01 Mar 2020
JewH335 Trump needs to understand his “superiority” in managing the Coronavirus Epidemic

Firstly, you are doing a good job by bringing in the best experts to manage the crisis. Secondly, don’t bother about the Stock Market going down … if it goes down … let it go down … its not like you did something wrong. We are facing a deadly epidemic … obviously the Stock Market will go down. What you should say is … “It is very obvious that there will be some effect on the Stock Market … we are facing a deadly epidemic. My priority as the President is to save the lives of American citizens first … health and safety comes first. We will do everything to secure the health and safety of the American citizens … and once this crisis is resolved … we will bring a roaring come back of the Stock Market all over again.”

Don’t worry about the Stock Market right now … it is very obvious and understandable. What matters most right now is … all of the measures that you take to manage, contain and eliminate the Coronavirus Epidemic. And these are the advantages and the superiority that you have in ending this crisis.

  1. Doctors don’t understand systems
    Your first biggest advantage over others is that … Doctors don’t understand systems and they don’t think in terms of systems. You might have pulled the best specialists that the country has to offer … but you should understand that they will be limited to the technical advice that they can offer. As President, you have to think bigger … plan bigger … and work at a larger scale. You are not a patient that needs to follow the Doctor’s advice … you are the President along with whom the Doctors should work to save the country. Your lead is important here.
  2. Virus + Malice
    Another disadvantage of sticking only to the Doctor’s advice is that … they will work only on the virus. They have no idea that this is Bio-Terrorism from Israel … they have no idea that there is malice also associated with it. Their advice might be good in dealing with day to day scenarios … but when it comes to dealing with Establishment Malice … the advice from all of these medical specialists will be extremely limited and it will not solve the crisis.

    As of today, you are the most experienced and knowledgeable person on Establishment malice, among the entire Congress of 535 politicians from America. You are not just combating a virus here … but you are also combating Establishment malice here. Your experience and knowledge gives you an upper edge to everything that the medical experts advise. You have to combine medical advice and Establishment knowhow to formulate the best solutions.

    Learn from ISIS and Terrorism
    If we followed what George Bush and Hillary GodDamn Clinton told us about terrorism … then this crisis would never have been solved. If we followed the advice of rigged military generals and a rigged intelligence community … then we would have never solved this crisis. We had to first eliminate the false and misleading advice … and then kill the malice in every route possible. We attacked Establishment malice in every single route … right from media, false propaganda, use of politicians, public finance, weapons supply, terrorist hiring, involvement of Bankers & Israel, at the local and international levels … we attacked them at every single route possible to root out this false propaganda from the world.

    This repeated pattern of deadly diseases is an issue from the same Establishment. It is one of the curses of Establishment Monopoly that we are suffering from. We are continuously being maintained in life threatening scenarios where we are busy saving ourselves from termination. It is a deadly epidemic for us and it is fun for them.
  3. Rigged Systems
    Another issue that you face in America is of “rigged systems”. They will maintain you in a situation of crisis and prolong the solution as much as possible. They will allow the situation to get as bad as possible … until we fight them off in every route and solve the crisis ourselves. You have pulled in the best medical experts … but don’t expect the solutions at the tap of a finger. Understanding these rigged systems … again gives you an upper hand in combating this epidemic much better than the medical experts themselves.
  4. Get Russia involved – time for Russia’s world leadership again
    Work in the backend with Russia … there is hardly any Establishment influence in the Russian Government. Request President Putin to start working on the vaccine and medications for the Coronavirus. Why should Russia do this? Because it is a worldwide crisis and if Russia comes up with a vaccine for the Coronavirus … then it will be seen as a world savior. It will greatly enhance Russia’s world leadership role. Russia would be leading the world in not only war related crisis but also in health crisis. This is something that you can do as President … work with Russia … not your medical experts.
  5. Help others to help yourself
    Help others to help yourself … save others to save yourself. Get involved in South Korea … it is a close American ally. Start working with South Korea as if it is your own country. There are several benefits that you will get from this:
    1. Save South Korea. Firstly, you get to save a country and its people. There are thousands of confirmed cases there.
    2. Enter a live scenario. It helps you enter a live scenario where the number of cases surpass 3,700 as of today. You will get to learn what works and what does not. You will get to implement all of your strategies, tactics and medical equipment. This know-how will help you work in America on the same crisis. You don’t need to sit and wait till you get thousands of confirmed cases in America. Saving South Korea will help you save America … and it will give you the best working strategies.
    3. Recognition. Setup remote treatment centers in South Korea … supply them with masks, water filters and virus testing kits (if ready). If required, invest in setting up the treatment centers. This will pull recognition of your efforts from South Korea.
  6. Reverse the propaganda
    Politically … this is your advantage. If the Stock Market falls … let it fall … its only natural. What matters is all of the moves that you are taking to address this crisis. When you start working internally and also start working with other countries to save them and their people … it will bring great recognition of your efforts in this crisis. Moon Jae In has cooperated with you quite well … maybe he will name the hospital after you … and thank you publicly for your efforts and support.
  7. International Recognition.
    Democrats back home will never recognize anything good that you do. But international leaders are not the same … with whichever country that you will work with … you will get recognition from them. Share ideas with China, South Korea and Italy … and formulate a plan to evacuate the people in the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. It has about 3,700 people and they are stuck in a death trap. Setting up of “remote treatment centers” will help you save their lives. Work with Japan or South Korea in setting up remote treatment centers and move these people there. Doesn’t really seem like other countries are coming to save them … but President Trump can save them … all you need is a “remote treatment center” in nearby countries, so that they can be moved there. Save them and take credit.

If you play the right moves then instead of the Coronavirus crisis backfiring on your President … it can turn in actually being one of your biggest victories … where President Trump ends up saving several countries and America from this crisis. It can end up guaranteeing … your re-election.