28 Mar 2020
JewH350 Creating a Working Economy along with the Coronavirus

Democrats screw up and Trump comes to the rescue
Before we get into the main topic of the page … if you realize what is going on then … all of these States that have a widespread virus problem … New York, California and Washington … all of them are Democrat States … having Democrat Governors. Democrats screwed up big time …

  • By running a disastrous policy of self-quarantine to treat yourself
  • Which led to the spread of the virus to tens of thousands of people
  • Which is leading to the death of hundreds of people

Trump to the rescue
And President Trump responds by …

  • Sending tens of thousands of ventilators to these States
  • Sends the Army Corp. to build hundreds of new hospitals
  • Activates the Armed forces of 1 million soldiers to be deployed in these zones
  • Works on the mass manufacture of medicines, vaccines and medical supplies

A typical Democrat response
If it was a Trump mistake or blunder … then the typical Democrat response would have been:

  • So, let’s investigate what is going on … who is responsible for this?
  • Let’s set up a committee … and hire the best prosecutors that the country can provide.
  • Who did what … who said what … what emails were exchanged … who colluded with whom?
  • And let’s proceed forward with impeachment.

So, technically … using the Democrat playbook … all of these Democrat Governors should be impeached, isn’t it? It’s a massive blunder … tens of thousands of Americans are infected with a deadly virus and hundreds are dying. This is directly because of the policies being run at the State Level. Do we hear a call for an investigation or impeachment from the Democrats?

Trump comes out as the bigger and better person
Not only President Trump has established himself as the most powerful Republican … who has made the Republican Party, a Party of Trump … now, he has shown himself as the bigger and better person when compared to the Democrat Establishment. He has shown himself as a true patriot who loves his country and people … who rises above party politics to do what is right for the people in the hour of need.

Democrats should apologize to President Trump for impeaching him over a stupid phone call.

Socializing Quarantine Maximizes Economic Damage
Coming to the main topic of the page … what we should learn from the War on Terror is that … socializing the crime creates maximum economic damage. They blamed an entire religion and several countries for the acts of a few sponsored elements in the War on Terror. And then they followed a path of maximum spending that led to the creation of the $23 Trillion debt that America has now.

The same path is being followed in the Coronavirus crisis … entire cities, states and countries are being shut down. Again the same thing will result … this will create maximum economic damage. When in reality … in the War on Terror … only the main criminals behind the act should have been investigated and caught. This approach would create minimal expense and provide maximum security. This is actually what was done in the later phases … investigations began on the main culprits who carried out the act … and it led to the automatic reduction of terrorist events all around the world.

The Establishment did not get its intended mass spending and wars via terror events … and today terror events rarely ever occur … the War on Terror itself has been vaporized. Similarly, we need to follow an accurate and tactical response to this virus … so that …

  • we are not socializing the response on cities and countries
  • and we are not mass spending by the trillions

An accurate and tactical response will automatically lead to the elimination of this crisis.

Flatten the Curve
Everyone is talking about “flattening the curve”. They want less number of infections and the best way to do that is …

  • First, eliminate the policies that are creating maximum spread and mass infections
  • Stop sending people who have tested positive back home
  • And create quarantine sites for the people tested positive
  • Quarantine the “infected people” … not the entire city or state or country

This will help to flatten the curve. But when you shut down the city and let loose thousands of people with the virus on the streets and in their homes … and then don’t allow people to move out of the city … then it results in the creation of “death traps”. Such travel restrictions create protests and riots … it already happened in China. The biggest problem in this is … not having quarantine sites and allowing people to go free when tested positive.

A working economy along with the virus
We need to take a step forward and work towards the creation of an economy along with the virus. This is a working configuration that needs to be designed for at least one year … until we have a proper vaccine and this issue is taken care of. It is technically impossible and it would be a massive economic disaster if countries remain shut down for an entire year waiting for a cure or vaccine.

The track that we are on is … zero quarantine and zero responsibility. The only thing we are saying is … “don’t go out … you will catch the virus.” This is not how a city functions … people should be able to go out and not catch the virus. This is how a city should function. In order to design this … we need to create several levels of responsibility.

Level 01. City and State
Every city should have its own quarantine sites and testing kits. Anyone showing symptoms should be able to get tested and use the quarantine site for the cure.

Level 02. Company Level
Procedures and protocols should be mandated for companies.

  • Symptoms Check. Every company should have thermometers to check for symptoms of Covid-19. This should be done at the beginning of the day … every day.
  • Testing Kits. Either testing kits should be available for the company to purchase or the person showing symptoms should be sent to the testing center.

Protocol for disinfection should be followed if anyone has tested positive. Social distancing must be followed in companies and people should take preventive antibiotics if they are living in an acute zone.

Level 03. Family / Personal
The same should be done at a personal and family level. Everyone should watch out for symptoms and get tested when they show symptoms.

Testing provides clarity
What this basically does is … the testing at various levels provides control and clarity in this crisis. We don’t have to shut down everything out of fear … but we can move forward more confidently when things are clear and manageable.

Fear of infection – Can’t remain shut down forever
Just because of this fear of infection … will families not meet? Should Doctors not get together in hospitals and treat the patients? Should law makers, police officers and the military not protect and run the country? Should the industries that make your medicines, medical supplies and vaccines … should they shut down and not run because of the fear of infection?

The world needs to run … it is possible when the right measures are taken … when disastrous policies that spread the infection are not run … when there is testing and clarity at the city, company and family levels. All President Trump needs to do is … to open the economy … he needs to create quarantine sites and supply testing kits in each city … and then implement testing at the company level.