05 Apr 2020
JewH355 China’s Secret to Stopping the Coronavirus: Boot the Federal Reserve

There are two very interesting things that can be learnt from China in this crisis.

China’s Blunder
Firstly, China’s blunder … the news from CGTN … this is China Global Television Network … it is the State propaganda television … they themselves say that 40,000 medical workers were deployed in Wuhan to fight in this crisis. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24JmeTNEZf0

They are trying to show the wonderful work that the Chinese government has done in Wuhan. But their blunder is that … why were 40,000 medical workers required in Wuhan alone when your reported cases throughout China were only 80,000? And you did not get all of these 80,000 cases instantly … they were spread over a period of time … nor did all of the 80,000 people get admitted in hospitals simultaneously. Even if you assume that 10,000 people were admitted in Wuhan alone … then 40,000 medical workers for 10,000 patients … means 4 medical workers for each patient.

Why would one patient need 4 medical workers? This is clear evidence that the numbers from China were totally wrong. The fact that 40,000 medical workers were deployed in Wuhan alone means that … there could have been hundreds of thousands of cases in Wuhan alone. Wuhan has a population of 11 million people which was put under a lockdown.

There is every chance that there were millions of cases all over China and hundreds of thousands of deaths. China did not disclose this to the world because of the economic impact that this crisis was having on the country. Had China disclosed the right numbers … Europe and America would have prepared much better for this crisis.

China’s Victory Secret – Boot the Federal Reserve
Another thing that you can learn from China is … how it ended the crisis in its epicenter. If you observe crisis in Wuhan has been solved to a great extent … the temporary hospitals are shutting down and 40,000 medical workers are going home, apparently. The crisis might still exist across the country … but at least at the epicenter … it has been solved.

Similarly, even South Korea … has solved this crisis. America and Europe are waiting for summer … waiting for a vaccine … to solve this crisis. But China and South Korea solved this crisis in winter without a vaccine. How?

  • South Korea was never the target. There was no malicious spread of the virus … that’s why they contained it quite well.
  • China was a major victim of Establishment malice. They came to know that they were being used as guinea pigs by the Central Bankers. China threatened to boot the Federal Reserve … President Xi told the Federal Reserve “take your gold back to Israel. I don’t want this chaos in my country.” And within weeks the crisis gets solved in Wuhan. The Bankers immediately stopped the malicious spread in China.

Key to victory in Coronavirus – Boot the Federal Reserve
The fantastic key that we come to know from China against the Coronavirus pandemic is … boot the Federal Reserve. The Feds moved their gold from Israel to South China Sea recently … which is why you see heavy military buildup in South China Sea. But then … they were using China as a guinea pig for their malice around the world. When Xi came to know about that … he said … “alright let’s boot these guys … we don’t want this mess”. And bingo … Europe is still struggling to contain the virus … but there is victory in Wuhan.

The Banker Plot to use Wuhan
Understand why Wuhan was used in this plot.

  • 11 million people. It has more than 11 million people in the city … that provides the right population to spread a pandemic.
  • Heartland. It is located in the heartland of China.
  • Well connected. The city is well connected to all major cities in China … providing the perfect spread across the country.
  • No value for the Establishment. The Establishment has all of its manufacturing industries located in Guangzhou … which is thousands of miles away from Wuhan. Screwing up Wuhan and putting the city under lockdown will not affect the manufacturing industries that the Establishment owns. Wuhan is still under lockdown and the Establishment is still manufacturing and sending supplies to other countries even now.
  • Doesn’t piss off President Xi. Important cities like Beijing and Shanghai were not used that would create major administrative problems.

Wuhan was the perfect guinea pig in China … with 11 million people centrally located in the country … that have no value to the Establishment.

Banker Guilt
Here are the actions that show Banker guilt in this crisis.

  • Wuhan fixed. How the hell does China fix the problem in its epicenter … during winter without any vaccine … while America and Europe are still suffering? This is proof that the Bankers stopped their malice in Wuhan and they are continuing their malice in America and Europe.
  • Blame American Army. And instantly … somehow … the blame is put on the American Army … exactly at the same time. “Hey, it is American soldiers who did this … we did not do this.” While Wuhan was being fixed … it is the Bankers who put the blame on America. That’s why some in the Chinese government started pointing the finger to US soldiers.
  • Zero Interest! The Bankers are so freaking nervous that … they have reduced the interest rates to zero in America. And they are saying … “please take $500 billion from us in this crisis”. Why are the Bankers being so nice all of a sudden? It is not because they are nice … it is pure guilt.

Why did the Federal Reserve stop the spread in Wuhan?

  • Get kicked out. Firstly, they would get kicked out. They would have to move all of their gold back to Israel and given the attention and scrutiny around South China Sea … it could be a very risky operation.
  • Created the spread. They already used China to create the spread around the world.
  • Blame is on China. China already has the blame for this virus. China already served its major purpose. There was no point in spreading the virus more and getting kicked out.

Fact based powerful moves to save American lives
Every move that we are showing in Level 02 … these are powerful fact based moves that have already been successful in other countries and situations. These moves will save thousands of American lives.

