28 Feb 2020
JewH334 Trump needs to lead the world in ending the Coronavirus Epidemic

Bio-Terrorism from Israel
I guess we have to roll up our sleeves on the Coronavirus issue. We need to help President Trump lead the world in ending the Coronavirus Epidemic. First things first … Trump needs to understand what this is first. This is nothing but “Bio-Terrorism” from Israel.

  • Repetitive Pattern. This is a repetitive pattern of unleashing incurable deadly diseases one after another. First it was Ebola … once it was cured … came Zika Virus. Zika Virus didn’t make much of an impact and now we have the Coronavirus. It is a clear repetitive pattern.
  • China, the epicenter. Look at the location that they have chosen … the country with a population of more than one billion people and they have spread the disease all over the country. They are also circulating false videos on social media of “Chinese police shooting down victims of the Coronavirus” … only to create more panic so that people flee to other countries. The illegal migration from China can spread the disease all over the world.
  • Warnings of WMD usage. The Establishment wanted the destruction of Europe and America … and they continuously blamed ISIS and Islamic Jihadists … that they will use weapons of mass destruction in the West. During Obama, there were repeated warnings of this via the Establishment media. But unluckily, ISIS does not exist today … there is no blame donkey for them. Israel was the one who created ISIS and they have only unleashed this disease while putting the blame on rats and bats.
  • Target Countries. Look at the target countries … China … serves as a fantastic source to spread the disease. Italy is severely affected … bringing the virus into Europe … which is one of their target zones. Iran … Israel hates Iran and they have wanted a war with Iran since decades. They have spread the infection in Iran as well. Another key target on their list is America … today there are 60 confirmed cases of the virus in America.

The Jewish Establishment is literally getting what they want in the world via the Coronavirus … death, chaos and destruction.

China bearing the curse of hosting the Banker Gold
If you look at it one way … China is bearing the curse of hosting the Banker Gold in South China Sea. Befriend terrorists and get terrorism. They are just using China as a guinea pig for their own schemes. They were trying to use Israel as a bait to start a war with Russia … they failed … now they are using China as the bait for worldwide bio-terrorism.

Why it matters to Trump?
This issue is of American National Security for three main reasons.

  • American lives are at risk. This thing can turn into an epidemic and risk the lives of millions of American citizens.
  • Bigger threat than the Democrats. Democrats have failed to prove their caliber and leadership to win in 2020. But the Coronavirus could turn out to be a bigger threat than the Democrats if it turns into a National epidemic. It could cost Trump his re-election owing to the chaos created from it.
  • Bernie could get the White House. If Bernie Sanders gets the White House … it will be a three-fold catastrophe for America. Not only they will have the Coronavirus everywhere … but Bernie will unleash catastrophic Socialist policies and he may also take us into war with Russia. It could be a total disaster under Bernie.

It is a must for us to help Trump to fight off the Coronavirus and the Socialist virus, Bernie Sanders, this year.

Can’t cure but can kill
The good news for Trump in this issue is that … we might not have a cure for the virus but we can definitely kill the virus when it is outside the human body. All virus and bacteria are microbial organisms that can easily be killed with chemicals and high temperatures … when they are outside the human body. And this means that very effective and successful “containment strategies” can be implemented.

Containment Strategies – Several Layers of Measures

Fight off misinformation
Before I give the containment strategies … the first thing that you need to do is … fight off misinformation. We will show you highly effective strategies that will work … but some advisers and doctors might say … “Ow no, this is too extreme. All we need to do is wash hands and wait for the cure. The situation is not that bad.” This is how you should respond to such Doctors …

  • Kick them in the nuts
  • Tell them to shut up
  • And tell them to follow instructions

This is a National Security issue … thousands of people have died, about 80,000 people are infected, there is no cure and the lives of millions of Americans is at risk. This is no science experiment that the Doctor can sit and do in his lab without anyone being affected. This is a National Security issue … the President will call the shots. President Trump has to direct and lead.

Layer One – A – Treatment Center for Acute Diseases (TCAD)
We are dealing with a pattern of new diseases again and again. First, we got Ebola … then Zika … then Corona … then God knows what it will be … Dolona, Bolona or Solona. For all of this … we need one solid “winning formula”. We can’t go around being rattled every time with a new disease. We have to establish “Treatment Centers for Acute Diseases”. We already might have several hospitals … but this is what will be unique about these treatment centers.

  • Remotely Located. These are not research centers … these are treatment centers where the patients will be housed and cured. They will be remotely located … at a minimum of 25-50 km away from any human habitation.
  • Cuts off the virus from city life. This key feature allows us to cut off the virus from the city and helps us keep the people safe from the virus.
  • Built to combat and treat any disease. Doesn’t matter what disease it will be … these centers should be equipped to treat that disease.

The Wuhan Hospital was a blunder
They built the hospital in Wuhan within 2 weeks … that’s nice … but look where they built it.

They built the hospital within the city … with tall skycrapers all around the building. And they are housing thousands of Coronavirus patients in that hospital. That’s a major blunder … because all of these thousands of patients will use the same air, the same water system, the same drainage system and the same waste management system. The hospital itself becomes the concentrate for the virus.

