24 Apr 2020
JewH361 Investigate and Monitor the Spread and the Cure of Coronavirus

Good job so far
Till date, President Trump has done a great job in this crisis. He has been a frontline warrior … fighting to save American lives in this biological war. The good news is that … we have hit the peak and it is not getting worse than that. We are right now on a plateau. But the bad news is that … we hit the peak and we are being maintained at the peak. And this can be a very dangerous situation for America ahead. These are the numbers that President Trump should look at.

Bad Numbers – Number of cases per day
Yes, these are bad numbers … America hit the peak of about 30,000 cases per day on April 2nd. But since the past 20 days, we are still hitting that number … we are still getting 30K cases per day. And this is not good news … every 10 days in this scenario takes us to 300K cases in the country … and one month in this scenario gives us about 1 million cases in the country. We are already about to touch one million cases soon … the last thing we want to do is touch 2 million cases.

Take a look at the numbers from other countries.

  • Italy. Italy hit a peak of about 6000 cases per day … but within 10 days, they were able to bring down the number of cases by 50% to 3000 cases per day.
  • Spain. Spain also did the same … they got 8000 cases per day … but within 10 days, they were able to bring it down to 4000 cases per day … a 50% reduction in the number of cases within 10 days.
  • Germany. Germany’s performance has been the best in Europe … they reduced it from 6,000 cases to 2500 cases within 10 days.
  • United Kingdom. Here is an interesting case that you will see. UK hit 4500 cases in their peak and even they are also going on a plateau … maintaining themselves on a peak with 4500 cases per day. They are small in size … but they are also facing the same situation as America. You will come to know soon why.

Bad numbers – Number of deaths per day
Even this is a bad metric that America is facing … the number of deaths per day.

  • America. We hit a peak of about 2200 deaths per day on April 7th and since then we are still hitting the peak of 2200 deaths every day.
  • Italy. Italy hit a peak of 800 deaths per day … but within one month’s time … they made it almost into half to 450 deaths per day.
  • Spain. Even they hit 800 deaths per day and made it to 450 deaths per day … almost 50% reduction.
  • Germany. Germany never hit so high … they reached about 300 and have brought it down to 250 deaths per day.
  • Turkey. Another interesting country with good results is Turkey … it is also maintaining a very low number of deaths per day to just 100.
  • United Kingdom. UK again has a similarity here with America … they hit 700 deaths per day and they are being maintained at this peak ever since. They are also on a plateau.

Bad numbers – percentage cured / recovered
Another metric where we are doing bad is in the percentage cured or recovered.

  • America. If you see the total number of cases and the number of recoveries … then we are at just 10% recoveries.
  • Italy. Italy has a recovery rate of 30%.
  • Spain. Spain has a recovery rate of 40%
  • Germany. Germany has a whooping recovery rate of 70%.
  • Turkey. Interestingly, Turkey was the last one to get hit … but it already has 20% recovery rate … and it doesn’t even have strict lockdown regulations. Only 100 deaths per day and 20% recovered already … while many businesses are still open.
  • United Kingdom. UK doesn’t provide this data.

Target Numbers for President Trump
Germany is a fantastic winner in this crisis because of many reasons. Even if we leave aside Germany and look at the metrics in Italy and Spain … then these are the target numbers President Trump is looking at.

Yes, America got hit after Europe … but that’s just a two weeks gap. We are already on the plateau since 20 days … so within one week …

  • Number of cases should go down by 50% … from 30,000 cases to 15,000 cases.
  • Number of deaths should go down by 50% … from 2,200 deaths to 1,100 deaths.
  • Percentage of recovery should increase from 10% … to 30-40%.

These numbers and timeline are valid … if we are comparing our response with the normal European countries.

Why America and United Kingdom are on a plateau?
All of these metrics clearly show you “Establishment malice” in this crisis across different countries. More the Establishment malice … worse the situation. More the Establishment malice … more the number of cases and more the death per day. US and UK have the highest amount of Establishment malice in all of North America and Europe. These are the most rigged countries … with most Establishment malice in every system and process possible. It is because of Establishment malice that these countries are suffering the most and they are being held at the peak of the crisis.

