02 Apr 2020
JewH354 Implement Quality Control and Reduce the Death Rate by 10 Times

Managing fault finding Democrats and Media outlets
Before we get into the main topic of the page … here are some tips for President Trump in managing fault finding Democrats and Media outlets. Some Democrats have been blaming you for the “late response” to this crisis.

  • Firstly, the response was not late. The moment we knew about the crisis … travel restrictions were put into place and we already started working on possible vaccines and testing kits.
  • Secondly, what the hell were the Democrats doing when they claim that the President responded late? Were Democrats yelling at the President to “take action! Take action … otherwise there will be a calamity!” No, this is not what the Democrats were doing … they were busy running their Primaries to select the best person to defeat Trump.
  • Democrats are standing there blaming Trump for late action … when they were themselves rattling the country with ridiculous non-sense Socialist policies that would drain tens of trillions of taxpayer money on each program. This is what they kept the country occupied with while the Coronavirus crisis was enfolding.
  • They were so consumed with anti-Trumpism, Socialism and eager to defeat Trump that … they conducted the Primaries even in empty studios without any people in it. This was the state of the Democrat party while the Coronavirus crisis was enfolding. They didn’t give a shit about anyone … they were only occupied with their craze for the White House.

This is what their state was … they have no right to blame Trump for his response at all. Let alone having a zero response from Democrats for this crisis … they were running a Socialist crisis of their own in the country. And when Democrats came into action … they held off the Coronavirus relief bill … and tried to insert partisan politics into it and spent hundreds of billions in corporate bailouts. Your response was zero and when you responded … it was disasters for the taxpayers.

Not only President Trump came early in action by ordering travel restrictions, initiation of vaccine development and testing kits … he also had to save the country from the shit show that you were creating. And when the crisis started expanding … he activated 10 different tracks to save the American people from this crisis … right from research to medications to medical equipment … to hospitals … to the Army, Navy … innovation of products and the production to the tune of millions. He is not leaving a stone unturned.

This is the main reason why Democrats are losing … hollow anti-Trumpism with no facts and no real action. And this is the advantage that President Trump gets when he does everything right. Yes, Democrats will stand there dumbfounded … when they are asked … “how would you do anything differently?” Because you have already done everything that could have possibly been done and you will take American security and safety to another level. And this is how you do it.

City Surveillance Systems
It is election year … possibly there might not be an election this year … but however … while we have elections and while we are in such a crisis … nothing can be more important than the safety and security of the American people. And when President Trump champions the safety and security of the American people … he will come off as a fantastic champion in this crisis. These measures will literally make America safe and the American people stronger.

Democrats are coming up with their routine nonsensical corporate handouts of hundreds of billions … which has nothing to do with the ongoing health crisis. It’s a plain rip off of American taxpayers in a time of crisis. This kind of ridiculous leadership and wealth drain must be stopped. President Trump should tactically work on securing the lives of hundreds of millions of American citizens and not nod along with Democrat’s ridiculous corporate handouts.

This is how you go for and get approval for City Surveillance Systems.

  • Nothing more is important today than American safety and security.
  • There is possible malicious spread of the virus by anti-Social elements … but we never know … unless we install City Surveillance Systems and track what is going on.
  • Not only these systems will help us curb this malicious spread of the virus by Establishment elements in public places … but it will help us stop millions of criminal activities all around the year in every city of America.
  • The moment you are on the street … doesn’t matter if you have stolen a car, mugged someone, bullied someone, robbed a house, robbed a bank or shot someone … the City Surveillance System will track you on every road and every street of the city.

We call ourselves the greatest country in the world … but American citizens cannot go outside at night … without the fear of being robbed, mugged or even being killed. Millions of our citizens keep guns at home to protect themselves from thieves. How can we be great and not safe at the same time? If we can be great … we should also be safe. In fact, safety is a more preliminary requirement than greatness.

President Trump can end this fear … he end this insecurity … and he can put a stop to millions of crimes across the country in every city … when he implements Citywide Surveillance Systems. No criminal can get away the moment he is on camera. And when you implement this security system … this system will not only stop millions of crimes every year … but the system is so good that it will go on forever. The credit will go to President Trump for implementing this system and making America safe again for millions of its citizens.

The main reason we need this at this moment in time is because … there is Establishment malice in the spread of the virus and one the routes is via malicious spread in public places. But you don’t need to say this to get its approval … you can just use the above argument to get it done.

Product Quality Control – Germany – 10 times less death rate
Coming to the main topic of the page … what you should note is that … Italy and Spain has already hit more than 10,000 deaths … but the number of deaths in Germany is below 1,000. Germany has a death rate 10 times lesser than other European countries. How and why?

