22 Mar 2020
JewH345 Understanding the Malicious Spread and Establishment Benefits in the Coronavirus Crisis

Why South Korea wins and Europe fails in this crisis?
South Korea is managing the crisis pretty well and at the same time Europe is failing. Why? This is the difference between South Korea on one side and Europe, America and Iran on the other side. South Korea got the virus mainly because of the fleeing Chinese people from quarantines and also possibly from Chinese products. These are the advantages that South Korea has over Europe, America and Iran.

  • South Korea was never the target. The Coronavirus is Establishment malice and South Korea was never the key target. The main targets of this malice are America, Europe and Iran … this is very clearly evident from the rate of infections and the spread of the virus in these countries.
  • No Jewish Establishment Elements. Another benefit that South Korea has is that … it doesn’t have a high number of Jewish people. The Establishment cannot activate malicious Jewish Elements to carry out malice in the cities. If you look at cities being targeted in America … most of the cities with high infection rate … they also have a high density of Jewish population. Its not that all Jews are bad but this is how the Establishment and Israel function. Even in the War on Terror, Israel was sending fighters disguised as ISIS in war zones to continue the ISIS propaganda.
  • Fantastic Street Surveillance System. Another good benefit that South Korea has over Europe, America and Iran is that … it has a fantastic street surveillance system that covers about 90-95% of the carpet area of the main cities. There are extremely less number of dark spots that are not covered by the surveillance system. Even if any malicious elements try to spread the virus via any malice … then they would be caught on the camera … owing to which they won’t even attempt the same.

These are the 3 key reasons why South Korea is far more successful in containing the virus … and not America, Europe and Iran.

Street Surveillance Systems
As of now, the US Administration is still lagging in its response … the medications, vaccines, hospital expansion and quarantine zones should take a priority. But once these steps have been taken … they should also look at setting up “Street Surveillance Systems” in order to curb the malicious spread of this virus.

Some examples of malicious spread:

  • Dropping any contaminated liquid containing the Coronavirus in public areas
  • Maybe dropping some contaminated water or milk in a park or walking area
  • Carrying a dripping bottle with you on the streets … that drips contaminated liquid
  • Lacing of drinks, food or liquids with the virus

We are dealing with bio-terrorism and this is how the crisis can be spread maliciously in plain sight. The simple answer to curb the malice via this route is “Surveillance Systems” and South Korea already has fantastic surveillance systems which is helping them. What you should know about the Establishment is that … if they are being watched … then they never carry out the malice. Its quite unlikely that you will catch someone on camera … but the camera will eliminate the malice in that area. But if there is no camera then you never know what is happening.

Benefits of Street Surveillance Systems
Apart from curbing the malicious spread of the Coronavirus … they also help you in eliminating several forms of crime from the streets.

  • Mugging and bullying
  • Personal theft, car theft and home burglaries
  • Rape, sexual abuse and gang violence
  • Bank robberies
  • Help in tracking movement of criminals
  • Help in tracking movement of drugs and guns

They help you track and combat every single form of crime that can be committed on the streets. Today, our government spies on hundreds of millions of American Citizens … on our emails and phone calls … but they don’t have the time or money or initiatives to stop the crime on the streets that millions of American Citizens face.

Street Surveillance is a critical tool in curbing the malicious spread of the virus and it is something that should be considered once the basic steps have already been taken.

Understanding Establishment Benefits in the Crisis
The War on Terror will show us the track of the Establishment in the Coronavirus crisis. There were two critical points of benefit for the Establishment in the War on Terror:

  • High Debt – High Income via Interest. The wars cost us by the tens of trillions. The Bankers gladly lend the money and they made hundreds of billions via interest during the 20 years of War on Terror.
  • Weapons Sales. The Weapons Industry did a booming business … especially the weapon manufacturers in Israel … by selling weapons and ammo in the war zones.

Now if you look at the Coronavirus Crisis …

  • Maximum Spending. We are already spending by the trillions … the Bankers are gladly lending. Who is going to make money from this high spending and lending? The Bankers.
  • Maximum Spread. Another feature being implemented via policy is the maximum spread of the virus. People are being asked to “self-quarantine” by the Health Department which is creating tens of thousands of patients all across America and Europe. A high number of patients means … a high number of medications, medical supplies and vaccines. Seems like a noble job … but it is nothing but the business of terrorism.

Playing both sides to create wanted scenarios
Our lovely Establishment are “war designers” … they create scenarios of war … they go to both sides and push them on a track where war is created. And then they sell weapons to both sides and make money while the people die.

