04 Mar 2020
JewH336 The series of victories that Trump can target via the Coronavirus crisis

George Bush – Inaction is the worst option
George Bush provides several learning moments that … inaction in a crisis is the worst possible option for the President. It backfires on his Presidency and leadership in the worst possible manner.

  • 9/11. George Bush was sitting in a school with children in front of him when he got the news that the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Bush didn’t move … he didn’t respond and then after a while … he was given the news that the second plane hit the Twin Towers. There are hundreds of videos of this on YouTube and people use this video to say that … “hey, he was the President of the United States … he was told that his country was under attack … and the guy didn’t even move!” They use his “inaction” to say that Bush was himself aware and involved in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Katrina. Again, when the massive hurricane Katrina affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans … Bush was too late to respond. Its not that he didn’t respond … but he responded too late. Using this “late response” … people say “Bush hates black people” … he didn’t care to take any measures to save his people.

In times of crisis … you get to create a name … a legacy … and prove your leadership … while acting “during the crisis” … and not after the crisis is solved by someone else.

Prevention Strategies are NOT Containment Strategies
Firstly, you should keep in mind that … you are the President of the United States … you are not a patient that should sit there following everything that the Doctor says. Secondly, Doctors are used to working mainly in two spheres … “prevention and cure … prevention and cure … prevention and cure” … this is what they know best and do best … prevention and cure. That’s why they suggest:

  • Wash your hands
  • Don’t touch your mouth
  • Use masks and sanitizers
  • Stay at home

What are all of these measures? All of these are prevention measures … these measures are used when the virus is already there around you. These measures DO NOT remove the virus from your environment … these are NOT Containment Strategies. These are only prevention measures so that you don’t catch the virus that is already around you. But how should we prevent the virus from entering in our environment itself?

External Containment Strategy
One thing that the Trump Administration is doing is …

  • Restricting travel from infected areas and screening incoming travelers

These are good measures in controlling the virus coming from outside the country. It definitely helps. But what are you going to do when the virus is already inside the country? Just wash hands and pray that you don’t catch the virus?

Wuhan – Zero Internal Containment Strategy
Take a look at the below picture and you will see what happens when there are no internal containment strategies.

Look at the epicenter of the virus … out of about 80,000 cases all over China … there are 67,000 cases only in the Hubei Province. That is a whooping amount of 80% of the cases at the epicenter itself. And this is only if these numbers are genuine … actual numbers can be multiple times. 11 million people are quarantined since January in Wuhan alone. Only God knows the right number of people affected there.

My dear … President Donald J Trump … this is what happens when there is no “Internal Containment Strategy”. And there is news out there that “one hospital is shutting down because all patients have been cured in that unit” … well, I call that bullshit. 67,000 confirmed cases are from the same province and they are closing down hospital units? Have they cured all of the 67,000 people?

Dealing with Medical Experts
What President Trump should realize is that … this is something that Medical Experts cannot handle alone. They have no freaking idea of what is going on … most of their advice will be limited to prevention and cure … their containment strategies will be extremely limited. If this crisis expands … the only thing that Doctors will do is … work under more pressure and scramble for a cure. But Doctors being under pressure does not solve anything … nor does it contain the virus.

They are saying … wait for the sun to come … the heat of the summer will kill the virus. Okay fine, but what about the people already infected? What about the people that will get infected until summer? The sun doesn’t shine everywhere … what about the water systems, drainage systems and inside the residential and commercial buildings? How will the doctors make the sun shine everywhere?

See … if this thing explodes in America … then it is your Presidency on the line. Nobody is going to ask what Doctor did what … nobody is going to point to any Doctor. It will be your leadership on the line. That’s why I said … tell the Doctors to shut up and tell them to follow instructions.

You are far superior to any Medical Expert in handling this crisis because …

  • You understand Establishment malice
  • You can take measures to combat the virus and the malice associated with it
  • You have funding by the billions on your finger tips
  • And you can plan out “systems” which Medical Experts cannot

There is absolutely no time to teach anyone about Establishment malice … so this is how you secure your people, your Presidency and this is how you deal with Medical Experts.

  • Tell them that … we have information from Intelligence sources that there could be “manual malice” involved in this Coronavirus crisis
  • And thus we want to root out this virus from every route possible. We want to implement strict internal containment strategies
  • Don’t ask them what to do … tell them that this is what we are going to do. We are going to setup a “temporary remote treatment center” that will be 25-50 kms away from any city or village. And we will host all virus patients there. Septic tanks and incineration units will be used to kill the virus from all channels of air, water, drainage and waste management.
  • Now, ask them if this is a good Internal Containment strategy or not? Separating the patients from the general public is good or not? Keeping the virus away from the cities is good or not?

