11 Apr 2020
JewH357 Product based malice in Covid-19

“Product based malice” is a very lengthy subject. It will take a book on its own. Yes, WHO and other sources have called the connection between Ibuprofen and Covid as “fake news”. And that’s how product based malice is responded to most of the time. It is because …

  • Firstly, these guys at the top … they don’t have access to the “tweaked products” that the people use at the ground level.
  • Secondly because, people use tweaked and negative products … and bad things happen to them. But when the WHO guys or any other government agency cross checks the claims … they check it using “normal products”. When you use normal products … you never find the connection or the fault.
  • Thirdly, sometimes, even if the WHO or government guys get to see these tweaked products … it is covered up.

A typical example where it fell correctly is the talcum powder by Johnson and Johnson.

  • A tweaked product was being supplied in the market … owing to which people were getting cancer.
  • The complaint was lodged and the investigators got the faulty product in their hands … a successful investigation was made in the faulty product.
  • There was no cover-up … the whistle was blown on Johnson and Johnson … and currently they are being fined by the billions for the supply of faulty products to the American people.

It is a very long subject and I am trying to keep it short. The best way to manage the malice via products … is to unleash investigators and intel agencies. These will be the factors of their success.

  • Get the Faulty Products. They should get their hands on the faulty product … and not just the normal version. Both versions are supplied in the market. The normal versions are specifically supplied to investigators and government officials who come to cross check on these products.
  • Tools & Technology. Once they get their hands on the faulty product … the intel agency should also have the technology and knowhow … of correctly identifying the fault in the product. Some faults are created in such a manner that … even if you have the faulty product with you … then you don’t have the tools or technology to investigate the fault. This is how the Establishment plays with technology.
  • No Puppets. At the third level … there should be honest people and not Establishment puppets who will investigate this malice. Even if you have the faulty product and also the tools to correctly identify the fault … but if there is a crook in place or an Establishment puppet that is doing the investigation … even then there will be no constructive outcome.

You need these 3 things for the right investigation.

  • Getting your hands on the faulty products.
  • Having the technology and knowhow to do the right investigation.
  • The right people who will investigate it right.

This is important right now because … the virus is being spread to hundreds of thousands of people … thousands of them are dying. Investigating and hammering the Establishment on its “product based malice” will reduce this crisis to a great extent and save lives.

Product based malice is one of the key routes of Establishment malice … and America and Europe are the key targets of this malice. The malice has stopped in China and there is no malice in South Korea … this is why these countries are coming back to normal. If America and Europe want to expedite their route to normalcy … then it is a must to start hammering out Establishment malice in all routes … especially product based malice.

And trust me … when you start investigating products and their composition of what is being supplied in America … then you will uncover an entire new mountain of malice by the Establishment. You will find various issues with hundreds of products. This is a complete massive field on its own. Germany has already done this … Germany’s quality checks verify every ingredient used, the material used, the technique used, the packing materials used … each and every aspect of the product is verified and approved. This is the main reason why Germany has 10 times less fatalities when compared to America and other European countries.

Product testing and quality control requires a complete division on its own. But the good and immediate thing that will happen when you send out investigation teams to start tracking …

  • The spread of the virus
  • The products and medications used by each patient
  • The composition of each product

It will give you a correlation of product based malice in this crisis … and it will put great pressure on Establishment elements to stop the malice via this route. These guys are a bunch of thieves and criminals … the only language they understand is … when the cops come after them.