10 Apr 2020
JewH356 Using Pain Killers to save lives in the Coronavirus Crisis

Pain Killers and the Coronavirus
Here is another angle from the medical perspective that President Trump needs to work on. The death toll is too high … we have to work on existing medications to reduce this death toll as much as possible. Here is where pain killers come into the picture. Pain killers are essentially anti-inflammatory … and what the Coronavirus does is … it destroys the organs of the body by creating inflammations on each organ. This organ destruction is what leads to the death of the person … because his heart or lungs fail.

The pain killers will not kill the virus as such … but they can prevent the destruction of the organs by this virus. If we can prevent the destruction of the organs by this virus … then we can save lives. Azithromycin is being recommended as the anti-biotic for Covid-19 mainly because it has anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

President Trump should work with his medical teams on this concept … check which pain killers were successfully used in South Korea and China … as these are the two countries winning against the virus … and supply the right pain killers that will boost the effect of Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Azithromycin in saving the organs of the body from being destroyed.

Benefits of using pain killers

  • Readily available and tested. There are hundreds of readily available and tested pain killers. We don’t need to sit and wait for a vaccine for an entire year when we can use pain killers to stop the damage being done by the virus.
  • Will save lives. We can use them immediately to save American lives … and the lives of people around the world.

Two Levels of Applications

Level 01. Infected young and old
Right now, pain killers are being administered in the UK and European countries … but it is being done for people in acute cases who are about to die. Why are we using pain killers only in dire situations? Why wait for the dire situation to develop? As of now, everyone is going through a rattling and sometimes a painful course of the disease. Along with HCQ and Azithromycin … pain killers must be administered … for a quick recovery and painless recovery.

This should help the young and the old. When we are saying that the old are going to have a hard time … it is only because we are allowing the virus to do its damage. We should be able to use pain killers to stop the damage even in the old people as well. South Korea’s death toll is extremely less … check with them on the medications used.

Level 02. Unaffected people living in acute areas
Pain killers are anti-inflammatory drugs that can be used to cure or heal any existing inflammations in the body of the person. People should be made aware of this and be encouraged to cure themselves and strengthen themselves in this crisis.

Issues with pain killers – faulty pain killers in the market
While we are on the subject of pain killers … you should know that there are faulty pain killers in the market. Take a look at this:

People are observing cases where people who have used Ibuprofen (pain killer) and they died because of the Coronavirus ... or the virus had a major impact on such people. There was a huge frenzy about this … to the extent that even the WHO made a statement on this.

People take Ibuprofen for an existing pain or issue. The pain killer is supposed to heal the person … remove the inflammation and make the person better. This is how it is routinely supposed to function. But people are saying that … people are dying because of this pain killer. This is direct evidence of faulty products in the market and malice by the Establishment. They are creating products that do the opposite. We mentioned this “product based malice” of the Establishment … and this is live proof of this product based malice.

The WHO did their check … and they said that “this is not true … there is no connection between Ibuprofen and Covid-19”. But they are following regular science and not checking the faulty products in the market.

Two scenarios in this malice

  • Originally tweaked. The product was originally tweaked … and it was doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do.
  • Tweaked for Covid. Or the product was tweaked to create more death via Covid and lessen the protection of the American people that pain killers should provide.

The complaints have come for Advil, Ibuprofen and a few other products supplied in the US.

Activate Intelligence Agencies
This is the main reason we told you to activate intelligence agencies to check on such malice. Here is another case where it was investigated, confirmed and the company was fined $4.7 Billion for faulty products.

The company is Johnson & Johnson … a big shot company … but they were supplying talcum powder that would give people cancer. People complained … it was investigated and the company is being fined by the billions.

This is not a rare case. Product tweaking is extremely routine in America. And in this crisis if they are going around screwing the medications of the people … it will only create more death … in plain sight. This crisis is designed by a bunch of criminals … activating intelligence agencies to …

  • study and track all products used by the patients
  • to study the composition of every product

It will help to root out product based malice by the Establishment.