26 Apr 2020
JewH362 The Coronavirus Crisis A Fantastic Opportunity for Revolutions

The Establishment basically launched the Coronavirus to put countries on hold … to rattle and shut down any city or company. The virus has spread all across the world in hundreds of countries. They can create chaos using this virus at any place they want. The blame falls on the virus and they go untouched. This is their gimmick to save their ass from the terrible debt crisis spiraling around the world owing to their malicious systems. But they have no idea that this virus crisis itself is a fantastic opportunity for revolutions.

We didn’t write about revolutions before because of a few reasons. Firstly, we had already given too many tracks to be worked upon. And the Trump Administration was crying “Oh my God! How much work are you giving us! You are writing non-stop!” I had to give them some time to absorb what was said and so that they can start implementing as many tracks as possible. Giving them this time … also helps in exposing Establishment malice in the crisis. Secondly, it is not even possible to give complete details of revolutions via one website. Teams are required to be setup … so what was the point of talking about revolutions when they cannot be implemented instantly? Other tracks took a priority.

We talked about two levels of tracks that had to be worked upon to correctly fix this crisis.

Level 01 – Basic Level
The Basic Level contained tracks of … Medications, Medical Equipment and Vaccines, Quarantine Zones, Increase Hospital Capacity, Activate the Army, Manage Economy & Supplies, Healthcare Revolution, Manage Establishment Misleading, Use Preventive Antibiotics, Manpower Management and Quality Control Checks.

These are extremely basic tracks that anyone should work upon. Its basic tic tac toe … that was expected by anyone. Even the Establishment expected these moves.

Level 02 – Malice Level
The second level was the Malice Level … it contained tracks of … Kill Crisis Profiteering, City Surveillance Systems, Activate Intelligence Agencies, Product Quality Control and Boot the Federal Reserve.

The Establishment expected one or two of them … but didn’t expect all of these. The difficulty level is a little bit higher in this level … for the politicians to work on all of these tracks. But they are extremely effective in rooting out this crisis … each and every track in Level 02.

Level 03 – Revolutions
The tracks in the Malice Level were designed to address the current crisis. But when you work on “revolutions” … you fix problems for life. It totally revolutionizes the very systems that we live in. They root out Establishment ownership … which roots out their repeated malice … they empower people and keep the country people-oriented.

Revolutions are something that no one expected to happen in this crisis … not the people, not the media, not the Democrats nor the Establishment. This will come as a surprise for everyone and it will baffle Trump’s opponents. That’s if Trump works on the revolutions.

Like I said before … we cannot give complete details of revolutions via one website … it requires detailed teamwork. But we are trying to do what can be done via one website … and we can show the opportunity for these revolutions and how you can benefit from them.

A fantastic opportunity for Revolutions

  • Healthcare. This is a new war that the Establishment has launched which has some of the characteristics of the War on Terror … which are fear, mass death, massive spending, massive debt and the destruction of economies of many countries. But instead of playing along with the Establishment with their malice … instead of walking on their track that will create nothing but damage for the people and the country … we can totally revolutionize the entire healthcare system of the country. Healthcare is the number one priority in this crisis and sweeping support can be built to revolutionize the healthcare systems.
  • Manufacturing. Another segment that can be revolutionized in this crisis is manufacturing. 90% of our medicines come from China. How can China be trusted when they gave us the Coronavirus that has killed more than 50,000 Americans and about a million Americans are infected? Even after 6 months of the beginning of this pandemic … China is refusing to allow American Scientists to investigate this crisis in their country. Even after 6 months we have no idea of the scale of the crisis in China. How do we know that their manufacturing industries are clean from this virus? How do we know that the virus is not coming along with Chinese products? Manufacturing is directly related to this crisis. It is a key segment that can be revolutionized with sweeping support.
  • Infrastructure. We have construction experts in the White House … giving us excellent talent for a sweeping overhaul of infrastructure in the country. Trump has roads and bridges in his mind … but he has no idea how he can “revolutionize” every city in America.

Yes, the Establishment unleashed this crisis to screw with us … to hold us in fear … to put a pause in our lives and cities … but they have no idea of how this very crisis can be used to boot them from our country and take America back.

Benefits of the Revolution Mode for the Trump Presidency
Till date … President Trump … you have done simply great and phenomenal. You have worked on a dozen tracks … non-stop every single day since this crisis began. No one could have done it better. You have the best Establishment know-how and experience … which is giving you an upper edge to deal with this crisis much better than any leader could have. Till date, you were just working on the basics … with this itself you got a huge boost in publicity, ratings and public support. You are in the limelight every single day.

But once you enter Revolution Mode … then all of this multiplies and you reach heights that no one even expected. You will leave all of your opposition open mouthed and baffled at your lead. Some of the key benefits that you get from revolutions are:

  • Establishment Media’s Anti-Trumpism. This has been your biggest opponent since even before your Presidency began. But when you start revolutions in the country … nobody would give a shit about the media’s fake news against President Trump. Because facts is what matter … if you are the guy who is going to create revolutions … then everyone is going to love you.
  • Easy to Get Votes. When you are working on revolutionizing critical systems of healthcare and manufacturing in this crisis … then the Democrats cannot be obstructionists anymore. You can easily hammer out your opposition and get votes for new changes required.
  • Sweeping Elimination of the Crisis. Since these revolutions are directly related to the crisis … you will be able to create a sweeping elimination of the crisis.
  • Protects you from the Blame Game. You are on the top of the game … you have already done everything that could be done at the basic level … but the numbers are not on your side. There are massive numbers in infections, deaths and the recovery rate is low. Its politics and Democrats can blame the numbers on you. They will say … the numbers are bad and therefore your response is bad. As long as you remain in the basic level … the Establishment can maintain the numbers against you. Moving into level 02 and 03 … helps you keep the numbers low and protect you from the blame game.
  • Fantastic Upper Edge. When you stand on the stage … being the guy who is creating revolutions in the country … you get a fantastic upper edge that no one can compete with. We have already created the movement for your victory … but being in revolution mode will consolidate it to a great extent.
  • Prevents Second Impeachment. The first impeachment was totally blind and there can also be a second blind impeachment. What the revolution mode does is … it gives you fantastic policies … you can share these policies with Republican House Reps and Senators … this will help you win majority in both Houses. At a minimum … it will help you reduce the Democrat lead in the House. This will prevent a Second Impeachment for your Presidency in the Second Term.

You are doing great … don’t allow the media to pull you down with some silly mistakes. The media and the people are totally different two entities. The people listen to the media and also see the facts. You are doing a good job and everyone knows it. Keep up the great work … enter revolution mode … and kick some ass!