17 Apr 2020
JewH359 Restructuring Trump’s Second Term

Democrats and SM Groups surprised

  • Mueller Investigation. The Establishment and Democrats got a surprise when we activated SM Groups to save Trump from the Mueller Investigation.
  • Impeachment. Dems were surprised when we protected Trump from impeachment.
  • Took down Warren. Dems got a shock when Warren was taken down … but let us just say that … Warren self-destruct.
  • Helping Trump in re-election. Now all SM Groups have configured the field in Trump’s favor and he will most likely get re-elected. Thanks to the taking down of Warren … I didn’t take her down … I just showed her … how much Trump has followed us and how much ahead he is. She failed to understand and catch up.
  • Praises and Apology. We have been getting reports that SM Groups are surprised at the high praise Trump is being given … but even an apology? This seems to be a shocker for many.

The questions are … “why on Earth are we apologizing to Trump … when we are the ones who guide him, protect him and help him be great? You just now saved him from impeachment … removed Warren from the race … and you are getting him re-elected … why the apology!!?? What the hell is going on!?”

Alright … relax, relax, relax … this page will help you out. These are the two important things that you should keep in mind.

Point 01. Don’t hold Trump’s mistakes of the past against him
Whatever “favors” Trump did for the Establishment … those are things of the past. For how long are you guys going to hold it against him? That’s the stuff that happened in his first year … we are in the fourth year … it has been 3 years … let it go. He was new in the game … he played whatever moves he could … it’s a thing of the past now. We have to stop holding Trump’s mistakes of the past against him … so that we can move on.

Point 02. Host + Force Combination
You should understand that … I am not a competition or opposition for any President … Democrat or Republican. We don’t hold political office. We are a force … a force for good. And the way this works is … when the force gets the right host. Our hosts happen to be Presidents and Kings of the world. We work through Presidents and Kings.

The force has to love and support its host. If we don’t love and support the host … the combination cannot work out. Just like we don’t give a shit about Hillary or Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich … we wouldn’t really care to guide these guys … because we know that they are trash. The more we like the host … the more we tend to guide them.

You should stop looking at me as a “competition” to Trump … we are not competing with any political leader. Our primary work is … guiding them and protecting them … and helping them do great things for the people. This is how the equation functions.

About the apology … Trump won it fair and square with his beautiful response to this crisis. Ivanka “wanted” it … but her Dad “won” it.

Need to restructure Trump’s Second Term – Why?
Yes, its great that 90-95% of SM Groups are in Trump’s favor. But now, it is very important to restructure his Second Term. Why?

Point 01. The current track sucks
Firstly, the current track sucks … nothing is getting done … nothing is moving forward … apart from some simple steps and the stopping of catastrophes.

Point 02. All hopes being pinned on Trump is wrong
Everyone hoping Trump to do everything, is just wrong. This is a massive project … not on just one track … but it has a dozen tracks … and it is massive on every track. Hoping that just one guy is going to do everything is not justified and it is also not working out. It is only leading to anti-Trumpism … and this anti-Trumpism is only creating hollow leaders who know nothing and can do nothing.

Point 03. Anti-Trumpism is nullifying the positive moves
Trump might not have broken the Establishment monopoly as such … but he has taken many moves that are positive and constructive. We have ourselves encouraged him, supported him and guided him for the same. Some of good moves from Trump are … tariffs, American Energy, Border Wall, Climate Change … yes, Trump is right on Climate Change. The Establishment is using this shitty anti-Trumpism to oppose everything good that Trump has done … and they are trying to nullify it using the next leaders … which is utterly ridiculous. Dems want to blow up trillions on Climate Change … just because they want to oppose Trump … which is utterly crazy.

Point 04. Extremely Divided Country
Because Trump didn’t lead … Democrats want the White House … they are using anti-Trumpism to do everything against him … giving us a shitty divided country. They are standing there using every opportunity to oppose Trump. Whether it is right or wrong … good or bad … logical or not … nobody cares anymore.

Point 05. Will lead to a Second Impeachment
And if we allow things to remain as they are … given the Dem craze for the White House and the Establishment’s misleading … there will be second impeachment for Trump. The first impeachment was a total waste of time and even the second impeachment will be a total waste of time. The country will go through bullshit activities that will be nothing but a waste of time for everyone.

