06 Mar 2020
JewH337 List of Establishment connections to the Coronavirus

A desperate Establishment with a long list of failures
We are basically facing a desperate Establishment with a long list of failures.

  • No new wars. No new wars began since Obama’s second term. Trump didn’t start a single new war.
  • Friendly relations with Russia. Russia was extremely patient and worked tactically with America and Europe. The anti-Russian propaganda has mostly vaporized.
  • ISIS and terrorism wiped out. The Establishment’s hate and fear propaganda have vaporized along with the vanishing of ISIS and terrorism.
  • Blaming use of WMD on terrorists. Since the Obama Administration, the Establishment has been blaming the possible use of WMD on terrorists … which only shows that there was a plan to use WMD among the people.
  • 3 Jewish Billionaires for President. The Establishment lost control over the White House. In their desperation, they tried to plant 3 Jewish Billionaires for President. Howard Schultz … he dropped out even before getting started. Tom Steyer … spent hundreds of millions and didn’t get any delegates and Bloomberg … spent $550 million and drops out of the race after a humiliating performance in debates.
  • Lawsuits and Impeachment against Trump failed. Almost all lawsuits and impeachment attempts against Trump have failed.

This failed and desperate Establishment went for the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Design and Spread

  • Israel’s Secret Bio-Technological Labs. Via leaked reports, Israel was exposed and condemned for trying to develop “Bio-Weapons” that would kill all Palestinians by identifying their genetic configuration. This was a highly discussed and condemned program. Development of Bio-Weapons is something that is done routinely in Israel. Even Netanyahu says that “Israel poses an “existential threat” to Syria.” That’s the term he used … existential threat. He didn’t talk about guns or weapons or nuclear technology. By unleashing deadly diseases … they can wipe out the entire country … this is what he meant.
  • Ebola, Zika and Corona. The Establishment malice around the world is so extreme that they fear extreme backlash on them. And since they are not able to activate any other route of destruction in the West … they are busy releasing one deadly disease after another. First, it was Ebola … then Zika … and now Corona.
  • China – A guinea pig. They have repeatedly tried to use Israel as bait to start a war with Russia. But they cannot release deadly diseases on their own people … not because they like their people … but because their people will “start talking” and tell the world what this Jewish Establishment is about. They can only use a wipe out strategy with Israel but not diseases. Thus they have used China as a guinea pig in the Coronavirus scheme … because China has more than 1 billion people and these people can spread around the world … and spread the disease along with them. China will be blamed for the disease and not the Jewish Establishment. To create panic and fear … fake videos showing Chinese police killing Coronavirus patients were circulated in the Social media.
  • The virus thrives in cold. They have unleashed a type of virus that thrives in cold temperatures … which clearly shows that their target was the West … namely America and Europe. Africa, Asia and South America were not their main targets.
  • Timing of release. The virus was released during the winter months of November and December … which only means that it was not coincidental. It was very carefully planned.
  • Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Thousands of cases are confirmed in Italy and it is spreading in Germany, France, Spain and other European countries.
  • Iran, a country hated by Israel. Another key indicator of the Jewish Establishment connection to this virus is the … spread of the virus in Iran … a country hated by Israel and the Jewish Establishment.
  • Iran – Targeted Bio-Terrorism. We are also seeing cases of “targeted bio-terrorism” in Iran … as specifically Iranian politicians and government officials are being targeted via the virus. It is unnatural for so many government officials of one country to catch the virus collectively in a small duration of time. This is direct evidence of targeted bio-terrorism. Which means that … the Establishment is using “manual means” of affecting targeted individuals by the virus. It could be via water, by touch, by food or anything … by using anti-government elements within the country.
  • America. There are several cases in America that have confirmed cases of the virus … but without any known origin. It means that the Establishment is resorting to “manual malice” to spread the disease in the country.
  • Macron. And what our lovely banker puppet … Emmanuel Macron says about this virus is that … “an epidemic is inevitable”. Yes … he doesn’t say that he is going to fight the virus … or cure the disease … or offer solutions to the people … but he says … an epidemic is inevitable. Which means that the French President says to his people … “you are going to get screwed … good luck with that”. Goodness gracious … what a time to have such a President.

All of these are direct connections of the Jewish Establishment with the Coronavirus.

Activating Medical Technology in several routes
This is what President Trump needs to know … don’t worry about this failing and desperate Establishment … when we are united and work collectively … we will always win … God willing. As President … you have to activate “medical technology” in several routes … both domestically and internationally.

Setup multiple Medical Teams
In order to do this, don’t work with just one medical team … setup several teams based upon their specialty and experience. If you tell one medical team everything then it will be an overload for them and they will not be able to carry out all of the required tasks. They will end up limiting your efforts as the US President. The best approach would be to setup multiple medical teams that work on each sphere.

Here are some of the routes that you have to make them work on … based upon priority.

  • Cure or Vaccine. This should be of the highest priority. Coronavirus is a problem only because there is no cure … if we have a vaccine then the threat gets automatically eliminated. This is something that you have to do in America … and you also have to activate other countries like Russia, Germany and Japan to do the same.
  • Medications. Until the vaccine is formulated … you have to work on alternate medications that will help to combat the disease as much as possible. For this also … share know-how and medications with Russia, Germany and Japan.
  • Virus Test Kits. We need virus test kits for human beings … but if you see the activity in Iran and the virus being found from unknown sources in America … it clearly shows malicious activity in spreading of the virus. We need to have virus test kits for water, for food or to test the presence of virus on any surface as well. This will help us to investigate and combat the malicious spread of the virus.
  • Country Checks. You need to setup a separate team … and work with WHO … in checking countries for the Coronavirus. You have to standardize virus testing procedures and make other countries also follow the same. I will give you an example of why you need to do this … Japan … it claims that it has only a few hundred confirmed cases but many medical experts from Japan say that the number of actual cases might be more than 10,000 in Japan. Japan may not be revealing the actual number of cases seeing how China is being treated … and it does not want to lose its respect and recognition in the world. But ignoring this deadly epidemic can create havoc for everyone. There can be a widespread epidemic in Japan and travelers going to and from Japan may also carry the virus to other countries.
  • Apply WHO Standards. Standardize virus testing procedures and make sure to apply these standardized testing to all countries that had frequent travelers to and from China since the past 6 months. Any country that is not cooperating with WHO and not testing its people properly … travel restrictions must be placed on that country. This will help you screen every country and contain the problem at a global level.
  • Isolated Treatment Centers. Information on this has been given to you before … treatment centers should be established “outside the city”. Once the patients are healthy and show no signs of the virus then they should be allowed back into the city. This will help to a great extent in containing the virus. Setup a separate team who will work on this … don’t use one team for all routes.
  • Disinfection. Disinfection is already being done on roads, streets and public places. There is malice associated with this virus. You should pull in people who specialize in the supply of water … testing of the water and the disinfection of the water should also be carried out. Setup a separate team for this as well. The first thing that you need is a virus testing kit for water. Only clean and healthy water should be supplied to the people.

You are the President … the entire medical technology and medical staff of the country is at your disposal. Use multiple teams and activate them on several routes to save your people. You, as President, can do this much better than any medical expert.

You are doing a great job … keep it up. America is lucky to have you as President. The poor French people are not so lucky. Keep up the great work … work collectively with other countries … you will win … God willing.