18 Mar 2020
JewH341 Time to build hospitals

Advantages in the crisis
President Trump is doing fantastic in the Coronavirus crisis … a crisis is an opportunity for the hero and Trump is already getting these advantages from the crisis.

  • 100% focus is on the President. Everyone is concerned about the virus and eager to know its status and the response of the government for this crisis. This is bringing 100% focus on the President. Nobody even cares what Biden or Bernie are talking about … they are almost non-existent in the media. Canceling elections was the fair thing to do for both parties … on one side Trump would get an additional year and on the other side … Democrats would get a normal country where they could campaign and be heard.
  • Daily Press Conferences. Its great that you are doing daily press conferences. It is impossible to hold campaign rallies or run a political campaign in this crisis. Holding daily press conferences which are live telecast on all mainstream media channels … gives you 100% access to the entire nation on a daily basis.
  • Unlimited Resources. You don’t need to raise campaign finance … you have access to unlimited resources to spend on this crisis. On the other hand, Democrats must be struggling to raise funds for their campaigns, which they cannot run. There is hardly any need for Trump to raise campaign finance.
  • Cash Handouts. Businesses are being shut down … people are sitting at home … they need financial support. You are literally handing out cash to the people by the hundreds of billions during election year … which the Democrats can’t even think of doing.
  • Masks, Medication and Vaccines. You are working on manufacturing and supplying the most needed items for the people which are masks, medication and vaccines. Every single good thing that you are doing correctly enhances your image among the public.
  • Combo Benefits – Serve & Consolidate. This crisis was supposed to be used to demonize and remove Trump from office. But owing to President Trump’s positive actions … everything is getting reversed. Instead of Trump going down … he has 100% coverage … all eyes are on him … he is the one who is giving cash handouts, masks, medications and vaccines. And Democrats are nowhere to be found in the media or in action.
  • Dems can’t do anything about it. The President is literally handing out cash by the hundreds of billions during election year and the Democrats cannot do anything about it. Lol. Dems are shut out of the media … they cannot do anything about it … Trump is on the frontline of action … Dems can’t do anything about it.

I asked for the cancellation of elections … not just to help Trump … but because that’s the right thing to do … it was a party independent advice. It helps both sides. Democrats should realize what is going on … and at least for their own good … they should cancel the elections.

Hospitals, the need of the hour
Coming to the main topic of the page … hospitals are the need of the hour. Cuomo is right … President Trump must get involved in the building of hospitals where the situation is acute.

  • The Vacuum. Cuomo is right … more number of cases will break the healthcare system. In some countries … even if you have the virus, you are being told to go back home because there are no beds. They are using hospital beds only for those who are too sick and cannot care for themselves. And these people with the virus are walking around the city … distributing the virus to other people.
  • The Problem. The main problem that the Trump Presidency will face is that … Governors are already saying that … it is not in their capacity to build and finance hospitals … the President must pitch in with the staff and resources to build the hospitals. And if Trump waits till the situation gets worse and people don’t have hospital beds … then this crisis will be blamed on Trump. The Governors have clearly nullified themselves from this issue … the blame target is set at President Trump.
  • The Benefit. Till date, Trump has been doing great in all aspects. In a crisis, every good move that you make … it will work for your benefit. Building hospitals is a very big move … it means great credit and great appreciation. It is not advisable to delay and take the blame … when you can easily go for the credit.

Two ways to build hospitals
On this site, we have discussed the possibility of building the hospitals in two ways.

  • Using existing infrastructures of government owned buildings
  • By building remote temporary hospitals

Let me give you the pros and cons of both type of hospitals … so that you will understand how they will function.

Building hospitals – using existing infrastructure

The Advantages

  • Less cost. If you are using existing buildings of dorms, Churches or government owned structures … then your initial cost will be less.
  • Suitable in war scenarios. This is the most easily considered option … but it is mostly suitable in war scenarios or when treating injuries. This is not a recommended option when dealing with contagious diseases.

The Disadvantages

  • Limited Capacity. Since we are using an existing structure then we will be limited to the number of beds that the structure can handle.
  • Within the City. Generally, such structures are located in the city center or within the city. What you should realize is that … in this crisis … the hospital becomes the epicenter of the virus. They built the hospitals in Wuhan but the spread was so massive in this city that they had to quarantine the entire city.
  • Later bigger problem. The initial cost might be low in using existing structures … but when you build the hospital within the city … then you create an epicenter for the virus. And this leads to many many more infections within the city … later on, you get a much bigger problem to handle.
  • Protests and Riots. The cases become so many in the city that you have to lock down the city in order to protect other parts of the country. And once you lock down the city or quarantine the city … within weeks you get protests and riots. Because when the people are concerned … they get locked in a death trap … the number of cases keep on increasing and increasing … and the people are not allowed to go out. It becomes a death trap for the people … which turns into protests and riots.
  • Work and Supplies. The second major issue in “cities under quarantine” is work and supplies. People cannot remain out of work for a long time … everyone has a family to take care of. No work means no money … no money means no survival. Even if people have money … if there are no supplies … even that is a problem. That’s why “quarantines” automatically result in protests and riots against the government.
  • Hospitals within the city. One of the biggest reason … why number of cases rise and areas are quarantined … it is because the hospital that houses thousands of virus patients was built within the city. The doctors, nurses, medical & security staff that work in this hospital … they go back home and transfer the virus. The water supply, the waste management system and anything that these thousands of patients have touched … spreads the virus within the city … which leads to quarantine of the city … which leads to protests and riots.