Point 06. Zero Policy Change
In all of this shit show … of Trump not leading … Democrats crazy for the White House … and the Establishment’s misleading … there is zero policy change. We continue to remain in the same shitty systems and nothing changes … while our politicians remain fixated at bitching at each other.

Point 07. The Establishment added another catastrophe of the Coronavirus
To add to all of this negativity, hate and competition … the Establishment added another parameter of chaos of the Coronavirus. Millions of people are getting infected around the world and hundreds of thousands are dying. Let alone breaking the monopoly … countries have come to a standstill.

Should we allow this shit show to continue? It is total bullshit and a complete waste of time for everyone. Which is why … there is an extremely high need of restructuring Trump’s Second Term. This bullshit cannot continue … I myself cannot put up with it … this is total garbage. We have to change the configuration and roles in the country.

Need to Devise 2 Leadership Fronts
We have to devise 2 leadership fronts in the country. This divided bullshit has to come to an end … we have to formulate the right leadership fronts.

Front 01. Trumps lead from the Top
The first front will be … Trumps will lead from the top …  mainly because they have proven themselves to be great leaders that can keep the country together. I am not assigning them this post … they have literally proven themselves to be better than all Republicans and Democrats. They have zero catastrophes among them … in war or finance. They show great intelligence, patience and a fantastic capability to work on multiple tracks to do what is right for the country.

Trumps will lead from the White House. President Trump has shown great capability … as recent as the Coronavirus crisis is concerned … in doing great things for the people. Trumps will do a great job in creating new systems, new structures and new laws for the people. They will keep all of the new systems and structures independent of the current Establishment network. Trump has repeatedly shown that where there is no Establishment involved … he swoops in and kicks ass. This is more than enough of leadership from the top.

There is only one President Trump … then why am I saying “Trumps” … you will understand this later.

Front 02. Democrats – Leadership from the Ground Level
Democrats should put aside their craze for the White House. Democrats should stop targeting Trump’s inaction on monopoly … they should stop demonizing Trump in their hopes for the White House. Democrats should not wait to get the White House to lead the country … they should lead the country right now. They should lead from the ground level.

Creating a distributed and wide-scale hammering of the Establishment from the ground level is the most powerful and effective way of dismantling the Establishment. Breaking of Establishment monopoly should be taken up by the Democrats. They should network … create a massive consolidated front … to break the Establishment in every front possible.

“Trump doesn’t have courage … I have courage” … yeah stop saying that … show your courage and leadership right now from the ground level.

New Chemistry of the New Configuration
Right now, we are in a bullshit configuration where the Establishment is using Dems against Trump and Trump against Dems … while the country is at a standstill. But when we change this … and put a new configuration at work … with 2 leadership fronts … these are the benefits of that.

  • Puts both parties on constructive tracks with common goals. Both parties will be collectively working against a common malicious Establishment … but their roles will be different. Right now, the Establishment is using both parties for their own interest … which is just silly. Both parties should work together against one Establishment. That’s more fruitful for the country … and sensible.
  • Get to hammer the Establishment via 2 leadership fronts. The Establishment shouldn’t use us against each other … we should hammer the Establishment via 2 leadership fronts. It doubles our forces.
  • Policy formation will be of the highest levels. When Trumps start working on new systems and Democrats start breaking monopoly … there will be tons of new policies formed by both leadership fronts. There will be two way policy formation … both of which will be fruitful for the country.
  • Both parties will check each other. Both parties will lead in creating new policies … since it will be a bipartisan approach … both parties will check each other and make sure that things are done correctly for the people.

Essential Ingredient – Love and Support for Trump
Now, for all of this to fall in place … for the Democrats and the people to accept and respect Trump’s decisions, actions and policies … we have to create love and support for Trump. If Trump is loved and supported … then his decisions, actions and policies will also be loved and supported.

We have been observing anti-Trumpism for more than 3 years now … 99% of it is totally hollow and baseless … when in reality Trump is always making the right logical and correct decisions for the country. But since the love and support is not there … doesn’t matter how much good he is doing … and the great things that he is doing … including this Coronavirus response … there is no corresponding love and support for him. Trump should be loved, supported and respected … this is how America is going to move forward. Hollow anti-Trumpism is simply destructive for the country and for the Democrats as well. This is one of the lessons that Warren should have learnt.

Yes, we will continue to guide and push President Trump to make the right logical decisions for the country and the people … but it is high time that we started creating love, support and respect for President Trump.