This is exactly what they are doing in this Bio-Terrorism scheme. Over here, they need “high number of patients” … and it can only be done via policies of the Healthcare Department. Our State Department and the Homeland Security … all of them are closing borders so that we don’t get people with the virus in our country … so that the virus doesn’t spread more in the country. But our Healthcare Department is sending tens of thousands of people who have tested positive for a deadly virus … back on the streets and back into their homes. And what is happening because of that? Tens of thousands of more people are getting infected.

This is how the Establishment is “playing both sides” in this Medical Warfare.

  • On one side, they are pandering … we need more medical supplies! We need more medications! We need more testing kits! We need more this and that!!
  • And on the other side, the Healthcare Department itself is sending tens of thousands of infected people back into the streets and into their homes … creating more and more patients.

Who will benefit from this scheme? Yes, the Bankers and the Pharma Industry.

The need for Quarantine Zones
Our Healthcare Department deserves a kick in their nuts. They themselves should have used some commonsense and told our President that …

  • This is a deadly virus
  • Several doctors and nurses have themselves got infected. Some of them have even died.
  • Doctors and nurses cannot protect themselves from this virus properly … then how can we expect simple common citizens, who have no Medical Science know-how, to successfully protect himself and his family from this virus?
  • The policy of self-quarantine is a total disaster. Look at Europe, thousands of people are dying because of this policy … let alone the spread of infection.
  • We have to create “quarantine zones”. It is a must to put people in a Quarantine Zone until they successfully recover from the virus.
  • This is how we can successfully protect his family members, the neighborhood and block the spread of the virus in the cities.

This should have come from the Health Department itself. Instead of doing this … what they are doing is …

  • Sending tens of thousands of infected patients with a deadly virus back home
  • Who are again infecting thousands of people more
  • And because thousands of infected people are lose on the streets … they are asking for cities and States to be shut down
  • Which is utterly and totally foolish … and disastrous for the people and the country.
  • It only serves the Establishment scheme of maximum spread and maximum economic damage … the Bankers will give loans and the Pharma industry will mint money … while our people die.

This is what’s going on in America and Europe.

President Trump has to lead in the creation of Quarantine Zones
If you follow Europe … Europe is getting screwed and you will also get screwed. If you follow all of their policies … they are in a disaster … you will also be in a disaster soon. No one is going to step forward and tell you to create Quarantine Zones.

  • The State Level. These guys don’t know what is going on … it is not in their capacity to think and design these kind of solutions. Even if they have to expand their hospital capacity … they are asking for Federal Support. Don’t expect a Governor to think of something like this … he works at his capacity at the State level.
  • Health Department. They have no idea what they are doing right now. They themselves don’t know that their key policy of self-quarantine is a jumbo disaster and that it only caters to Establishment interests. Don’t expect them to come up with this idea as well.
  • Democrats. At a National Level, Democrats are following a policy of “no obstruction and no leadership”. This is election year … they will not obstruct anything good that you do … because it will backfire on them. Nor will they step forward with solutions … because your blunders and inaction will give them victory at the end of the year.

The key question: What would you have done differently?
When this turns into a massive crisis … which seems to be the track … the key question that will be asked in the Presidential Debates is … what would you have done differently? And Joe Biden can stand there and say … “I would have acted early … I would have created quarantine zones. I would not have allowed people infected with a deadly virus back on the streets. I would have immediately shifted them to an isolated quarantine zone and treated them securely. Doing this would not have led to the creation of tens of thousands of cases across America. This crisis could be contained and Trump failed.”

This is how Democrats will use the Quarantine Zone policy. This is why you are finding them “silent but cooperative”. Everything good that you are doing … they are saying … “should have done more … should have done earlier”. You should have setup quarantine zones a long time ago.

How to setup quarantine zones?

  • On the city outskirts, it can be tent cities.
  • It can be shelter cities … its preferred on the outskirts
  • Within the city … you are looking at isolated sections of the city … where big blocks or complexes can be used
  • You are looking at a capacity varying from 1000 – 5000 beds for each quarantine unit
  • Build them based upon the need of each city … every city where cases are being found should have their own quarantine zone … no positive cases should be allowed back home.

Europe has not done this … this is their biggest blunder. Countries are on a standstill out there. They have no idea of what is going on or what to do to control things. They have shut down everything to the max. You don’t have to be like this.

The President should lead … the Federal Government should lead and they should immediately start working on quarantine zones.