Establishment Malice
We have been telling you that the main target of this virus is America and Europe. There is Establishment malice in this. South Korea has managed the problem to some extent … but several countries in Europe are surpassing South Korea in the number of cases. America too will surpass South Korea soon. And if you look at America … they are targeting the most populous regions … New York, California and Washington.

New York and California have the largest cities in America. If you lock down and quarantine the largest cities in America … then what do you think is going to happen? How long do you think that you will pay and feed the tens of millions of people that live in each city? America will burn … there will be massive protests and riots. This is the phase we are headed to … America cannot have another Wuhan … we cannot have a city under quarantine.

The biggest reason to quarantine a city is … “too many cases within the city”. In order to protect the rest of the country … you quarantine that city. The main thing that you have to kill is the “buildup of too many cases within the city”. If you can stop the buildup of too many cases within any city then …

  • There is no need for quarantine
  • There will be no lockdown of the people
  • There will be no protests and riots
  • There will be higher chances of the city returning to normalcy

Remote Temporary Hospitals
Here is where the construction of “remote temporary hospitals” comes as the solution. You don’t have to build the hospital 25-50 km away from the main city … even if you are building it 4-5 km away from the main city and away from the main population … even then it works.


  • Scalable. Since you are not working with any fixed structures … there is no limit to the number of beds. The land is open for you … you can expand the hospital to as many number of beds that you need.
  • Very effective containment. Since all of the people having the contagious virus will be located outside the city … these hospitals will function as a very good internal containment strategy. It helps in controlling the number of new cases appearing within the city.
  • No quarantine required. Since all infected people are effectively moved to another location … there is no requirement to quarantine the city itself. Doesn’t matter how many cases are there … you can always move them to the remote hospital … safe guarding the city at all times.
  • No protests and riots. Since no city will be under a total lock down … there is no reason for protests or riots.
  • More effective in the long term. There is a small construction cost to it … but they are more effective in containing the spread of the virus … which justifies the expenditure on them. You actually end up spending more money when you build hospitals within the city … because they give you thousands of more cases which create an enormous higher expense later on.
  • Total Elimination of the virus. Once the crisis is solved … these temporary structures can be burnt down and disposed off … leading to a total elimination of the virus. But if you house thousands of patients suffering from a deadly virus in a college dormitory … then who will want to live in that dormitory afterwards? How can you be ever sure that the virus has been removed from the water channels, waste channels, drainage systems, air circulation systems and from the entire building? What if students go in there and catch the virus again? The entire college gets the virus all over again.

It is strongly NOT advisable converting existing structures to be used for the Coronavirus patients. It’s a deadly virus and the structure will be at some point used again for its initial purpose … which might be a dormitory, Church or a government building. Exposing these buildings to thousands of patients having a deadly virus is not advisable. And it is not good for the city either.

Setting up hospitals – Critical Phase
President Trump should keep in mind that … till date, it was the easy works of pulling strings. Masks, medication and vaccines … this is the easy part. “Containing the spread of the virus within the country” is the most important part. Setting up the hospitals is the critical part.

  • If you don’t setup hospitals … people with the virus will be denied beds and care … they will go back home and spread the virus more.
  • If you build the hospital within the city … then the hospital itself will supply the virus all around the city.

The critical leadership comes now … where you setup hospitals outside the city and also contain the spread within the city. This is what will make you a winner. The moment you are going for quarantine of cities … then know that trouble is ahead. That too … you have to manage Establishment malice in this as well. It is not just spreading because of the patients … it could also be spread maliciously.

South Korea is managing it well … because South Korea was never the target. It probably got the virus mainly because of fleeing Chinese people from quarantines … or from Chinese products. America and Europe is the target here … which is why the spread is much more. If you build the hospitals outside the city … then it will give you the time and room to investigate “malicious spread” of the virus. Otherwise, you get two problems within the city:

  • The hospital within the city and
  • Establishment malice inside the city

You will never understand who is who and what is what in chaos. Your best option is … keep the hospitals outside the city … so that you can work on all routes inside the city.

How to do it?

  • Start with the cities with the most acute cases.
  • Build hospitals based on need

It will keep the costs low and address the need. And don’t worry about the funding … you will get the funding to setup temporary structures. The funding to build hospitals should not be an issue.

You are entering a critical phase now … play smart.