13 Mar 2020
JewH338 Prepare to convert Public Places into Hospitals

Time to prepare for an epidemic
Its time for President Trump to start preparing for an epidemic. There are two ways that the Coronavirus issue can move forward.

  • Vaccine / Summer. We could possibly get a vaccine that will help us solve this crisis but most medical specialists are asking for at least one year of time for this to happen. The second possibility is that … Summer will reduce this crisis to a great extent as the virus cannot withstand high temperatures.
  • High spike in cases. We still have 2-3 months for summer to begin and given the rapid increase of the number of cases … we could end up on another track of a huge hike in the number of cases. And this can create a major crisis in the country.

How this impacts the Trump Presidency?
The good news for Trump in this crisis is that … there are no new anti-Trump scandals. There is no time or space in the media to digest any new anti-Trump scandal. But the hype around the Coronavirus is being used to attack the Trump Presidency. We have to reduce this as much as possible. It can become a major problem if there is a huge hike in the number of cases and people have no hospital beds. A lack in hospital beds, medications and medical staff can backfire on the Trump Presidency to a great extent.

Activating Public Support in an Epidemic
President Trump needs to pull in his experts and plan for the worst case scenarios. He is looking at 3 basic layers that he needs to work at.

  • Infrastructure
  • Medications and Testing Kits
  • Medical Staff

If the crisis expands … then a shortage in all of the three can be a major problem for the people, the country and the Trump Presidency.

Layer One. Infrastructure
One of the first things that happened in China, South Korea and Italy where this crisis expanded … is lack of beds. Trump needs to work on a scalable plan where he can expand the infrastructure without any major expense. And he can easily do that … when he starts converting the below public places into hospitals.

  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Churches
  • Government Buildings
  • Or any government owned structure

The advantage that he will get from this is that …

  • He will get thousands of new hospitals in each city at zero cost.
  • All of these are government structures and the government doesn’t have to pay anything to use them. Churches are not government buildings … but they will be glad to help.
  • All he needs to do is throw in beds and some medical equipment

Layer Two. Medication and Testing Kits
I think you guys are already working on this … but don’t throw all of your money on one thing. This could be a major crisis that could last for a long time … distribute how you spend your money … don’t go broke within a few months. You have to be prepared in dealing with this at a large scale and for a long duration of time. Hopefully, it will not be of large scale proportions … but as the government that protects its people … you have to be prepared to handle it at this level.

Layer Three. Medical Staff
Another place where you will go in acute shortage is medical staff. The moment the crisis expands … then there won't be enough doctors and nurses. For this what you have to do is …

  • Police Force. Start giving basic training to the police force in handling Coronavirus patients.
  • Military. Start training the military as well … both of their jobs is to protect the people … both of them will be willing to learn and help.
  • Government Workers. See which government workers you can activate to help out and in what capacity they can work.
  • Emergency Visas. If required, look into the creation of Emergency Visas to hire highly trained Doctors and Medical Staff from other countries. Work with hospitals on these needs.

The advantage of using the Police Force, Military and Government workers is that …

  • They are already employees of the government and you can use them at zero additional cost.
  • You can activate millions of workers at zero additional cost.
  • They are public servants … its time to serve the public.

Connect with Governors
President Trump needs to plan and prepare for this at a National Level and also work with all Governors in the country … so that they can implement the same in their States. There should never be a shortage of structures, medications & testing kits and medical staff. Work on all three layers with every governor.

Internal Containment Strategy
You should have followed our advice in moving the patients or suspects out of the city. This is being done in other countries and it is helping to contain the spread of the virus to a great extent. In whichever city, the virus cases are less … and the number of suspect cases are less … tell them to move these cases out of the city. Use a hotel or guesthouse, located outside the city and move them there. This is a very good containment strategy.

Allowing patients to live in the main cities is literally going for a full scale crisis … which is exactly what is happening at many places.

Your next major coming crisis is the full blown Coronavirus crisis in America. Prepare beforehand … prepare even before it happens. This is an election year and this crisis will be used against you. But if you stand on the stage … and show the thousands of new hospitals that you got ready … at no cost … and how you expanded the medical force by hundreds of thousands … by using the police force and the military … then your leadership will remain unquestioned and unparalleled. Stay strong … remain active … and always prepare in advance.

And yes … prepare to get re-elected!