25 Mar 2020
JewH348 Ending the Establishment’s Biological Warfare Expose, Dismantle and Work on Each Segment

Good job in activating the US Navy
Firstly, President Trump made a fantastic move of activating the US Navy to help in this crisis. It’s a fantastic move … you are doing great … continue the great work. You basically head the entire Executive Branch of the Country … all executive forces are at your disposal and command. Including the Army, Navy, Air Force and all other branches … you can activate medical teams from all of these branches and make them serve in acute areas at the tap of your finger.

Don’t worry about your re-election … you are on a strong path to re-election. This crisis itself will help you get re-elected. The crisis is so big that local governments cannot handle it … the President always has to come to the rescue. It is Presidential Leadership that will solve this crisis … everyone is depending on you and looking forward to your leadership to solve this crisis.

Don’t give a shit about what local Democrat leaders might say … keep their rhetoric on one side and always make sure that you are doing what is required in action for the millions of American Citizens living in those cities. You serve American Citizens … not a bunch of Democrat bad-mouthers. Don’t let the bad-mouthing get to you … don’t let the politics stop you from your work. Ignore the bad mouthing and save your people. You will win.

WHO has given up
The World Health Organization has technically given up when they say “we are in uncharted territory”. What they are actually saying is … “we don’t know shit what is going on … and we don’t know shit what to do.” So much for the leadership from them in a pandemic.

Establishment Banker Involvement
The more the Establishment makes their moves … the more they expose their involvement and objectives in this Biological Warfare.

  • Targeting the Richest Countries. Just like in the War on Terror … the fear propaganda was run in the richest countries … so that these countries spend by the trillions in this propaganda. These loans would be given by the Bankers and the amount would be spent on the Weapons Industry. They were making money from both sides. Even in this Biological Warfare … the same thing is going on … America and Europe are the biggest targets of the virus … these countries are already spending by the trillions … Bankers are lending the money and the money is being spent on the Pharma industry. They are again minting money by the hundreds of billions by creating problems and crises in these countries.
  • Bankers ready to buy your companies. If you look at the strategy that they are running … first, they ran a policy of self-quarantine, where people cure themselves at home … it led to the maximum spread of the virus. Using the fear of the virus … States and Countries are being shut down. Now, the Bankers are coming and telling us … “we are ready to buy your shares and companies … please sell everything to us … there is no limit to what we will buy”.

First, they create a crisis … spread it to the maximum … shut down countries … and then say “let’s buy everything at the price of crap.” This is supposed to be their “rescue plan” for the people … where everything gets owned by the Bankers and we become their slaves … and they consolidate their monopoly even more. This is their ongoing scheme.

Expose, Dismantle and Work on Each Segment
Doesn’t matter what malicious scheme these lovely Bankers come up with … it is pretty easy to decimate their schemes and plans. What you need to do is …

  • Expose. Rip the skin off from the schemes that they run … and show who is exactly behind these schemes. This will help you understand their objectives, activities and goals.
  • Dismantle. And then you have to dismantle all of their activities into separate segments and tracks.
  • Work on Each Segment. And then … you have to work on each segment and track … this will give you an easy victory in their malice.

The Establishment functions via multiple lines … it becomes confusing and people will not know what to do … which is why, the WHO is saying “we are in uncharted territory”. But once you expose, dismantle and work on each segment separately … then everything becomes clear … and you start getting victories. And that’s the main reason we have been showing you … the tracks that you have to work on since the past couple of weeks.

10 Tracks to Victory
Here are your 10 tracks to victory … you have to work on all tracks … each and every track will give you victory. If you falter on any track … then they can use that track to create a bigger crisis.

