16 Apr 2020
JewH358 No 2024 for Warren

Well, I wanted to wait for a while … before I gave Warren this piece of information. She already lost her Presidential bid in 2020 … and telling her that she is not being considered for 2024 also would be too much to manage all at the same time. I guess it is appropriate to discuss this now … as it has been a while since she dropped out.

Yes, my dear Senator Elizabeth Warren … you are not being considered for the Presidency in 2024 by the majority of the SM Groups. And this is why …

Became a crisis instead of being the solution
The campaign that you ran … the way you ran it … and how you responded to logic … this made you a massive crisis instead of you being a solution. Everyone needed someone who would give solutions to the existing Establishment problems in the country. No one wanted a new massive crisis to maintain.

  • You came up with crazy Socialist ideas with $100 Trillion plus spending
  • Your policies were 20 times worse than the entire 20 years of War on Terror
  • When we showed you the issues in your policies … instead of making positive changes, you turned against us
  • You didn’t give a shit about changing anything at all

Now, what many SM Groups are complaining is that …

  • She brought America on the verge of a massive Socialist crisis
  • Instead of saving Americans from the current crises … we had to stop her to save America
  • Why on Earth would we consider her ever again for the Presidency?

Not something you can train
SM Groups rely on us to train and guide Presidential candidates. But the biggest issue that they raise about you is that …

  • How can we put commonsense in one person?
  • How can we put logical thinking in one person?
  • Especially when the person has absolutely zero practical knowhow?
  • When the person has run no business or entity of her own? And not even worked in a business where knowledge can be applied?

The issues that they see in your campaign were not about right or wrong … or a good or bad policy … the major issue that they see is … you have zero practical understanding. How can that be changed in a 70 year old person who has never done anything practical in her life, other than teach?

They don’t really see you as someone capable of learning, changing and managing the most powerful country in the world.

This is not our view
This is what SM Groups think about you … this is not our view … though they might have some valid concerns. You said ... "teachers don’t give up”. You are right … teachers should not give up on their students. But teachers should also train students on something that they can handle. If a trainer is trying to push a toddler to climb Mount Everest … then it is not the toddler’s fault for not successfully accomplishing the task. It only means that the trainer is a moron.

Good on the ground fighter
I think a few good things came out of your Presidential campaign.

  • You were the first one to launch the campaign. Your anti-war approach helped in shaping a peaceful direction for the entire Presidential campaign. It was a good direction for the country as far as war was concerned.
  • Your failure provides very good lessons for the next candidates for President. There are a lot of good lessons that can be learnt from your campaign.

For now, I would ask you to just chill … and leave the whole Presidential thing behind … you are a great fighter … and the country needs a good on the ground fighter.

America is burning … where are you?
Do you remember calling Trump … “an arsonist in a burning building”? Many Pro-Warren groups also had this opinion … “Trump is a thief in a burning building”. In fact, even we wrote about it in this book. Now … my dear Senator Warren … America is literally on fire … thousands of American citizens are dying … where are you?

Do you call this leadership? Being obsessed about your own loss … sitting and sobbing in your own room … while the country is on fire and people are dying? Yes, this is not Presidential … but is this the best a Senator can do? Be remained obsessed with yourself while others die?

Don’t you see that apart from lives there is massive economic damage in the country to the tune of trillions? Where is your fight against the Bankers? Why aren’t you standing up to the Federal Reserve? Haven’t we already given the details of how the Federal Reserve is ripping us off? You kept on screaming … “we can only do this together! We can only do this together!” Is this called working together?

Get a hold of yourself and wake the hell up. Enough of mourning for yourself. We don’t need another Hillary in America. This country made you a millionaire from being a simple teacher. Stand up for your country!

Trump saves America on fire
While Warren … many SM Groups and even ourselves … called Trump a thief in a burning building … this was not the case in this crisis. America was on fire … and when we invited … President Trump jumped with the first opportunity to save America.

  • He came into the frontlines of the crisis … sets up a taskforce … and creates a team with the best minds to create the best response to this crisis.
  • He worked on every track that we mentioned … starting from testing kits, medical equipment, vaccine research, medications, manufacturing, containment and provided millions of testing kits, doses for cure across every State of the country.
  • We were writing on more tracks … and they were like … “oh my God, how much is he writing … how much work is he going to give us?” But they worked non-stop tirelessly on every track possible to save America and Americans from this crisis.

Does this look like a thief in a burning building to anyone? Does this look like a thief in a burning building to anyone? Trump is a true and a great patriot. America is fortunate to have Trump as President.

Heartfelt, open, sincere, public and official apology to President Trump
Yes, this is a heartfelt, open, sincere, public and official apology to President Trump from Active Democracy. We wrote a few pages that weren’t exactly congratulatory … some were quite rude. You should understand where we are coming from …

  • These were the major concerns of SM Groups. Everyone was disappointed in you … because you were selected for great works and everyone wanted you on the right track.
  • You should understand that we were writing thousands of pages only to guide and support you. If we hated you … we wouldn’t write thousands of pages to help you.
  • Everything that we did was for the good of the country and the people.

In fact, Ivanka used to often tell us … “hey, you want to work with us … then why don’t you apologize for all of the nasty things that you wrote about my father?” And I would be like … “we are the ones guiding you, protecting you and making you great leaders … why do you want an apology from us?” We just wanted you to do something great for the people … be on the right track … and then we would apologize.

Won our respect in this crisis
We must say that … you have done a phenomenal job in this crisis. You were a frontline warrior … we loved your efforts on every track. This is the type of leadership we love … multi-faceted, multi-tracked and totally phenomenal. You have won our respect.

We love you … we respect you … we will protect you and we will fight for you.

And yes … sincere apologies of the things in the past … I hope we can leave those things in the past. You are providing phenomenal leadership for the country … please continue to do the great job Mr. President.