14 Mar 2020
JewH339 What the hell is the Secret Service doing?

The Head of the Department
The Secret Service
United States of America

Dear Sir,

What the hell are you doing!!?? We are in a deadly pandemic … the Brazilian President has the Coronavirus … the Canadian Prime Minister’s family has the Coronavirus … each infected person is like a Bio-Weapon … and you are allowing these Bio-Weapons to come in direct contact with the President!!?? What the hell is wrong with you??

Why on Earth is the President being allowed to touch anyone? Why are people being allowed to touch and be in close proximity with Trump and Ivanka? Protecting the President is protecting America … saving Trump is saving America. Who the hell will manage and save America if anything happens to President Trump in this phase of massive crisis? The very purpose of the creation of your agency is to protect the President and his family. Do your freaking job!!

No touch at all
Except for close family members and close associates … no one … absolutely no one … should be allowed to touch the President or his family members ... family members including the First Lady, Ivanka, Don Jr., Jared and Erik.

  • No handshake
  • No fist bump
  • No elbow
  • No physical touch at all

The only thing they should be allowed to do is use … remote gestures … of respect and care. A simple touch of the hand on the chest … (on their own chest) … should be more than enough. See below pic.

Maintain the Distance
Point number two … everyone should maintain the distance … at least 6 feet away from the President. No one should be allowed anywhere near the President or his family within 6 feet. It might be while talking, standing, sitting, meeting or in conferences. Redesign the seating arrangements for all meetings and conferences.

The President is humble and he does not want to make others feel bad … and he is going around shaking hands. But what the hell are you doing? This is not the President’s call … this is your call. The President’s safety is your responsibility. These instructions should come from you and you should make sure that the President and his family members follow these recommendations.

Glass Separators
Just in case … the President is still not following these recommendations … then restructure his office, his meeting rooms and all conference rooms with … “glass separators” … that are at least 7 feet high. This will serve the purpose of no physical touch and the distance as well.

Targeted Bio-Terrorism
What you should know is that … this is not a normal and natural disease. This is “Bio-Terrorism”. Read about it here:

  • List of Establishment connections to the Coronavirus
  • The series of victories that Trump can target via the Coronavirus crisis
  • Trump needs to lead the world in ending the Coronavirus Epidemic
  • Containing the spread of Coronavirus

Several attempts have been made to infect Trumps with the virus. This is already being done in Iran. Iran has an unusually high rate of virus cases among their “government officials”.  This is “targeted bio-terrorism”. This is no natural disease … we are dealing with bio-terrorism.

You have no freaking idea of how valuable Trump is to America and for the world. If anything happens to Trump or his family … we are going to kick your ass. Don’t stand there saying … “duh, we didn’t know”. Playing dumb is not good enough. Wake the hell up and protect the President and his family!!