  1. Medications, Medical Equipment and Vaccines. You need to mass manufacture these and supply them to areas of acute infection and all around the country.
  2. Quarantine Zones. Right now, we are in a disastrous policy of self-quarantine which is creating maximum spread of the virus. You have to setup multiple quarantine sites and zones all across the country, based on the need, to cure infected patients under Government control.
  3. Increase Hospital Capacity. You have to work with the Governors in acute infected areas to increase their hospital capacity.
  4. Activate the Army. You have to activate the Army to secure cities and help in the creation of quarantine sites & zones.
  5. Manage Economy & Supplies. You have to make sure that the people have funds and supplies to get along in this phase of crisis.
  6. Healthcare Revolution. This is a fantastic opportunity for a Healthcare Revolution. The need is the most … you have full access to resources … Dems cannot oppose it … it will be a major sweeping victory in itself.
  7. Manage Establishment Misleading. Establishment misleading will be everywhere … from the Health Department via wrong policies … to political misleading via Democrats … and sometimes even from your party and advisers. You have to understand and overcome this as well.
  8. Use Preventive Antibiotics. This is biological warfare … you have to use preventive antibiotics and medications to secure Doctors, Nurses and the people in acute areas.
  9. Manpower Management. You have to pull medical teams from all National Level resources and put them in action in acute areas.
  10. Quality Control. You have to activate quality control checks and intelligence to combat Establishment malice via products. Details on this page.

Multiple forces at multiple levels on all tracks
When you activate forces on all 10 tracks at the National Level … and then work with Governors to activate their forces on all 10 tracks … then you get multiple forces working at multiple levels on all tracks. You easily surpass Establishment malice, misleading and control when you enter this mode. This is what will give you a … full scale victory.

Quality Control – Why is it required?
Based upon the Establishment and Bankers moves taken till date … you should understand that, the richest countries are under attack including America, Europe and Iran. The Bankers are running a policy where everything gets shutdown and they get to buy your shares and companies at crappy prices. You are not looking at malice that will last for a few weeks or a couple of months … it could turn into a long term malice.

You should realize that … the same people who have created this malice … they are the ones who manufacture your products. A simple tweak in the product can spread the virus to thousands of people in plain sight. You think that you are using a hand sanitizer … but the hand sanitizer itself can be tweaked to carry the virus instead.

Tweaking Styles
This is something that is very routinely done by the Establishment. The products are generally tweaked in 3 different ways.

  • Make it useless. The product is supplied with the right packing and pricing … but the contents are utterly useless that does no good to the body. You think that you are taking medicine … but it does no good to your body and it doesn’t benefit you in any way.
  • Make it negative. Again, you buy the product with the right name and price … you spend the money … but you buy something that is going to hurt you instead of curing you. Recently, there was one article of a person “dying” by taking Trump’s medicine. It happens because of this activity. The contents of the product are totally the opposite.
  • Combo Packs. And sometimes, combo packs are designed … 10 tablets will do you good … and 10 tablets will make you worse. By the end of taking 20 tablets, your condition will be back to where it was.

What to do about this?
This is one of the tracks that you have to activate … quality control and intelligence.

  • Quality Control. You have to start cross checking the quality of the products being supplied in the market. Do random checks … so that the hundreds of billions that the government is spending … that should not go waste. The right medication with the right composition should reach the people. The people should get cured and not killed by the medications. The virus should get eliminated and not spread more via the medications and products.
  • Intelligence. You have to activate the police and intelligence to track this. Wherever, the infections are acute … track what products were being used by the patients. Check their hand sanitizers, masks and other products that they have used recently.

This will help you kill Establishment malice at the products level. Thousands at a time can be infected via this route in plain sight. That’s why we told you that … in later phases you have to involve the police force and intelligence to combat and end this malice. We are dealing with petty criminals who work via systems and policies … and this how they can easily be crushed.

Simple tips:

  • Hand Sanitizers. Don’t use hand sanitizers if you are living in America and Europe. These are the key target countries … it is very easy for the virus to survive in liquid mode. A better option is just to use soap and water. The soap is dry and septic … the virus cannot survive inside the soap.
  • Masks. Wash your masks before using them.

This will keep you safe from malice in 2 common products used in this crisis.