Any Doctor in his right mind with any commonsense will say … yes, this is a good strategy and it will work. You should keep in mind that:

  • Doctors will be under pressure … they should be kept free and be encouraged to use new ideas.
  • This is not about prevention or cure … this is strictly “an internal containment strategy”.
  • Tell them not to bother about the funds … since every life is priceless and you as the President will take care of it
  • And then work on them on this strategy.

Internal Containment Strategies
These are the internal containment strategies that you should formulate with the Medical Experts.

  • Setting up of Temporary Remote Treatment Centers … could be permanent as well … depends on budget.
  • Use of masks and also water filters … only masks are being used … even the water should be filtered … to eliminate the virus from all routes.
  • Disinfection … every route possible used by the general public should be disinfected … the water supply, roads, streets, drainage system, residential and commercial buildings.
  • Use virus testing kits in every route possible

Don’t sit there waiting for the cure
Action is important in a crisis. If you get the vaccine well and good. And yes, if summer cures the problem … well and good. But what if it doesn’t? They are already saying that the vaccine will take more than an year’s time. If things get worse during summer as well … or during this one year time … then who will be blamed? President Donald J Trump will be blamed … not the Doctors.

Going for victories
Let the Doctors work on the prevention and cure measures … more the better. But while they do that … your job as the President is to “contain the crisis” as much as possible. It is logical, it is feasible, you have the know-how & technology and you have the resources to do the same. It is strongly advisable and wise to go with “containment strategies”. It will help you get several victories.

Victory 01. Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
There were hundreds of people trapped in this death ship. Seems like someone made a few calls and all members have been taken out of this ship during this weekend. They are being treated in Japan. Firstly, thank you to Japan for the good humanitarian gesture. And secondly, it was a good opportunity for Trump to do this on the frontend and take some credit for saving hundreds of innocent lives. This victory goes to whoever made the call and to Japan.

Victory 02. South Korea – 5,300 Cases
Coronavirus cases in South Korea are increasing by the hundreds and thousands. As of today, they have more than 5,300 cases. Call Moon Jae In … and share internal containment strategies with him. Tell him to setup “remote treatment centers”. Invest in those treatment centers if you have to. Help South Korea contain this crisis. It will help you learn and manage the crisis in America. It is a good opportunity … to learn, to lead and to take credit. You get to show some real time action to the American people. Don’t allow South Korea to become another Wuhan.

Victory 03. Italy – 2,500 Cases
In the same manner … tell Italy what to do. Tell them that you have “intelligence of manual malice in this crisis”. Suggest them also to setup remote treatment centers.

Victory 04. Europe – Japan, Germany, France and Spain
All of these countries also have cases of more than 100 cases each. Now, do you see how the Establishment is attacking Europe? The number of cases have crossed 100 even in America. This is their scheme. Sharing intel and strategies with European countries and helping them in a time of crisis … helps you make new friends and build trust. This is exactly how Obama got their trust and even today, they still trust him. Obama shared the intel of Israel and the Establishment network being involved in terrorist activities in Europe.

Since Obama was outsmarting Israel and the Establishment … European leaders followed him and trusted him to a great extent. Yes, you had issues with the Iran Nuclear Deal and Jerusalem … both of which European leaders did not approve. But now, you can turn that page … and pull them on your side. It will help you build worldwide coalitions.

Victory 05. China – 80,000 plus cases
67,000 cases only in the Hubei province owing to the lack of any internal containment strategies. You are good friends with President Xi … make a few calls and share intel.

Victory 06. Show action and get Global Recognition
Keep the Establishment information in the backend … but bring all of the action, suggestions, remote hospitals, sharing of strategies, supply of medications and testing kits … keep all of this loud and public on the frontend. The people need to see you in action. That’s the only way you can show to the public that you are doing something and not just sitting there waiting for a cure from the Doctors.

It is a must for you to show Presidential leadership on this. Setup a hospital in America and setup a few hospitals around the world including South Korea. Pull recognition from global leaders. You are not a patient that should sit there following the Doctor’s advice and waiting for the cure. You are the President … you have to direct and activate Medical technology in every route possible to secure your people. And when you are an American President … you have to work with other leaders to secure their countries as well. This will help you get a lot of victories … and most importantly … it will help you contain the entire crisis as much as possible.