19 Mar 2020
JewH342 Establishment Objectives via the Coronavirus Facilitate Maximum Spread and Maximum Economic Damage

Canceling elections helps both Democrats and Trump
What Democrats should understand is that … they are non-existent in the media. Nobody cares what Biden and Bernie are saying right now … all focus is on the virus and Trump. If Trump wins in handling the virus correctly … then he will get a sweeping victory by year end. By canceling elections, you might give Trump an additional year … but it will also give you a fair field where you can be heard, you can campaign and run proper elections.

On the other side, Trump should consider canceling the elections because:

  • Gamble with one crisis. He is gambling his Presidency with one crisis. He has withstood all of the crises till date … and now he is allowing one crisis to dictate whether he will be President or not. If he manages this crisis well then it is good news … but if this crisis escalates … then everything can turn against him.
  • The Spread and Economic Damage will be blamed on Trump. Yes, the virus is not Trump’s fault and the initial stock market was also not his fault. But when the virus starts spreading all across the country … Trump will be blamed for it because he did not take the right measures to contain it. When there will be a free fall of the economy and trillions will be drained in this crisis … again the President will be blamed for it. The coming of the crisis … you can blame on China … but not taking adequate measures … you cannot blame that on China.
  • Your mistakes become talking points for Democrats. As of now, Democrats don’t have any presence in the media. But when things get worse … people start pointing to the President that he cannot manage it … and all of your mistakes become talking points for the Democrats. This is the major risk that you will be facing in the coming months.
  • Remain President irrespective of the crisis. But if you postpone the elections … then doesn’t matter how this crisis enfolds … you still remain President at the end of the year.

People’s Perspective
I suggested canceling of the elections because from a people’s perspective … this is not the conversation that you are supposed to be having. The country should remain united and get the people out of this crisis … instead of blaming the death toll on each other. Why I am talking about elections along with this crisis is because … if elections are not canceled … then this crisis will play a critical role in deciding the next President.

Learning from the War on Terror
Its great that President Trump is making moves for medication, masks, ventilators, testing kits and economic stimulus … but this is just the start. This will not solve the crisis … it is just one step to contain the crisis. What Trump should keep in mind is that … this is America not Africa … just handing out cash and medicines will not solve the crisis. We are not facing a normal crisis … this is Establishment malice. If you can understand Establishment malice and successfully surpass the malice … then only you can win. Otherwise, you will go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole with no end to the crisis.

And given that we have elections this year … it is a must for you to win in this crisis. This is a do or die project for your Presidency.

We show you stuff what will happen tomorrow … so that you can prepare today … so that you can win tomorrow. Its easy if you follow … if you turn a blind eye to it … you will be in a deeper mess. A very easy way of managing the Coronavirus Crisis is by studying the War on Terror propaganda. Studying Establishment objectives and malice in the War on Terror propaganda will give you a path to a rapid recovery in the Coronavirus Crisis.

Establishment Objectives in these Crises
If you look at the War on Terror … the Establishment objectives were:

  • Maximum fear, maximum hate and maximum division
  • Maximum spending, maximum debt and maximum economic damage

They pulled us into a major trap and this is what they made America and Europe do. We have a debt of $25 Trillion because of this bogus and malicious propaganda. Now, if you see what is happening with the Coronavirus Crisis … it is the same thing.

Facilitating Maximum Spread
The spread is not being controlled … but maximum spread is being facilitated.

  • Building hospitals within the cities
  • Using regular hospitals inside the cities
  • Stay at home if you feel sick
  • Patients are not being admitted even if they test positive
  • Limited testing … nobody even knows how many real cases are out there

We are blocking borders so that people with the virus don’t enter our country. Now, how can you tell people … “if you feel sick stay at home”? Even if people are testing positive … why are they being allowed to go home? Your own citizens are being encouraged and being used for maximum spread inside your own cities.

But in reality, what should be done is … if you feel sick then go to the hospital and get admitted if you are positive. No one should be allowed to go home if they are positive. But the opposite policies are being run by your own doctors and hospitals.

Facilitating Maximum Economic Damage
Now, look at the measures that are being taken … which will facilitate maximum economic damage:

  • Shut down borders
  • Shut down travel
  • Shut down businesses
  • Everybody stay home
  • Nobody go out

How on Earth will a country run if this is how its going to be? Especially when … this is not for one day or one week or even one month … this program is going to extend for an entire year minimally. What these policies do is …

  • They facilitate maximum economic damage
  • It creates maximum dependency on the Government
  • It creates maximum unemployment
  • It creates maximum drainage of wealth

Look around what is going on … is this being done in almost every country in the West or not? Tactics to create maximum spread and maximum economic damage are already active all across the West … especially in America and Europe. You guys are already on a track for maximum damage. The malicious Establishment is winning here and America & Europe are losing.

Major Target Countries
Just look at the major target countries.

