01 Apr 2020
JewH353 Start Hammering Establishment Malice to Slow and Stop the Coronavirus Spread

Limitation of Healthcare Advisers
Hah … we told you that you will hit a dead end with Healthcare advisers. “The virus defines the path” … yes, that’s the best that healthcare advisers can say. And the only thing that they can do is cure the patients and work on providing the medicines and medical supplies. They have no idea about Establishment malice or what to do about it.

Will come out stronger
We are dealing with a criminal Establishment. If we allow them to run their malice … then we will end up being a bank that got robbed. We can come out stronger when we take the right measures to kill the malice and stop it from occurring again. That’s the way of coming out stronger. But not by getting misled by the bank robbers and not by enabling their full scale malice on the country.

3 Levels of Tracks
If we make the right moves … then we come out stronger as a people … as a country and as a President. You have to work on 3 levels of tracks for this to happen.

  • Basic Level – We already gave the basic 10 tracks that President Trump has to work on. All of this is basic commonsense that anyone should do.
  • Intermediate Level – We need to hammer the Establishment to end this malice. Right now, everything is going as per the Establishment’s track. They got their target countries infected … the blame is on China … being blame free, they are minting money by the trillions.
  • Advanced Level – Once we start hammering the Establishment … we can revolutionize complete systems in America. This is a fantastic opportunity where the Congress is working as one … it is a fantastic time to revolutionize systems.

If President Trump can successfully pull off all the 3 levels … not only he will become a phenomenal President … but the entire country will become phenomenal.

Understanding the Establishment Malice in the Spread
If you look at certain countries then you will understand the Establishment malice in the spread of the Coronavirus.

China. The data given out by China is totally wrong. There are possible millions of cases in China and hundreds of thousands of deaths. The major reason why China stopped giving out this information was because of the economic backlash that this crisis was creating for their country. The travel was banned and trade was being greatly hit. The data given out by China is totally wrong.

This possibly worries Trump a little bit … “hey, we have more cases than China … more people are dying in America than China”. No, this is not true. America doesn’t have more cases than China nor does it have more deaths than China. China has not conveyed the right numbers at all. If China had conveyed the right numbers and not misinformed the world about the nature of this crisis then other countries would be prepared better for this pandemic.

Europe. Data from European countries is far more reliable and it shows a more correct trajectory of this crisis. This is how America can know where it is headed … America has 5 to 10 times more population than most European countries. Which means that … the crisis in America can be 5 to 10 times in bigger proportion than average European countries.

For example … if the number of cases in Italy are 100K … then you are looking at 1 million cases in America. If the number of cases in Italy increase to 200K cases … then you are looking at 2 million cases in America. If the number of deaths in Italy are 10K … then you are looking at 100K deaths in America. If the number of deaths in Italy increase to 20K … then you are looking at 200K deaths in America.

This is an average actual numbers that you can easily predict by looking at what is happening in Europe. Just multiply the numbers by 5 or 10 … then you get the average crisis that will enfold in America.

South Korea wins and Europe Fails
Here is an interesting case that you have to see in this pandemic … South Korea. South Korea is winning and Europe is failing in this crisis … when South Korea has almost the same population and weather as most European countries. South Korea has held off the crisis below 10K … while most European countries are headed towards 100K cases. European countries are doing 10 times worse than South Korea. Why?

This is direct proof of Establishment malice in America, Europe and Iran in the spread of the crisis. America, Europe and Iran are Establishment target countries. The main reason why the crisis is in sync between America and Europe is because of the:

  • Normal Spread of the virus and
  • Malicious Spread of the virus

Both of these tracks are active in America and Europe. South Korea was never the target … it got the virus only from the fleeing Chinese people from quarantines. South Korea faced only the “normal spread” of the virus … they came into action and contained the crisis. The virus spread is 10 to 20 times more in America, Europe and Iran because of the malicious spread of the virus in these countries. This is the main reason … why we have to hammer the Establishment in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Hammering the Establishment to stop the spread
The crisis doesn’t have to continue spreading in Europe … America doesn’t have to follow Europe’s trajectory. America doesn’t have to get 1-2 million cases … 100-200K deaths don’t have to occur in America. We can save the lives of 200K American citizens … if we hammer the Establishment and stop the spread of this virus.

We have to initiate a second level of actions … where we hammer the Establishment to contain this crisis.

  • 01. Kill Crisis Profiteering. That’s what we talked about in the last couple of pages … we need to kill crisis profiteering so that the crisis doesn’t expand. The more the profits handed out to corporations … the more the crisis will expand. Spending is a good thing … but spending must be directed towards the people and the country. Corporate handouts should be killed at every level. For this, our politicians should also have a conscience to do this. Politicians generally get commissions out of corporate handouts. So, the politician that is planning the biggest handouts … know that, he / she is getting the biggest commissions on the side. This is a measure that leaders “with a conscience” take. I am a practical person … this measure is implemented by only honest leaders who put the concern of their people first. Some leaders like the commissions and don’t really care about the suffering of the people. More the corporate handouts … more the shitty your leader is. Lol.
  • 02. City Surveillance Systems. Instead of handing out hundreds of billions to corporations … if our leaders use the same money in setting up city surveillance systems … it will help in killing the Establishment’s malicious spread of the virus in public areas of the city. And it will also help to track and eliminate dozens of different types of crimes that are committed on the streets of our cities.
  • 03. Activate Intelligence Agencies. This is a measure that President Trump can activate without any cost … as all Intel Officers are already on the government’s payroll. Wherever the crisis is high … intelligence agencies should be activated to investigate the cause of the infection. Remember, we are dealing with a bunch of shitty criminals. If you want to get rid of the thief … then send the police. This is exactly what was done to investigate terror events. The more investigations were carried out … lesser the events became. When no investigations were carried out … events were popping up everywhere. The FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence … we have a dozen different intelligence agencies … activate them to investigate the cause of infection.

What this will help you to do is … put a check on Establishment malice via “products”. It might be masks, sanitizers, food items or whatever … the moment you send in the FBI … the thieves will run … which will kill their malice … which will kill the spread. Start activating intelligence agencies in all key cities where the infections are high … let them do their job … tell them to investigate every case as an act of crime … you will find a remarkable decrease in the spread of the virus.

America doesn’t have to become another Italy … we don’t have to go all the way till 200K deaths. Europe has not investigated this spread as a criminal activity. They don’t have surveillance systems nor do they have intelligence agencies tracking and investigating this spread. If it was normal spread … the cases should not have been more than 10K like in South Korea. And you should know that … South Korea has the same population … but the country is very small … the density of the people is very high. In those highly dense cities, they have managed it under 10K. What is happening in America and Europe is open Establishment malice.

It is a must to start working on Surveillance Systems and activating Intelligence Agencies, instead of blowing up hundreds of billions of taxpayer money on corporate handouts. Corporate handouts are like rewarding the Establishment for screwing your country.