21 Mar 2020
JewH344 Establishment misleading to remove Trump using the Coronavirus

The Establishment is misleading the country in two major ways in order to remove Trump from the White House using the Coronavirus crisis.

  • Policy based misleading
  • Internal misleading in the White House

Policy Based Misleading – Contrary Policies
A major blunder is being created by the Healthcare Department which is leading to a massive spread of the Coronavirus … and that is “self-quarantine”. Why are we closing the borders? We are closing the borders so that infected people don’t come in the country with the virus … and so that they don’t go around spreading the virus in the country. We don’t want a spread of the virus in the country … that’s why we are closing borders.

And what is our Healthcare Department doing? Our Doctors and Hospitals are sending thousands of patients who have tested positive for the virus … back into the streets … back to their homes … for self-quarantine. We are closing borders so that foreigners don’t spread the virus in our cities … but our healthcare department … it itself is sending thousands of people with a deadly virus in all sections of the city.

People are supposed to use “commonsense” and save themselves
A person with absolutely no knowledge of any Medical Science … is supposed to use commonsense and save himself and his family from this deadly virus. Our Healthcare Department …

  • Hopes that this guy will save himself from the virus
  • Hopes that he will not give the virus to anybody else
  • And they hope that the virus will not spread

Well, look around … is it working? From 100 cases … we went to 10,000 cases … from 10,000 cases … we are towards 20,000 cases … and very soon we are going to have the largest number of cases after China. We are going to beat Italy as well in the coming weeks.

Does this look like “commonsense” that our Healthcare Department is sending tens of thousands of people with a deadly virus all across the country in every section of the city? This is a massive blunder … it is plain Establishment “policy based” misleading that will only create maximum spread of the virus.

Policy Based Misleading – Zero Containment and Maximum Economic Damage
This is what this Policy Based misleading is creating:

  • Zero containment strategies are being put into place to facilitate maximum spread
  • A multi-fold increase in the number of cases … from 100 we went to 10K … to 20K … and we are headed to 40K cases.
  • Trillions in spending has already begun
  • Businesses are being shut down
  • Cities and States are being shut down
  • Maximum spread and maximum economic damage is being created

Internal Misleading - Remove Trump from the White House
In this scenario, Trump can actually become a fantastic hero for America and the world. But there are several lines of “internal misleading” in the White House being pushed by the Establishment to maintain Trump as inactive as possible.

  • New York. Hey, why do you want to help New York? They created so many problems for you? You had to sell your properties and move out. Let New York burn.
  • California. Hey, why do you want to help California? They stood against you and protected immigrants via sanctuary policies. The whole Hollywood criticizes you … why help them?
  • Democrat States. New York and California are Democrat States … Dems impeached you … why do you want to help Democrat Governors when they impeached you?
  • Cancel Elections. Let the crisis increase … we can use this crisis to cancel the elections.

All of these are bogus internal misleading moves … designed to maintain Trump inactive and worsen the crisis. This is how several layers are falling into place.

  • Policy based misleading is creating maximum spread and maximum economic damage
  • Establishment malice is continuously spreading the virus more and more
  • Internal misleading is being used to maintain Trump inactive

All of the above are leading America into a massive crisis which will be used to remove Trump from the White House. What Trump should keep in mind is that … the Establishment has been wanting your removal from the White House since your very first day itself. Since then … dozens of moves have been made repeatedly to remove Trump from the Presidency. Now, this is their biggest opportunity … a massive crisis during election year.

They are going to use the hundreds of thousands of cases … thousands of deaths … the inaction … the spending … the economic damage … the lack of supplies … and put the entire blame on Trump to use it for his removal.

Later on … no canceling of elections
A few things that Trump should keep in mind is that … later on … when things get worse … there is no canceling of elections. When things will get worse … everything will be blamed on you and everyone will want new leadership. At that moment, if you try to cancel elections … it will only backfire. We are already on a track of a worsening crisis … Democrats will resist canceling elections.

Uni-directional failure – Depending on Chloroquine
Another thing … that you should keep in mind is that … we are dealing with Establishment malice. You will fail with uni-directional measures. For example … if you just depend upon Chloroquine to solve this crisis then most likely you will fail. Multi-directional moves are a must, if you want to win. Chloroquine was a positive step … but it was just one step in the right direction.

All credit is for the President
The good thing for you during election year is that … many things depend on Presidential leadership in this crisis. The better Presidential leadership you show … the more consolidated your Presidency becomes. You take all moves and all credit goes to you.

Multi-Directional Moves to be taken
Here is a small checklist for you … it enlists some of the moves that you should have already taken by now. These moves should have already been taken.

  1. Medications, Medical Equipment and Vaccines. I think you are working on this … good job. But you should also make sure that these items should reach where the need is most … States are already complaining that you are not sending what they need. What’s the point in making medicine when you will not send it where it is needed?
  2. Remote Quarantine Measures. There is a massive failure at the Domestic level by the Healthcare Department … the President should have stepped in and created Shelter Cities to quarantine the infected people.
  3. Increase Hospital Capacity. 80% of ICUs are already occupied … you should have worked with States to increase Hospital capacity by converting shopping malls or government buildings into hospitals by now.
  4. Activate the Army. You should have already activated the Army to manage cities, help in building Shelter cities, increasing hospital capacity and train them to work with medical staff.
  5. Manage the Economy. You are working on this. You have to help people where they are locked in quarantine and also take control of manufacturing of most needed basic supplies for the people.
  6. Manage Establishment Malice. You also have to manage Establishment malice in the spread of this crisis. All key States that you are seeing with a high rate of infections … these States also have a high number of Jewish Establishment elements living there.
  7. Healthcare Revolution. Its election year and this crisis is a fantastic opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare system in the country. You should have initiated this as well.

These are some of the basic things that you should have already done by now. If look at the checklist … you have started working only on 2 out of 7 items. That’s a performance of 3 out of 10. How do you expect to win against a massive Establishment crisis … when you get only 3 out of 10?

This current track that you are on … its not only that America, Europe and Iran are the main targets … but President Trump is also one of the key targets. This massive crisis where the strategy is … maximum spread for maximum economic damage … this crisis will be used to remove Trump from office. You already have about 20,000 cases … which will very soon turn into 40K cases … and everything will be blamed on you.

Uni-directional moves will not give you victory. You have to activate several tracks for victory … you have to work on all 7 tracks. When you work on all 7 tracks then no one can question your leadership … each and every track will help you get victory. This is called Presidential Leadership … when you work on 7 different tracks to protect your people and keep your country safe. Just relying on bad advice of Healthcare workers … which is only creating a massive crisis … and going for maximum spending … this is not leadership … this is the way to get screwed. You need to snap out of policy based misleading and internal misleading … and come full swing in action … on all 7 tracks … this will get you victory … each and every track will give you victory.