  • Kill Crisis Profiteering. This move was immensely successful in ending the War on Terror.
  • City Surveillance Systems. This is a fantastic crime fighting system that is doing wonders in South Korea.
  • Activate Intelligence Agencies. This was again very helpful in stopping terror events during the War on Terror.
  • Product Quality Control. This system is saving lives in Germany by 10 times more than other European countries.
  • Boot the Federal Reserve. This is going to be a very powerful move … all on its own … and it has already worked in China.

Why to boot the Federal Reserve?

  • Open Loot. This is open loot for the Bankers … this is their World War III. Both World War I and II … were designed by the Bankers for their own benefits. They have created and are running this massive pandemic for their own benefit.
  • Economic Disaster. Apart from human life being lost in this pandemic … the second biggest disaster is for the economy. We are losing by the trillions. It has been just one quarter in this crisis … and we are already spending up to $4 Trillion in different stimulus packages. Routinely, we go $1 Trillion in debt every year … this year we will go in $5 Trillion in debt just because of this God damn crisis.
  • Pressure Stops Malicious Spread. Whether we boot the Federal Reserve successfully or not … that’s a separate question. But this pressure will definitely help to stop the malicious spread of this virus by the Bankers. Right now, almost everything is going as per Banker plans … and if we allow them to run this crisis as they want to … then they can create havoc. It is a must to hammer them. We have to take control and change the game.
  • Will save thousands of American lives. Based upon the current track … we are headed to losing about 200,000 American lives. Hammering the Federal Reserve will cost us zero dollars … but it will save the lives of thousands of American citizens.

Federal Reserve Basics
Here is some basic info on the Federal Reserve … it is not actually Federal Reserve … it is Rothschild Private Limited. It is not a government organization … but it is a private company. Trump wants to borrow $2 Trillion from them … but the question is … where is the Federal Reserve getting $2 Trillion from?

  • From the money printing machine?
  • Why is this money printing machine with a private company?
  • Why is the American Government borrowing money from a money printing machine … when this money printing machine should be the government’s property?
  • This money that the Feds lend to the government on interest … this money does not belong to them. It belongs to the American people … it is the property of the country.
  • It is simply outrageous and criminal that the American Government has to borrow the money that it owns, on interest from a private company that owns no gold.
  • To add to that … the Feds print as much money as they want … and give trillions to whoever they want around the world and the American Government cannot question them or stop them. This is a massive scam that the Feds are running in almost every country in the world. It is open crime and abuse of the people.

How to boot the Federal Reserve?
If you observe … President Xi’s threat actually worked and it worked because … he is President for life and he has sweeping control over the entire country. If Xi wants to boot the bankers … he has the powers and authority to boot the bankers. But in Democrat countries like America … where things have to go through the Congress … it becomes a lengthy procedure to boot the Feds. So, this is how you do it.

Time for some ground level action … Dems should do something useful for their country rather than waste time in hollow anti-Trumpism. This work must be done collectively with a lot of backend planning and support. We should activate the right Democrats and give them the support to stand up to the Feds.

Ilhan Omar … time to talk about the Benjamins baby! Activate Omar, Tlaib, AOC … even Bernie if possible … the guy lies like hell … his lies may help here. See if Warren has stopped sobbing over her loss … this is something that will actually save American lives and save trillions in more expense.

Rand Paul … Ron Paul and rope in as many other Republicans that you can. This is something that had to be done from the “ground level” using multiple points. It has to be a ground level movement in America.

President Trump
You can be critical in this movement. Don’t make any public statements on this movement yourself. Work only in the background … remain strictly in the background.

  • Domestically. Work in the background to activate … on the frontend … don’t oppose those who are working on it. Let both party members move ahead to boot the Feds. This is a critical time when this movement is needed.
  • Internationally. Work with Europe … the Feds are viciously spreading the virus in Europe. Europe is suffering. Work with them also in the backend … provide them the info on who is behind this crisis and show them how it worked in China. Support and encourage them on a movement to boot the Feds.
  • Russia. It is only President Putin who has sweeping powers like President Xi to boot the Feds from their country. Russia can actually be successful in booting the Feds. When Putin comes into action … Bankers start pissing in their pants. It is because of Putin that Bankers fled with their gold from Israel to South China Sea. President Putin can be critical in hammering the Feds in this crisis.

America, Europe and Russia should collectively start working on strategies of booting the Federal Reserve from their respective countries. Obstacles and restrictions from IMF and other financial institutions should be collectively hammered down. The political movement should begin in America and Europe … and Russia should literally boot them out.

Once Putin starts kicking their ass … this crisis will vaporize like smoke. The Feds may tell to Russia ... to pay us this and pay us that … concessions should be given to Russia to boot the Feds. Understand that the money that the Feds lend … this money never belonged to them … you don’t have to return anything to them that does not belong to them.

Right now, the Feds are in the green zone loving and benefiting from the crisis that they have created. The moment you start booting them … things will start changing all over America, Europe and the world.

Key is to “work collectively”
Everyone should work collectively … Democrats, Republicans, Americans, Europeans and Russians … everyone should work together to boot the Feds. This will be the most powerful and most effective move to end this crisis. It will save thousands of American and European lives … and the lives of thousands of other people all around the world.