29 Mar 2020
JewH351 Is Trump under God’s Grace?

While the world is occupied in a pandemic … there is an interesting reversal in motion.

Trump humiliated for no reason
If you see … Trump did nothing wrong. He nor his policies hurt a single American citizen. In fact, he made fantastic moves …

  • That led to the end of war in many countries
  • He wiped out terrorism from the world and ended the War on Terror
  • He put America First and made America the largest oil producer in the world
  • He stood up to China, Europe and the world to keep the American People first

Despite all of these beautiful, constructive and extremely fruitful policies … President Trump was humiliated for no reason … with a barrage of nonsense in the media … to lawsuits and investigations … and even a completely unjust impeachment.

But God is with everybody and He is watching everyone. God is especially with the ones who are abused and oppressed unjustly. Yes, there is Establishment malice in humiliating Trump and in the Coronavirus crisis as well … but look how beautifully things have changed in favor of Trump. Just a few weeks ago Trump was impeached … and look what is going on now.

A few weeks ago Democrats were yelling …

  • Trump doesn’t represent American values and principles!
  • Trump is not fit to lead!!
  • Trump is the worst President in American history!!

The worst affected States in this crisis are all Democrat States … New York, New Jersey, California, Washington and Michigan … all of them have Democrat Governors.

And now the Democrats are yelling …

  • President Trump save our lives!
  • President Trump we need ventilators!
  • President Trump we need masks and medicines!
  • President Trump we need hospitals!
  • President Trump, please help us or people will die!!!

Just a few weeks ago … Trump was the worst President who had to be removed from office … and today, he is the one that can save their lives. Lol.

Self-Isolation Vs Quarantine Sites
They impeached Trump over a stupid phone call … where no one was hurt and no law was broken. And today, Democrat Governors of 5 States … who are topping the pandemic … they are all running a disastrous policy of self-isolation for treatment … which is spreading the virus to thousands of people and killing hundreds of people.

And President Trump is stepping in … and saving these Governors and their States from the blunders and disasters that they have created. And not once Trump has mentioned the word “investigation or impeachment” against anyone of them. Otherwise, Democrats were singing songs non-stop, using these two words, since the past two years.

Democrats shut out of media
The party that impeached Trump is mostly shut out of media. The anti-Trump propaganda has gone bust and no-where to be found. All focus is on President Trump and on the leadership that he is providing in this crisis. His press conferences are the news of the day that are live telecast on all TV channels.

Biden thinks that he can become President just because he was Obama’s VP. My dear friend Biden … the difference between you and your boss is that … when your boss ran his campaign, by this time … he had the entire country on its feet and everyone was saying … “yes, we can … yes, we can … yes we can!”. And you are also running your campaign … the entire country is in a crisis and everyone is saying … “where is Biden … where is Biden … where is Biden?” That’s the key difference between you and your boss.

Is Trump under God’s grace?
This crisis was unleashed by the Establishment … but even they did not plan it turn out to be like this. They were just focused on keeping America occupied in chaos and leeching out a few trillions … they never planned on Trump’s rise in this crisis. This was not planned by SM Networks either … not planned by Democrats either … nor Republicans nor Trump. But interestingly, the entire country has come together … the Democrats, the Republicans, the media, the companies, the people … and it is all configured for Trump’s rise.

The interesting question here is … is Trump under God’s grace? No one planned this … and all of it fell in Trump’s favor. Well, screw the Nobel Prize Committee … who the hell needs a Nobel Prize when God Himself comes to his rescue and raises him in status and power. Maybe the Pope should smile a little bit when he meets President Trump next time.