31 Mar 2020
JewH352 The Establishment fails on Climate Change and switches to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic is the replacement of Climate Change Propaganda
Well, giving President Trump information on all the 10 tracks was more important than talking about this. The given 10 tracks will help him manage the country at the “basic level” in this crisis. Yes, these 10 tracks address only the basic level. Now, we move on to the next level.

This is the bigger picture of this crisis. The Coronavirus Pandemic is the replacement of the Climate Change propaganda.

Warren was the “plague carrier”
The Establishment used advisers within the Democrat Party to dump disastrous policies in Warren’s campaign … which would lead to more than $100 Trillion of additional spending. She was supposed to be the champion for the people … but eventually she was molded to be the Establishment’s Climate Change champion. She is a nice lady … but she was being used as a “plague carrier” that would destroy America in financial catastrophes. What she was running was 20 times worse than the entire War on Terror combined.

We showed the flaws in her campaign and how she is being grossly misled. She didn’t give a shit and tried to become the hand of the Establishment in trying to shut us down. SM Groups showed the issues in her campaign via interventions … but even then she didn’t follow any commonsense. SM came into action and pulled her candidacy down.

The Establishment knows that Biden will fail
With Warren’s fall … the Establishment knew that no one else could win against Trump.

  • Bernie. No one wanted Bernie to win … he is a major disaster on his own.
  • Biden. He is too brittle to manage Establishment malice and lead the country.
  • Biden-Warren. It would have been an ideal combination … but real time action matters. Democrats didn’t listen to shit and Warren is totally crazy and toxic. The Biden-Warren combination would be toxic to each other. Because as it is … Biden is going to fail. Biden would blame Warren for the failure because of her disastrous policies and Warren would blame Biden for giving her a double failure in the same year. She is already a failed Presidential candidate and she would also be a failed VP candidate. This combination will also would not match up to Trump in real life.

Seeing Trump’s imminent victory ahead … the Establishment said … “screw the Climate Change … let’s spread the Coronavirus”. And when we saw that … this is how the Establishment is changing the game … then the election was not important anymore.

  • Biden would not be able to handle this crisis. He knows nothing about Establishment malice.
  • It would be simply too late to wait for a Democrat President to come into action to combat this malice. A Democrat President was not even feasible ahead.

We invited Trump to take action on this crisis and he simply jumped for it. Trump has been on the forefront of this crisis ever since. I know there is still some Democrat hope for Biden … but where the hell is Biden? There are hundreds of thousands of cases in America … thousands of Americans are dying … and Biden is practicing his Climate Change punch lines in his basement. He doesn’t even know that the Climate Change propaganda is bust. The Establishment itself has abandoned this propaganda. The country is in a major crisis and the key Democrat Presidential Nominee is nowhere to be found. How is this guy even Presidential material?

Trump in the spotlight
This is the difference between President Trump and Democrats … we told this to Warren as well … we wrote dozens and dozens of pages showing Warren where the issues are in her campaign. She didn’t give a shit … she stuck to the commands of the Democrat Establishment. And we wrote just one page inviting President Trump to address the virus crisis and he jumped for it. He has been in the spotlight ever since. He has been working fantastically on multiple tracks to address this crisis.

Real time action matters … and when a key leader is doing something good and useful for the country … everyone will support him. Trump is getting sweeping support for his fantastic response to the Coronavirus crisis across all SM Groups. Congrats.

90-95% chances that Democrats will lose in 2020
Yes, there is a 90-95% chance that Democrats will lose in 2020 … that’s if there is an election in 2020. This is not new information … by now, almost everyone knows this. The Establishment knows this … the SM Groups know it … most Democrats know it … and even Meghan Markle knows it. Lol … otherwise, she was planning to stay in Canada and wait for Trump’s removal from office. I guess, even she realized that … Trump is going to get re-elected. Welcome to America, Princess.

But this page is not about the elections. We are just informing Democrats of the coming possibility … so that, they don’t try to make things ugly in this year ahead. We don’t want to show an ugly face of America to the world, where we count dead bodies to get votes. Being blindly anti-Trump this year can be disastrous for the American people.

All key Democrats are requested to allow Biden to carry his weight. If Biden is saying something … its understandable and its his right. But as the Democrat Party that forms 50% of the country’s leadership … the priority should be of American lives. And unfortunately, most of the key States that are hit in this crisis are Democrat States. Trump is not only working for American lives … but he is also working for Democrat States, Democrat Governors and Democrat voters. I think that is more than enough to find some common ground.

Kill Corporate Bailouts – Eliminate Crisis Profiteering
Now, why am I suddenly talking about Democrats and Nancy Pelosi in this crisis? It is because of “corporate bailouts”. It has been a typical Democrat feature of handing out hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to the richest companies in the world. This is what you need to understand … the Establishment that we are dealing with … they create, expand and continue the crisis to make money off it … to profit from it. They are specialists in “crisis profiteering” … as long as people are dying … they get to make their profits. This is the nature of the Establishment that we are dealing with.