  • China is at the top … only because it was used as bait.
  • South Korea … became a victim only because of the fleeing Chinese people from quarantines and possibly via Chinese products.
  • Iran … a country hated by Israel … its affected very adversely
  • America and Europe … Other than China, South Korea and Iran … all of the top countries are America and European countries. These are the number of cases in each country as of today … Italy - 37, 713, Spain - 14,769, Germany - 12,327, USA - 9,464, France - 9,134, Switzerland - 3,115, UK - 2,626, Netherlands - 2,051, Austria - 1,843, Norway - 1,591, Belgium - 1,486, Sweden - 1,301 and Denmark - 1,057

Italy, Spain, Germany, USA and France have already surpassed South Korea in the number of cases.

Relying only on experts will get the country screwed
This is what Trump should keep in mind … relying only on experts will get the country screwed. This is exactly what happened in Obama’s First Term. He relied on the advice of Military Generals and Political experts … all of them screwed him royally and put America at war with half a dozen countries. Instead of solving anything, they made everything even worse. Obama fell deeper into the rabbit hole following the experts … he saw no end to the crisis following the experts.

Presidential Leadership saved the country
You are the President … you don’t have to be the slave to the experts. I told you before … Medical experts are only one tool in your hand. You don’t have to be a slave to the tool … you have to know how to use the tool. You will save the country … not the Medical Experts on their own. You have to surpass the experts and the Establishment … then only you will win.

Winning Strategy – Contain and Normalize
In the beginning … giving out handouts feels nice. The number of cases are less … you are the upper hand who is giving … all feels nice. But when the crisis expands and you won’t have the resources to manage … that’s when things will start falling down.

An easy way to win against Establishment malice is to “reverse their objectives”. They are aiming at:

  • Maximum Spread and
  • Maximum Economic Damage

You have to kill both of these objectives. If you can kill both of these objectives … then you win … the reverse of maximum spread and maximum economic damage is … contain and normalize.

Worst Case Scenario – 50% of the people getting the virus
You have to simultaneously work on two winning strategies of … contain and normalize. Why should this be done? Because your worst case scenario is this … in several countries of Europe … they are already predicting the spread of the virus across 40% of the population … to 60% and even 80% of the population. They are predicting that 80% of the country will catch the virus. That’s why the old people in UK are already being put under isolation … because these are the people that get adversely affected by the virus.

Now, you tell me … for how long can the American government feed all of its people? The costing to support the entire population of 330 million Americans will go in trillions … that’s if they live at a very basic survival level. This is where America and Europe is headed … where there is mass infection all across the country.

Winning Strategies are – Contain and Normalize
If you take the right measures … then you don’t have to be in that worst case scenario which European countries are already preparing for.

Contain – Remote Hospitals
We told you to construct Remote Hospitals a few weeks ago when the number of cases in America were below 100. But you didn’t act … now you already have about 10,000 cases … the situation got 100 times worse within a few weeks. This could have been controlled to a great extent if we had Remote Hospitals. Its still not too late.

Containment helps Normalization
Remote Hospitals help contain the spread within the city.

  • We don’t have to tell patients to remain at home
  • We don’t have to host thousands of patients in hospitals within the city
  • We can send all positive patients outside the city
  • We can maintain the city in normal mode
  • We don’t have to shut down any businesses
  • All companies function normally
  • Everyone pulls their own weight
  • There is no dependency on the Government
  • It will not cost the Government trillions to support the people and companies
  • The economy will not break
  • There will be minimal economic damage
  • And as people get healthy … they keep returning home … back to their work life in the city

Containment and normalization go hand in hand. It will help you save the country.

See the numbers
If you setup remote hospitals … see the numbers that you will work with. Today, it is about 10,000 infected people … let us assume it gets worse by 10 times … then we have to take care of only 100,000 people. Even if it gets worse by a 100 times … then we have to take care of only 1 million people.

But if we don’t contain … then we are looking at widespread distribution all across the country … where 50-80% infections are there … then there is no point of setting up any hospitals. You have to take care of 100-1000 times more people. Taking care of 100,000 people will cost us a few billion … but taking care of the entire country will cost us by the tens of trillions.

Remote hospitals will help you …

  • To contain the crisis between … 100,000 – 1 million people
  • The expenditure will reduce from tens of trillions … to a few billion … which is workable and feasible
  • And you get normal cities where businesses and companies operate normally

Check and contain Establishment Malice
The second most important thing that you will be able to do is … check and contain Establishment malice in the spread of this virus. In the next phases, you have to activate intelligence and police to track down the malicious spread of this virus. Having remote hospitals will help you contain the spread … and also put a check on Establishment malice.

To Contain and Normalize is the President’s responsibility
Politically … this is what you will face … if the containment is not done. Biden will blame the spread of this crisis on your lack of leadership and improper actions. This is the first advantage that Biden gets. The second advantage that he gets is … you will be the one that will face the entire crisis and its pressure … and at the end of the year, the vaccine will be ready. Next year, Biden will not face any pressure … but he will only distribute the vaccines and be seen as the champion who solved this crisis.

This is a political victory that he gets … by doing nothing … just sitting there … watching you fail … blame everything on your inaction and then get victory by supplying the vaccine. Doesn’t matter if the number of infections are 1% or 80% … if he supplies the vaccine … then he gets the victory.

That’s why we are pressing you … until the vaccine is ready … it is a must for you to contain and normalize this crisis. The more it spreads, the more it will backfire on your leadership. This crisis is the test of your leadership. Build remote hospitals to contain and normalize the cities … this will get you victory.