The key to this success in Germany is “Product Quality Control”. Take a look at this site:


You don’t get to write “Made in Germany” on your product just because you physically produced the product in Germany. No … not every manufacturer who makes his products in Germany gets to write “Made in Germany” on their product. The label Made in Germany is a sign of “high quality”. There is a quality control division in Germany that will inspect every aspect of the making of the product … right from the development, design, production, materials used and quality assurance … after the product passes every aspect in quality standards … then they get to write “Made in Germany” on their products.

How is this relevant to Coronavirus?
This quality control of every single product being made in Germany results in high quality products for every single German citizen. Even if Pepsi wants to write “Made in Germany” … even Pepsi goes through the same quality control process. You will find the taste of Pepsi to be different from Germany and France. The water, the food, vegetables, fruits … everything is monitored, controlled and manufactured at the best quality possible. This provides the people with extremely healthy and nutritious food … creating strong and immune bodies.

Thanks to the quality control process put into place in Germany … it is saving their lives 10 times more than America and other European countries. 10 times more people are dying in other countries … while the death rate in Germany is extremely low.

Why is this important for America in this crisis?
The crisis is still rising in America. The death rate pretty much compares with Italy. The way you can secure your people is via quality control. To start off with … at least drinks and food items. You need two teams in this …

  • Medical Team. They will tell you which products can be supplemented with what nutrients and vitamins to strengthen the body. Manufacturing of fruits, vegetables and cereals will take another season … that’s not something that can be done immediately. But look at items being made in factories … like drinking water, canned food and packed items … that can be modified and enhanced with nutrients and vitamins.
  • Quality Control Team. Then you send in your quality control teams to help these manufacturers produce “fortified” products. Within weeks these products can come into the market.

If this measure was already put into place … it could have saved American lives by 10 times. Instead of 200K dying … it could limit the number of deaths to 20K. Another route is recommending all Americans living in acute zones to strengthen their bodies via nutrients and vitamins.

Why is this important for America in general?
Do you know why there is an anti-vaxxers group in America? People refuse to give their children vaccines. Why? Because since there is absolutely no quality control in America … there is no idea what is there in that product what they are calling a vaccine. People don’t trust products … to the extent that they are not trusting even vaccines. This is what’s going on in the Middle Class of America. This is a very big topic and tons of work involved in it. I am trying to keep it short.

The Establishment makes shit and dumps it in the market … and the people have to put up with whatever it is.

  • It can be total junk food … that does no good to you.
  • It can be negative that will screw up your body.
  • Or part of it can does good and part of it will harm you.

One of Establishment’s routes of malice
Product tweaking is one of the routes of Establishment malice … this is one of the routes of how the Establishment is spreading the virus in America and Europe. They are tweaking the products in Germany … but since Germany controls most of its products and they have a good healthy body … they are able to resist the virus. But in other European countries and in America … there is no quality control at all. People use whatever is put in the market … their body’s immune system is not that strong … and even young people are dying because of this virus.

Quality Control Measures – Two Major Benefits

  • Strong immune systems. You can immediately fortify products and help people get strong and immune bodies to fight off this virus even if they get it.
  • Kill malice in this route. And you get to kill Establishment malice via this route. The moment you send your Quality Control guys … and start checking the production and make random checks of every product … you get to kill the malice in the factory itself before it reaches thousands of Americans.

Long term Benefits
The long term benefits of this are immense … because of the scale of Establishment malice via products is enormous. There are hundreds of varieties of products that are being tweaked to harm and weaken the people. The Middle Class is totally helpless in this crisis. They can’t explain it … nor can they get help for it. The only thing that they are doing is avoiding the tweaked products.

America and the Presidency
In general if you look at it … this is a genuine crisis. Having high quality products that are good for the health of the American people is a good thing. And when you setup a system as President … to verify and assure the quality of every product … then you get to be the President that will totally change what is being put in the American markets.

This is already being done in Germany and you are already seeing its fantastic results. If you do it in America then you get to be the President that brought high quality to America. With Surveillance Systems you bring safety to America … and with Quality Control systems you bring high quality and health for America.

Democrats are coming up with total bullshit where we spend trillions and change nothing. Their measures don’t address the current crisis at all. City Surveillance and Quality Control … these measures will create safety, security and great health for the American people.

Level 02. Check list:

  • 01. Kill Crisis Profiteering
  • 02. City Surveillance Systems
  • 03. Activate Intelligence Agencies
  • 04. Product Quality Control