20 Mar 2020
JewH343 Understanding the Normal and Malicious Spread of the Coronavirus

Till date, President Trump is doing a good job. He is doing what he does best … pulling in the best experts and expediting the best solutions on the fastest track possible. Good job Mr.President … in making Chloroquine available for the American people. You are doing a good job and I don’t think that anyone would have done it better … but you should realize that just Chloroquine is not the solution. There is every possibility of a full scale crisis in America.

Making Chloroquine available is good … but its nothing new … its already being used in other countries. In fact, UK has already banned the export of Chloroquine and its related products. When the crisis is concerned … you are still slow in managing the crisis. Establishment crisis are like traps … you have to make your moves “before” you step into the trap. Once you are in the trap, you will have no choice but to play along as per the trap … moving out of the trap becomes very difficult.

Italy is under lockdown … the entire country is under quarantine … they are already using all medications … but still the number of cases are multiplying. Chloroquine did not solve the crisis. There are two major reasons for the spread of the Coronavirus.

  • Normal Spread via Hospital policies
  • Malicious Spread via Establishment malice

If you understand this then you understand where you are headed to and what you have to do.

The Normal Spread of the Crisis
The Healthcare Departments are working based upon their capacity and resources. Generally, about 80% of the ICU bed are already occupied. Their availability of beds is of about 20%. So, their policy is giving the beds “only in dire need” … which means if you are in complications and you are in a life threatening situation … it is only then that you get a bed in the hospital.

That’s why most Doctors and Hospitals are telling their patients … even if they have tested positive for the virus …

  • Self-quarantine
  • Take care of yourself at home
  • These are the medications you need to take
  • If things get real bad … then come back to us

Walking talking Bio-Weapons in the city
The Healthcare System is working based upon its capacity and priority … but what it means for the general public and the city is that … we have thousands of people with a deadly virus walking around the city. We literally have thousands of Bio-Weapons openly walking around in the city.

Security Alerts for the People
That’s why the security alerts for the rest of the people are:

  • Don’t go outside
  • Wear masks
  • Shutdown businesses
  • Stay at home

Why are they saying this? Because the Doctors themselves … knowingly … are allowing people with a deadly virus to go home.

European countries preparing for a 50-80% Epidemic
The main reason why European countries are preparing for a wide scale epidemic all across the country where 50-80% of the population can be infected by the virus is because of this only. Thousands of people who have been tested positive for a deadly virus are being sent home. The Doctors themselves know that:

  • This patient can easily spread the virus to others
  • The people taking care of this patient can catch the virus
  • Everything that this person uses can spread the virus … clothes, food, water, waste, bed linen and everything else.

They know very well that someone with absolutely no information on Medical Science cannot successfully protect himself or others from a deadly virus.

Healthcare Department Approach
The Healthcare Department approach in the West for this crisis is:

  • Let’s keep the beds for those who need it the most
  • The young and healthy will survive
  • The old and the ones with other conditions … may not have that much good luck

Current track of the West – Going for a full scale Epidemic
The current track of the West is going for a full scale epidemic. There is no containment strategy … because the hospitals cannot afford it nor can they think about it. The virus is going to touch everyone and you will face the test of life and death. Yes, we cannot take care of all of you … please self-quarantine and take care of yourselves … come to us only if you are dying.

Medications will treat not contain
Chloroquine will treat and it alone will not solve the problem. The good thing that medications will do is … they will reduce the number of patients … which will reduce the amount of spread. This is what you are looking at … when you keep patients out in the open within the city.

  • The treatment time for each patient is about 2-6 weeks based upon his health
  • 10,000 patients spread the disease to 20,000 patients
  • By the time you treat the first 10,000 patients … you get another 20,000 patients
  • By the time you treat 20,000 patients … you get another 40,000 patients

This is how the entire city and country goes under cycles of infection and treatment. It can extend for several months … or even an year or two.

Solution Phase One: Increase hospital capacity and isolate the infected ones
This is why we told President Trump … DO NOT rely only on healthcare experts. They will do only what they can with their available resources and capacity. The major issue that the Healthcare Department is facing is …

  • Limited Beds
  • No option to quarantine infected patients

For limited beds … you have to work with hospitals to increase their capacity. And no person who has been tested positive for a deadly virus should be allowed to go home and self-quarantine. This is a totally disastrous policy. This policy is deadly for the entire city. You have to setup temporary structures … it can be even tent cities … to quarantine these healthy people who can recover within 2 weeks. If a person doesn’t need a hospital or the ICU … and all he needs to do is take his meds in his home … then this can even be done in a tent outside the city.

This is something that the Healthcare Department cannot think of … they cannot think outside the box. Right now, they are preparing for the entire country to be infected.

  • The Government will provide the medications
  • We will treat only the acute ones
  • Rest of the people should take care of themselves
  • And all businesses should shut down

This is bullshit. It will create massive levels of infections and create a massive economic catastrophe. You have to move each and every infected person … outside the city … even if it has to be a tent. Its just for 2-3 weeks … once they are healthy … they can come back in.

  • This will protect the rest of the people
  • It does not have to be an epidemic of a National level
  • Doctors are not following any containment strategies … containment is a must. And this is what will contain the spread.

Headed to a Massive Economic Disaster
If we follow the current track … we are headed towards a massive economic disaster. The healthcare costs will not be that high but …

  • Having everything shut down
  • Having all businesses closed
  • Having a huge unemployment rate

The economic cost will be massive. You should realize that … the Healthcare Department is screwing your Economy and Businesses. Its all about …

  • Hospital Beds and
  • A place to quarantine the infected ones

That’s all you need to control this.

Get out of the trap while you can
You should realize that you are in a massive trap that combines healthcare and economy. The moment you enter a full scale crisis … then you won’t even be able to get out of the crisis. You will be stuck with a National level of crisis … where everyone has to go through the virus test. Right now, the numbers are still less … it is still manageable. You can easily setup

  • Tent cities or
  • Shelter cities
  • Or any kind of temporary structures

Outside the cities and contain the crisis … before you get stuck in a major crisis. This will save the people and the economy.

(To be continued …)