23 Mar 2020
JewH346 The Coronavirus Biological Warfare Use Preventive Antibiotics to Reduce Fatalities

10,000 infected Chinese people living in New York City
If the US Government came to know that … there are about 10,000 Chinese people, infected with the deadly Coronavirus, living in New York City … then what will be the Government’s response? The immediate response of the Government would be to … round up every infected Chinese person and place them in an isolated place. May be, they would be shipped back to China … and maybe even a war would have been declared against China for using biological warfare against America … by sending 10,000 infected Chinese people into America.

The truth is that … we don’t have 10,000 infected Chinese people in New York … but we have more than 16,000 infected Americans living in New York. The question is … does the virus work differently if you are Chinese or American? Is the spread of the virus different if you are Chinese or American? The virus doesn’t differentiate between colors and nationalities … it is deadly for everyone … the spread remains the same. Then why on Earth have we left 16,000 plus infected Americans lose on the streets and asked them to self-quarantine at home? This is the biggest healthcare blunder going on right now. And the second one is discussed below.

Coronavirus - Biological Warfare
What we all should understand is that … we are all in a biological warfare. We are not at war with China … this is a war indirectly against Establishment malice … but very precisely, we are at war with the Coronavirus. Its biological warfare.

It becomes easier and easier … if you break it down to smaller pieces and focus on the key segments that are creating this crisis. Its simple application of Chemistry and Biology.

Use Preventive Antibiotics
One of the major lapses of the Healthcare Department is that … we are sending out soldiers into battle without the right armor. Just hazmat suits are not enough … the virus attacks the body … and we need the right application of Chemistry and Biology to consolidate the body against the attack from the virus. Stronger the body … maximum will be the prevention.

Yes, the vaccine would be the ideal solution … but we are still one year away from that. Tens of thousands of our Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff and other on the ground staff is in action … facing a deadly virus all by themselves. This is what the Healthcare Department should work on.

  • Preventive Antibiotics. We have to empower our on the ground staff … with bodies of steel … to fight off this virus in every way possible. One simple way is … antibodies. The Healthcare Department should work on the best “preventive antibiotics” for all of the on the ground staff. Even if they get infected by any chance … then their bodies should be extremely strong … to repel the virus as much as possible. The Healthcare Department should formalize the best medication for the same and supply it for free to every healthcare worker on the ground.
  • Nutrition. While preventive antibiotics help consolidate the body against any viral and bacterial attack … nutrition is also extremely important for the body to manage this attack. Multivitamin supplements should be provided to all healthcare workers on the ground.
  • Good Diet. We are seeing fatalities even among young people. This mainly happens because of a weak immune system, malnourishment and a bad diet. This virus rattles your body and challenges your health. You cannot afford to battle this virus with a bad diet and malnourished body.

The three key things that have to be addressed is:

  • Immune system of the body. The stronger the immune system … the faster will be the recovery and lesser will be the fatalities.
  • Multi-vitamins. These help in sustaining the body during the recovery.
  • Good diet. This keeps the body strong.

Don’t sit and invent only
The Healthcare Department should not sit there and try to make another invention for this. This is needed right now.

  • Existing Drugs. Look at the combination of existing and approved drugs that can be used.
  • Invention. And you can activate some guys to invent and create something that can be specifically used in this case as well in the long run.

What’s the use of this?
The application for this is … not for the people who are already infected. We are trying to strengthen the bodies of those who are at most risk … so that …

  • Their recovery time is minimal … just in case if they get infected and
  • The fatalities are reduced to as much as possible … the adverse impact of the virus must be diminished to the maximum extent.

These are the two major advantages we get for using “preventive antibiotics” … minimal recovery time and minimal fatalities.

Who should use this?

  • The President and all key Government officials. We need President Trump’s health in the best form possible. Our government must be intact. Infections have already begun in the Congress. The President and the Vice President have faced people with the infection. We need extremely strong and resistant bodies for our President and key leaders … so that worst come worst … they get the fastest recovery. So that we are not facing any fatalities at the top level.
  • Doctors, Nurses and all staff in action at the ground level. These are our soldiers fighting the battle and facing the deadly virus directly themselves. Just hazmat suits are not enough … even Doctors and Nurses are getting infected … we have to consolidate their bodies and make them strong and resistant.
  • Families taking care of infected patients. We have a terrible ongoing policy of self-quarantine … where family members are taking care of people with a deadly virus. These people are also in direct contact with a deadly virus. We should not take chances of a weak immune system, malnourishment or a bad diet among these members which can result in fatalities. Preventive Antibiotics must be supplied to these members immediately.
  • People living in acute areas of infection. We have more than 16,000 infections in New York. The chances of infection are quite high in these areas. We are in a period of a biological warfare … the stronger our bodies are … the better are the chances of survival. Anyone and everyone who wants to consolidate their body … they should have the medications for purchase in the pharmacies.

Current Measures – Need to look closer
As of now, the Healthcare Department has taken measures only to address the issue from the outside:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Isolate the infected person
  • Use separate bathrooms

But hundreds and thousands of people are dying all over America and Europe owing to this Biological warfare. We have to look a little bit closer … we have to use a little bit of Chemistry and Biology … and strengthen our people from within … to fight off this God damn virus.