24 Mar 2020
JewH347 Manpower Management Fighting the Biological War against the Coronavirus

“Antibodies” is the key
Yes, yes, yes … antibodies is the key that will end this crisis. That’s what a vaccine basically does. Hats off to Governor Cuomo for making his own initiatives at the State Level … to test cures using the blood from cured patients. The Coronavirus is Establishment malice … and it is best that we have multiple hands working on the cure to end this crisis. Do not sit and wait for the cure to come from the top levels or from the WHO. It is very easy for the Establishment to rig and control the work at the top levels. More the hands working on the cure for the virus … easier to surpass Establishment control and malice … the better the chance of getting a cure sooner.

But while you are working on creating antibodies for the infected patients … it is a must to work on Preventive Antibiotics and Medications for the Doctors, Nurses and the on the ground staff. As long as this battle will go on … we have to protect our Doctors and Nurses.

A big thanks to Governor Cuomo for showing a lot of patience and practicality in this crisis. You are the Governor of one of the cities that I like. Stay strong New York! We will get through this … God willing.

Manpower Management
As of now, we don’t know … how long this crisis will last and how much it will spread. And one of the key elements that we need to take care of, during this crisis, is our soldiers on the ground … the Doctors, Nurses and all of the on the ground staff. There are two major ways of doing this.

  • Preventive Antibiotics and Medications … discussed on the previous page.
  • Manpower Management … this is the second aspect

This is what’s happening in the current scenario.

  • There is less staff … we need more hospitals and more staff
  • The current staff is overworked
  • It’s a major crisis and the work is noble … and everyone works for 10 hours … 14 hours … and even 20 hours a day

Overworked Staff in Biological Warfare
Yes, the morals are high … the need is there and the cause is noble … but this is exactly what happens with overworked staff. A simple application of Chemistry and Biology will help us.

  • Since we are dealing with a deadly virus and they are in direct contact with the virus … the stress levels are extremely high
  • And when they work for long hours under high stress … physical exhaustion is there
  • Physical exhaustion occurs when the nutrients of the body are completely used up
  • You get a combination of high stress, exhaustion and a weak body
  • This also leads to the possibility of more mistakes at the work

Perfect Prey for the Virus
A body that is under high stress, totally exhausted and weak … becomes a perfect prey for the virus. Just one mistake and you are fighting for your life. And who are these people who are stressed, exhausted and weak … they are our own Doctors, Nurses, medical staff and everyone at the ground level facing the deadly virus directly. We need to protect the lives of these people … who are risking their lives … to protect the lives of other people.

Distribute Working Hours – 3 Shifts
Simple Chemistry and Biology will show us what to do. More the working hours … more the stress, more the exhaustion … and more are the chances of becoming a prey to the virus. We need to look at the physique of the person and not just the morals … this is biological warfare. We need the physique of every Doctor, Nurse and every staff member on the ground to be … highly immune, with high nutrition and a great diet.

The best way to manage this issue is … by distributing the working hours to at least 3 shifts. No person at the ground level should be working more than 8 hours … it is preferable that the hours are reduced to 6 per day … obviously, they get the same pay for the 6 hours. They should take 2-3 breaks in between … so that they are nourishing themselves and maintaining a strong body.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces the stress. If you are working 12 to 20 hours in dealing with a deadly virus directly … morally, it is a great job … but physically it is a major blunder. Your body itself becomes the best prey for the virus. You are literally barbequing your body for a nice feast for the virus. There is continuous high stress on the mind when you work for long hours with a deadly virus. But when you reduce the working hours … you automatically reduce the stress on everyone.
  • Better focus. When the hours are less and your body is well nourished and energetic … then your focus is much better. The mistakes will be far less.
  • Better recovery, less fatalities. And when the Doctors and Nurses maintain a highly immune and strong body at all times … just in case, they get infected … then the recovery time will be very less and the fatalities will be less.

How to get additional Staff? President Trump to the rescue
“Yes, the idea seems good technically … but we are flooded with patients … we need more hospitals and more Doctors.” Here is where President Trump comes to the rescue for each State in need. He is the Commander in Chief … he has more than a million soldiers under his command. President Trump should look at activating the Army to fill this vacuum.

  • This is biological warfare … it is high time for the Army to come into action
  • There are thousands of Soldiers with a medical background and know-how … each of them should be assigned as per his qualifications and background
  • There are thousands of Doctors and Nurses in the Army … its time for them to come into action
  • Other Soldiers with the right background should be trained at various posts in this crisis … including testing patients for the virus, security and other related posts.
  • President Trump should look at other National Level resources that he can activate to support the required manpower at the State Level

This cooperation at the State and National Levels will help save the lives of many Doctors and Nurses … who are risking their lives … to save the lives of others.