27 Mar 2020
JewH349 Contain and Normalize to Open the Economy

Trump is right to open the economy
We just created an economic stimulus package that costs about $2 Trillion. The question is … for how long can we keep paying the people while the country remains shut? One package costs us $2 Trillion … if this goes on for the entire year … in the same manner we would have spent $24 Trillion by the end of the year. We already have a debt of $25 Trillion … the total debt on the people would be $50 Trillion … just because of one stupid virus.

Should we allow one stupid virus to create a total debt of $50 Trillion on the American taxpayers? No country can function like this … if we remain on this track then we are headed towards a massive economic disaster.

Banker Solution: Sell to survive
The Bankers know this very well … the longer the country is shut down … the more it will cost the government. Eventually, the government will not be able to provide cash handouts and the people will have to sell. That’s why … right now itself … the Central Bankers have launched a policy where they will buy “your shares, assets and companies” in unlimited quantities. The Banker solution to this crisis is … please sell if you want to survive. This is the track that we are on.

Governors running disastrous contradictory policies
The major issue that is creating this crisis is not the virus itself … but it is the disastrous contradictory policies that Governors are running in their States. They have no idea of how they are being misled by the Healthcare Department within their States. It is plain Establishment malice via the Healthcare Department.

One Side: Healthcare System must not break!
On one side … they are running a policy where they scream … the healthcare system must not break! Reduce the people coming to the hospitals! We need the beds! We can’t allow the healthcare system to break! Flatten the curve … do testing and reduce density!!

Other Side: Send thousands of people who tested positive back into the streets
In order to prevent the “healthcare system from breaking” … they are not admitting the people who are testing positive … and telling them to self-quarantine at home and treat themselves at home.

The entire State Department is pouncing at every opportunity to close borders so that we don’t get people with the virus in the country. So that these people don’t spread the virus around. But the Governors are themselves sending thousands of people who have tested positive for a deadly virus loose on the streets … in their own homes to treat themselves. They themselves are running a policy that creates maximum spread and creates maximum number of patients and then they stand there screaming …

  • The healthcare system must not break!
  • We cannot take so many patients!
  • The number of incoming patients must reduce!

These Governors don’t realize that they themselves are the culprits that are creating this flood of patients.

Hospital Vs Home
Let me make it simple so that the Governors of the key States can understand. This is what you have in a hospital that is dealing with the Coronavirus patients.

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Professionals. You have highly qualified and trained healthcare professionals working on this crisis.
  • Hazmat Suits. Each of them is in a hazmat suit with full protective gear.
  • Equipment and Resources. The hospital has high-end equipment and resources to deal with such patients.

On the other side … at home people have:

  • Children, students, old and young … and no they are not qualified and trained healthcare professionals.
  • These children, students, young and old … they live right next door 24/7 with a person carrying a deadly virus. Sometimes, they even share the same bathroom if a separate bathroom cannot be given to the patient. And these children and people at home … they are not wearing hazmat suits or any protective gear at home.
  • And no … people do not have any hospital equipment or resources at home.

How can you be sure that these simple people at home will not catch the virus as well?

Governors creating disasters and blaming Trump for inaction
What Governors should realize is that …

  • It is you who is running disastrous policies in your own States.
  • It is you who is creating tens of thousands of infected people.
  • It is you who is running policies that create maximum spread of the virus.
  • And when this crisis becomes big … you realize that you don’t have the resources or hospitals or equipment to handle this crisis
  • And very conveniently you blame Trump for inaction

Trump did not create this massive crisis in your States. Trump did not tell you to run these ridiculous policies. Trump did not tell you to create maximum spread of the virus. And now, you are telling the President that … if you do not help us then you will be responsible for the dying people?

That too … you are telling the President that 50% of New York could be infected. You are running such a shitty policy out there … where 50% of the entire State can be infected … now the President is supposed to provide ventilators for 50% of the State … that is 10 million people? The cost of each ventilator is $25,000 - $50,000 … just the cost of ventilators would be $250 Billion … excluding medication, vaccine, and hospital costs. And this is just one State.

America has 49 States more … what are we going to tell the other States when the crisis expands there? That some morons from New York took all of the ventilators that the country had? How is America supposed to run with 50% infections in all States as per your current track? You are already proposing Federalized production of essential items … Americans are supposed to line up in front of soup kitchens to get their meals now?

  • Mr. President, we need 30,000 ventilators!
  • No, no … Mr. President, we need 70,000 ventilators … otherwise, people will die!!
  • Mr. President … we screwed up much more than we thought … we need 100,000 ventilators!!
  • Mr. President, we are screwing up even more ... we need 1 million ventilators!!
  • We need 10 million ventilators!!!

