment created crisis
The Coronavirus crisis is no crisis that came from bats or rats. It is an Establishment created crisis … to mainly target America, Europe and Iran.

  • China was used as the guinea pig. The virus was maliciously spread in China as much as possible.
  • Wuhan was locked down but China allowed hundreds of thousands of Chinese people to travel around the world … thus spreading the virus all across the world.
  • Wrong information was given to the world that this virus cannot be transmitted from animals to humans. The world was misled by China.
  • The scale of the crisis was never truly revealed by China. And even today, after 6 months of the start of this pandemic … China does not allow American investigators to study the crisis in China.

All of these are very clear evidences of the Establishment using China to create this global pandemic.

Establishment’s Malicious Spread in the West
There are two routes of the spread of the virus … normal and malicious. China was mainly used only to create the spread and to take the blame for the virus. Today, the main blame target for the virus is China. But several countries including America, UK, Iran, Russia and several others continue to see the rise of cases and death in their countries. Just like the virus was maliciously spread in China at first … the same techniques of malicious spread are being used in these countries as well.

There are two routes of malicious spread … contaminating public places and via products.

  • Contaminating public places. Any public place or company or industry or manufacturing plant can be contaminated using infected liquids or sprays.
  • Product based. Any product that is suitable for carrying the virus can be contaminated to do the same.

The problem is that … since the focus is on China … nobody is focusing on the malicious spread within their countries via malicious elements. Its like blaming George Bush for the War on Terror … George Bush was just the carrier. Similarly, China was just the guinea pig that was used as the carrier for the spread of the virus. Just like we focused on the exact Establishment activities of creating terror events and profiteering from the wars … we need to focus on the exact Establishment activities within the country to end this pandemic quickly and successfully.

Hammering China is good … it helps in getting back our industries and make China pay for this crisis. But remaining occupied only by China … gives a free hand to the Establishment to continue its malice within the country unchecked.

Evidence of “product based” malicious spread in New York
New York is the epicenter of the crisis in America or in the whole of West now. This is the data that we got from Governor Cuomo … about the hospitalizations owing to the virus.

66% of the people that got hospitalized were staying at home. We are shutting down the country … we are shutting down our cities … in order to stop the spread. So that people don’t get sick and don’t get hospitalized. But how are people getting the virus when they are staying at home? How is the virus reaching their home? Exactly … via tweaked products. It is product based malice.

80% of the people put on ventilators are dying
Another report from New York says that … more than 80% of the people being put on ventilators are dying. This shows the intensity of the virus being channelized via products.

  • Firstly, the infection is so intense that people are getting hospitalized. Its not just mild symptoms or a mild infection. It is so severe that people need to get hospitalized.
  • Secondly, if they enter a state where they need a ventilator … more than 80% of them are dying.

This only shows the intensity of the infection being channelized via products. It shows that most of the people who are dying are from “product based infections”. Which means that … in order to reduce the death toll … we have to end the product based malice in this crisis.

What’s the point of staying at home?
This brings us to another question … if about 70% of the people who were hospitalized … if they were staying at home … then what’s the point of staying at home? Why have we shut down our cities … why have we shut down our businesses … and why are we staying at home? Especially when the infection is being channelized to our homes anyway?

Channelizing the virus via products
Any suitable product can be used to channelize the virus …

  • If you are applying the product on your body or
  • If the product is entering your body

In both the scenarios … the product can be ideally tweaked to infect the person.

For example … sanitizers.

  • The product is tweaked … it contains the virus.
  • You are thinking that … it is getting rid of the virus and bacteria from your hands.
  • And you apply it again and again and again … giving yourself an intense amount of infection repeatedly through several days. The infection becomes so severe that you need hospitalization.

This malice can be carried out via any product. It doesn’t have to be sanitizers … it can also be:

  • Packaged food
  • Freshly prepared food
  • Water and drinks
  • Perfumes, lotions and creams

Anything that you apply on your body or that goes inside your body … can be tweaked and used to carry the virus.

What to do about this?
Investigations are a must. These are criminal activities and it requires the involvement of intelligence agencies. It requires scientific experts in action.

Will you actually catch them red handed?
May be yes and may be no. If we see, how the Establishment operated in the War on Terror … most of the time, the sponsored terrorist that they would use in the terror event … that terrorist would be terminated during the event itself. The link between the terrorist and who sponsored him to do it … this would be cut off.

No terrorist confessed that “this particular Banker paid me to do this”. But the good thing that came out of the use of intelligence agencies is that … it vaporized terrorism for good. Do you see any buildings going down now? Why? Because the Establishment connection was verified and we put intelligence agencies to get to the second level of who is sponsoring these activities … and efforts were being made to get to the main source. Seeing these efforts … the criminal Establishment shut down these terror activities itself. That’s how the War on Terror got vaporized. Right leadership and the right moves to hammer and investigate Establishment malice at the ground level … that’s what helped us terminate the War on Terror.

All unusual activities must be investigated
If we put intelligence agencies to work in this crisis … then we can separate unusual activities from the normal activities. This helps us separate the normal spread and the malicious spread of the virus. Some unusual activities might be:

  • Too many cases from one particular place … investigate it
  • Too many cases from one industry or manufacturing plant … investigate it
  • People staying at home and getting the virus … investigate it

How to do the investigations?
For example … if you are investigating people staying at home and getting the virus case … then:

  • Investigate all of their cases
  • Track every product that each of them have used … every product that they applied on their body or that they ate or drank
  • Track every product used and from where it was bought
  • Pick samples of those products from their homes and test them for the virus. Testing is easy now.

Investigating all of their cases … will help you to narrow down to the product and also from where it was bought … giving you the tweaked products.

Why this must be done?
Everyone knows and understands that the Establishment is involved in this crisis. They are killing innocent people. America has already lost more than 70,000 innocent citizens … we are headed to losing more than 100,000 innocent people. Aren’t their lives worth being protected? Why are they being punished? Why are they being killed? What wrong have they done? Isn’t it our duty to protect the innocent?

The President and Governors have the power to use intelligence agencies to monitor and stop this atrocity. The very purpose of the intelligence agencies is to protect the people and the country. More than 70,000 innocent American citizens have died. What are they waiting for? When are they going to come into action?