  • War on Terror. Terrorism was created, expanded and continued only for the trillions of profits for the bankers and the weapons industry.
  • Climate Change. A new crisis was being planned where tens of trillions of continued ongoing expenditure was being created. We killed this propaganda.
  • Coronavirus. They lost the War on Terror … they lost the Climate Change propaganda … and seeing Trump’s win ahead … they unleashed the Coronavirus. It is a “crisis for profit” setup. This crisis has been created … will expand … and will continue … as long as the top companies are profiteering from it.

Nancy Pelosi killing thousands of Americans via Corporate Handouts
What Nancy Pelosi doesn’t realize is that … she has just legitimized and given the green light for the Establishment elements to expand and continue the crisis that they have created … because our politicians will give them hundreds of billions in handouts. You have allotted $500 Billion in corporate handouts … but you don’t realize that you have just killed thousands of more Americans. You just gave them the green light to expand the crisis even more … so that they can make even more money off it.

Corporate Handouts will turn America into another Syria
This is exactly what happened in Syria. We started sending hundreds of billions in cash … we started sending ship loads of weapons and ammo … and what happened after that? We destroyed the entire country via a civil war. The more we spent … the more destruction happened.

Democrats did not stop the funding or weapons supply in Syria. It was President Trump who stepped in and canceled all funding in the war zones and he didn’t supply a single weapon there. That’s how terrorism vaporized and that’s how Syria stabilized. Trump didn’t only save Syria from further destruction but he saved trillions of American taxpayer money from being used in genocides. Killing corporate profiteering vaporized the War on Terror.

Companies should manage their losses just like people do
The basic principle that you are looking at here is this … if a person loses his job … then he relies on his savings and looks for another job. If required, he uses some government support till he gets his next job. Why are top companies any different? If they are facing a slowdown … that should not be an issue as they make hundreds of billions in profits every year … if a simple person can get through with his savings … then these billion dollar companies should also be able to get through a few months by relying on the hundreds of billions of profits that they make. Why the hell … do we have to give hundreds of billions in handouts to these filthy rich companies that already make by the billions?

“Ow, they hire thousands of people” … okay good … no problem. If anyone is being laid off then the government will support him. Its not like these companies hire on minimum wage … their employees get six figure income … they have quite a lot in savings to rely on. Why on Earth are hundreds of billions of taxpayer money being blown up a crisis on filthy rich companies … when our full focus should be on the people?

Kill Corporate Bailouts to stop the Crisis
We have to kill benefits flowing to the Establishment elements … we have to stop the profiteering of the top companies … so that we can stop this crisis. The simple formula should be … doesn’t matter who laid you off … the government will support you … doesn’t matter if it is Boeing or Coeing or Shoeing … it might be a billion dollar bank or a shoe maker. If you are jobless then the government will help you. That’s it. This will help you to keep complete focus on the people and provide support to the people who need it the most.

And the second biggest benefit that you get is … you get to stop the profiteering from the crisis. This is an Establishment designed crisis … designed to keep the richest countries of the world … including America, Europe and Iran … to keep them busy fighting for their lives … while the Establishment makes money off it. This is the ongoing scheme. You yourself can look at the charts and see all of the top countries affected by this crisis. It’s the list of the richest countries in the world.

Trump must fight back Democrat mass spending
It is the Trump Presidency on the online here. President Trump must openly and abashedly fight back against mass spending programs designed by the Democrats because …

  • There is a lot of bad advice among Democrat leadership. Democrat leaders are being grossly misled.
  • Democrats came up with massive economic catastrophes in their Presidential campaigns. We cannot allow Democrats to run economic catastrophes using the Coronavirus crisis.
  • It is a Trump Presidency and not a Democrat Presidency … you must do everything to stop this ridiculous mass spending and corporate handouts.
  • There is no idea for how long this crisis will continue … it could be a few months or even two years. We need our resources and we need to be financially strong & stable … and plan for at least two years ahead.
  • If everything remains shut … we don’t know how much unemployment there will be and how many people we have to support. The last thing we need to do is drain our wealth in corporate handouts. Because later on, the blame target will be Trump and not Democrats.
  • If you allow the Democrat Establishment to take control of the spending … then they will create another Syria out of America. This Establishment has no shame and it has no morals. They create world wars and benefit out of it … while millions of people die, they sit back and profiteer from it.

America is the largest sponsor that the Establishment looks for
What Pelosi and Trump should keep in mind is that … America is the largest sponsor that the Establishment looks for. If America is not there in the game then they abandon the game itself. This is what happened to the Climate Change propaganda. Trump refused to join … they made a big fuss out of it and eventually dropped the entire propaganda. The biggest sponsor of the War on Terror was America … this shit show continued only till America was sponsoring it. The moment Trump killed the sponsorship … the War on Terror vaporized.

Both of you should keep in mind … more the corporate bailouts … more the cases and deaths in America. They have already made America the world’s epicenter of the crisis. Now, in the second level of actions … to eliminate this crisis effectively … we have to start putting the Establishment under the magnifying glass and start killing its profiteering from this crisis. This is exactly what will end this crisis.

An interesting thing to note here is this:

  • Trump was the one who vaporized the War on Terror
  • Trump was the one who vaporized the Climate Change propaganda
  • And now Trump is the one who is going to kill the Coronavirus crisis

Our chosen Angel is doing great … keep it up Mr.President!