15 Mar 2020
JewH340 Creating Normalcy in a Crisis

Firstly, congrats to President Trump on testing negative for the Coronavirus … this was good news. Secondly, you are doing a fantastic job … with a lot of patience, intelligence, understanding, via a fantastic bipartisan approach and you are showing an excellent capability of working on multiple routes simultaneously.

The Establishment and Democrats are trying to use this crisis to show that you are incompetent … but when you play the right moves … you don’t come off as incompetent … but you come off as a champion. You are doing fantastic.

Health – one side of the coin
Moving on … this is what you should know … health is just one side of the coin in this crisis. Only about 1-5% of the people will be tested positive and the remaining 95-99% of the population will be healthy. One on side … you have to work on measures for:

  • Containment of the virus
  • Provision of medical supplies and testing kits
  • And also have a scalable plan to expand the number of hospitals and medical staff … by using government structures, the military and police force.

Normalcy – the other side of the coin
On the other hand … maintaining normalcy for the 95-99% of the people is a must. What you should know is that … protests and riots begin after quarantines. For the government, it is very easy to implement quarantine measures … but for the people, staying at home for one month is a stretch … and in the second month disturbances begin. This happens mainly because:

  • People are not allowed to move around … because movement restrictions are put on the people
  • Lack of medical supplies, hospital beds and increase in the number of cases
  • Lack of work, lack of money and lack of basic amenities

How can people stay at home for months together … when they don’t have access to bottled water, toilet paper, food and basic consumer goods? This is when the protests and riots begin. It already happened in China at several places.

Supermarkets going empty
While you were working with the medical teams … it has already begun in America.

  • Supermarkets are going empty
  • People are stocking reserves and standing in long queues to buy basic amenities
  • People are fighting over toilet paper
  • Supermarkets are rationing bottled water

This is just the beginning. When quarantine measures are put into place … it automatically translates into protests and riots … because you can’t contain thousands or millions of people in one place without basic amenities.

Nature of the Coronavirus Pandemic
This is what you need to keep in mind about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Its long term. Its not here for one or two weeks. You are looking at a minimum of 1-2 years. The vaccine development and implementation will take at least one year. Your planning should be for at least 2 years.
  • Resources. Don’t spend all of your resources on one thing. You need to have at least a two year plan. As President, you have to keep the entire country of 330 million people running.
  • Normalcy. Working on the patients, vaccine, masks and medical supplies … all of that is good … but equally urgent is managing the remaining 95-99% of the people.

Reason for protests and riots
If you see … the main reason for protests and riots is that … people are not getting basic amenities, apart from medical supplies. The major issue with this is:

  • Major Stores. Most of the amenities are located at major stores like Costco and online retailers like Amazon and Ebay.
  • Price Gouging. These big companies are resorting to “price gouging” and they are exploiting this crisis for financial gain. Amazon and Ebay are already under investigation in Italy for hiking the prices of face masks.
  • Quarantine. And when you quarantine people … they don’t have access to these stores.

People put up with it only until stocks last and then the protests begin.

Measures to take
These are some of the measures that you need to take as President to diffuse this issue even before it becomes a major problem.

  • Warn and penalize price gouging. A crisis should not be an opportunity for big companies. Warn and penalize price gouging.
  • Connect manufacturers and distributors. Supermarkets going empty is not good. Work with the trade and commerce division … so that the manufacturers are meeting “the supply for the increased demand”.
  • Import if required. Import goods wherever required.
  • Transport of goods. Doesn’t matter which area it might be … whether there is a quarantine or not … make sure that basic amenities and supplies are sent to every location.

The above measures will help you to work with the existing infrastructure and stores. But this is not enough … you need to have a scalable expansion plan for this as well.

Creation of multiple outlets
This is a major move that the Trump Presidency can take. The people don’t have to depend on their supplies on a few big companies. You can instantly create thousands of outlets in every city. This is how you do it.

  • Tax exempt status for one year. Invite and encourage the setting up of new businesses that will deal with the sale and distribution of:
    • Face masks, sanitizers, medical supplies and other related items
    • Consumer goods, agricultural products, meats, milk, bottled water, tissue paper … basically supermarket items
      Give new businesses that will be established hereon and deal with the above products … a tax exempt status … not the existing businesses … only the new ones. It will encourage multiplication of the stores. This is lifesaving work in a time of crisis … they deserve it.
  • Home Based. Allow the people to run these businesses from their own homes, villas, houses or apartments. It will eliminate the need to rent a shop.
  • Government Structures. Give some space to investors in government structures like in … post offices, police stations, Churches and other government buildings. Give them free electricity.

The only thing these businesses need to do is … buy the stock and sell. They have no other start-up expenses.

Benefits from these measures

  • Shop in every street. The people will get a shop in every street. You will end up creating thousands of new stores in every city.
  • No worry about price gouging. This will be a blessing for the people and these business owners … as they have to pay no tax, no additional rent and they get free electricity … giving them a good profit margin. And the people get a store in every street. There won’t be any issues of price gouging.
  • No protests and no riots. You will not be relying on Costco, Amazon or Ebay to provide the goods. But there will be tens of thousands of new stores that will meet the need for the people at the right price. President Trump will come out winning.

This is going to happen very soon. You are doing a great job with the Medical teams. Its time to focus on trade and commerce as well. Get your teams together … and work on this. Don’t wait for the protests to begin … once the protests begin, the Establishment and Democrats will exploit it to the fullest extent.

  • First, make sure that the existing stores and supermarkets have the supplies that they need
  • And then simultaneously, create policies to multiply the number of outlets

All of this doesn’t cost the government anything … you are just pulling strings … creating policies … and handling the crisis in the right manner.

Raining in Success
And when you stand on the stage and say … we were facing a major crisis and as President …

  • I rescued thousands of Americans who were stranded abroad and in cruise ships. I welcomed each and every one of them home. I provided them the best medical facilities.
  • I led the manufacturing of millions of masks and millions of testing kits every month.
  • I expanded our hospital infrastructure to thousands of new hospitals using the government’s resources
  • I expanded our medical staff by the hundreds of thousands by using our police force and military
  • I created thousands of new stores so that every American in every corner of every city gets their basic supplies regularly

Then my dear, President Donald J Trump … you will be standing raining in success … you will come out as a champion in this crisis.