Why the metrics in Germany and Turkey are totally different?
Because these countries have the least amount of Establishment malice and influence in their systems and processes. These two countries have uniquely kept their manufacturing and business ownership to themselves … and did not allow the Jewish Establishment to own their countries. This is a common similarity between Germany and Turkey … both of them were victims in the World War II … both of them understand Establishment malice very well. They have structured their countries to be extremely people centric and maintain everything of the highest quality.

Establishment’s points of open malice
Here are some examples of Establishment’s points of open malice in America.

Now, here is some commonsense … is medicine supposed to cure people or kill people? Are ventilators supposed to save people or kill people? Why is the opposite happening in America?

The Establishment that created the virus also makes our medicines
The main reason why America and UK on a plateau … hitting a peak every day since two weeks … is because the Establishment that created the virus, it also makes our medicines. The entity that has created the poison … the same entity also makes the medicine.

How are Italy and Spain recovering faster than America?
There are two main reasons for this.

  • Democrat guidance. Democrats are connected with European leaders from the backend. They are alerting them the nature of this crisis. European leaders have already worked with Obama for several years on Establishment malice. They are very actively hammering out malicious routes of spread to fix their countries.
  • Germany - Angela Merkel. Most European countries follow the leadership of Angela Merkel … she is the Queen of Europe. Germany understands Establishment malice better than anyone else. Their country was destroyed two times by this malicious Establishment. This is the main reason why Angela Merkel is saying “this is the beginning of the pandemic”. She is expecting more events in the War on Terror style … since the miscreants are the same.

These countries are able to work on the right routes to suppress and eliminate Establishment malice to save their countries. But America and UK are lagging severely on this front, owing to which both of their countries are suffering.

What to do?
What should America and UK do … to get off this horrible peak … to go down the slope … so that the number of cases and deaths start decreasing?

Investigate and monitor. We have been telling you this before … now, you have the metrics in front of you. You can openly see Establishment malice via these metrics. If HydroxyChloroquine is working in South Korea and killing people in America … obviously, there is something wrong in the composition of the medicine being given. Why would the Establishment do something like this?

  • Maximum spread and death. Their key objectives of creating the virus is to create maximum spread, maximum death and maximum economic damage.
  • Cheap Solution. Hydroxy-Chloroquine is a very cheap and affordable solution that can be supplied to the masses … and it can cure people by the masses. This works against their objectives in this crisis.
  • Control the Crisis. When the Establishment gets to control the spread and the cure of the disease … then they get to control the crisis. They can rattle and shutdown any city or company that they want in this crisis.

President Trump should understand that … if the Establishment is going to control the spread and cure in this crisis … and if the crisis is maintained at this peak for even a few weeks more … then it will greatly backfire on your Presidency. That’s why … it is a must to unleash investigators and monitors in this crisis. It must be done in both spheres … of spread and cure. You need investigators and monitors … who are scientists or chemists … who can investigate and monitor what medications are being given to the patients.

These test groups that provided the results for Hydroxy-Chloroquine … was anyone monitoring these groups? Were the medicines being checked for composition? Was the treatment being monitored?

Quality control is a must. There must be a check on what is being given to our people. Medicines should cure and not kill the people. Don’t take the medicine at face value … the composition doesn’t necessarily have to be what the label says it is. We have zero quality control or checks in America. The people are suffering because of that.

Investigate the spread. We told you this before. Investigating China is fine … but your primary focus should be saving American lives. We cannot keep hitting 30k cases every day. This has to drop to 10K cases or even lower as soon as possible. Unleash the investigators.

Not Trump’s fault
The US and UK being maintained at the peak … is not Trump’s fault. This virus is not your fault … the spread is not your fault … nor is being maintained at the peak your fault. It is “Establishment malice” in every step. Whatever you have done till date … it is good and great. Now, you have to start hammering out their malice … that’s how you will save your country.