You are not even saying that … we screwed up this much and hereon we are going to contain this crisis as much as possible … so that the number of new cases will be extremely less. No, this is not your track … you track is … everything is screwed up! We cannot contain anything!! The entire State can get infected! Keep sending tens of thousands of ventilators again and again and again!

Do you guys even hear yourself? Can you hear yourself what you are saying?

Quit blaming Trump and contain the damn crisis
Quit running disastrous policies at the State level … quit creating tens of thousands of infected people … and work on containing the damn crisis. Creating State level disasters and then blaming Trump for not saving you … what the hell is this? “We screwed up big time Mr. President … if you don’t save the tens of millions of people that we screwed up … it is all your fault.” This is bullshit.

What is holding you back from containing it?
You knew that there would be many cases … you knew that there would be an inflow of patients … then why the hell didn’t you create any quarantine sites?

  • Who is stopping you from creating quarantine sites?
  • Is Trump holding your hands from creating quarantine sites?
  • Did Trump tell you not to create quarantine sites?
  • Don’t you have land?
  • Don’t you have hotels, indoor stadiums and government buildings?
  • Can’t you pitch tents on the land and create quarantine zones?
  • Can’t you convert hotels, indoor stadiums and government buildings into quarantine sites?

Create quarantine sites … quit sending people back home who have tested positive … securely and safely cure your people. All you need at a quarantine site is … a bed, food and medicines … nothing more. Any place can be converted into a quarantine site. No one is holding you back from doing your job. No one is holding you back from saving and securing your people.

Quarantine Sites or 50% Infections?
Use some logic and commonsense … what is easier to manage …

  • A few thousand people in quarantine sites or 50% of the State infected with the virus?
  • Providing food, bed and medicine for a few thousand people or providing ventilators for 50% of the State?

Get a hold of yourself and take control over your State … create quarantine sites and take control of the situation.

Containment Strategies to Open the Economy
Yes, the above content was directly connected to the opening of the economy. Trump is right in opening the economy … but it should be done using the right tactics.

  • Prepare until Summer. As of now … we are still moving towards the peak of infections. Opening the economy will backfire enormously. We already hit 80K cases … we are headed to 200K cases now. All of this will be blamed on you. The biggest disadvantage that the Establishment has in these scheme is that … they are not able to run any anti-Trump scandal. This scheme itself can be used as an anti-Trump agenda. That’s why you have to be very tactical with your moves. But as Summer begins, the number of cases will go down to some extent … that’s the right time to open the economy.
  • Quarantine Zones. You don’t need to take any bullshit from any Governor about the crisis in their State. They should have run the right policies … they blundered big time and they are trying to blame the President … it is utterly ridiculous. However, until Summer, you can work at the State level to create quarantine sites and zones. It is a must to cure infected people in separate quarantine sites to keep the rest of the people safe.
  • States with less impact. States where there is less impact and a less number of cases … it will be very easy to convert hotels or stadiums into quarantine sites. You can look forward to opening the economy in those States. Hard hit States will take more time in creating their quarantine zones … give them the time they need and then open them for business. Help each State with armed forces for the quarantine zones.
  • Company Level Checking and Testing. We have to monitor very closely and make sure that the issue is contained to a maximum extent. We have to mandate that every company … tests their employees for symptoms before the day begins. Testing kits must be available for purchase by companies. Companies should be able to do their own checking and testing to check and contain the crisis as much as possible. It should not be that … a guy with the virus is working in a company for a week … and giving the virus to everyone. When testing is available at the company level … it will create more security for the people at work.

Contain and Normalize
Quarantine sites and company level testing will provide maximum containment for the virus. This will help you keep a running economy while we fight off this virus. This approach will come with several benefits:

  • You get to open the economy
  • There won’t be an economic disaster
  • You will be able to contain the spread
  • You will be able to securely cure the infected people in quarantine sites
  • You don’t have to quarantine the country when you create quarantine sites. The infected should be quarantined and not the entire country or State. Its simple logic.
  • And with company level testing … you get to monitor and control the crisis at a minute level.
  • The above approach will help you contain the political backlash as well

These are the minimum steps required on the frontend to open the economy. In the backend, we have to kick the Establishment’s ass to control their malice. On the frontend, all you need is … quarantine sites and company level testing to open the economy. Work on making both things available by Summer and you will be ready to open the economy.

Remember … containment and normalization should go hand in hand. If you try to normalize without any containment measures then it can be a disaster. To be on the safe side … implement containment measures and then normalize. Containment measures will help you to manage the media and political sides of opening the economy.