They say that … yes, people should not travel in the case of deadly diseases as the infection might spread. But our medical staff can put the patients in a bus and carefully transfer them to a treatment center. It is a must to eliminate “misinformation” and try to do what is more logical and beneficial for the people here. 

What they should have basically done is setup a hospital 25-50 km away from the main cities and take all of the infected patients there. The fantastic benefit of that would be that …

  • All of the virus bearing patients would be moved to a remote location for their cure
  • And the rest of the clean people who do not have any virus would be more free from catching the same virus

Combating all types of virus and bacteria
Another important feature of these “treatment centers” is that … we are not setting them up for only the Coronavirus issue. This is being done to combat any type of deadly disease … doesn’t matter what it is … it might be bacteria, virus, chemical or whatever … water borne, air borne, spreads by touch or whatever. We should be able to treat and contain the worst possible type of diseases here.

Benefits of these Treatment Centers

  • No Fear. We don’t need to be afraid of American citizens catching any type of deadly disease. There should never be a reason for panic or spread of infections. Doesn’t matter what comes … we can always send the people to these treatment centers for safe and secure treatment … while the rest of the unaffected people remain safe.
  • Coronavirus. The Congress is ready to give the funds … setting up these treatment facilities will hardly cost anything. We can use these treatment centers to contain the Coronavirus.
  • Americans returning home. The Coronavirus has spread across 47 countries now. If some Americans return home with the virus … we don’t have to be afraid of them and we don’t have to turn them away. We, the government, are supposed to be there for them … protect them, help them and cure them. And this is exactly where these treatment centers will help.
  • Greatly reduces the virus presence. When we move all patients to a remote facility … then it greatly reduces the presence of the virus in the main cities among the general public. It serves as a fantastic virus containment technique.
  • Helps in cleaning off the remnants. When the main patients carrying the virus are moved to a remote facility … it helps us clean and eliminate the city from any leftover traces of the virus.

This is what China didn’t do and Wuhan is still a major crisis.

Layer One – B – Treatment Center Construction Model
The page is going to be pretty long … thus I am giving brief information about each layer. When you construct the treatment center …

  • Build a separate block for patients and
  • Build separate blocks for Doctors, medical staff, security and other people to live in.

There should be absolutely no sharing of anything between the patients and the other people in the Treatment Center … right from the air, water, food, clothes, bed linen and everything else. You should build a separate “septic tank” for all waste water and drainage from the Patient’s block and also build an “incineration” facility to burn away the waste coming in from the Patient’s block. Some examples to explain this:

  • The water used by the patients should go into the septic tank
  • The water that washes the dishes, clothes, bed linen, food and other items should also go into the same septic tank
  • All drainage from the Patient’s block should also go into a septic tank
  • The food leftovers, the garbage and everything that needs to be thrown … should go through the incinerator.
  • The ventilation, the air conditioning and water supply system … everything must be detached and maintained separately for the Patient’s block.

Acid or chemicals must be used to destroy the presence of any virus in the waste water collected in the septic tanks. And then this septic waste must be properly disposed off.

Entertainment Floor
And yes … if patients don’t have to be in their beds all the time … you can also setup a floor for some entertainment for the patients as they might have to live in that facility for a long time. Entertainment could be indoor games, TV, laptops, internet, books or whatever.

1000 Beds – Three Locations
Setup the center for 1,000 beds and pick a location that can help us to expand the hospital to 10,000 patients if needed. Build these treatment centers at three locations … in the East, Center and West of the country … so that it is easy to transfer patients to these centers.

Layer Two – Disinfect the Cities
We are not leaving any route untouched. We should kill the virus in every route possible. Once the patients are moved to a remote location then the disinfection of the cities is a must. Disinfection measures should include:

  • Roads and streets
  • Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Water supply
  • Drainage system
  • Subways and tramways
  • Ponds and pools
  • Marshy Areas

Every nook and corner of the city must be disinfected.

Layer Three – Technology Warfare
Bio-Terrorism involves “technology warfare”. Israel has secret Biotechnology research labs and this is what they do there … come up with deadly diseases and Bio-weapons. You have to beat technology with technology.

  • Infection via Air – Masks. Using masks to handle the infection in the air is good enough.
  • Infection via Water – Water filters. You have to combat “manual malice” here. You can learn from what happened in the Bubonic Plague … wells and rivers were infected by people from the same ideology. One third of Europe’s population was wiped out in the Bubonic Plague. But we are not living in the Middle Ages now … we have technology in our hands. Especially in the acute areas of the infection … people should use water filters. They should not drink water off the tap.
  • Virus Test Kits. Another technology based initiative that Trump needs to encourage is … “virus test kits” that are very cheap and affordable. This will give a huge upper-hand in combating Establishment malice in the spread of the disease.

We have to design virus test kits that cost as less as $1 or $2 … the government should subsidize the cost of these kits to make them very cheap and affordable. These test kits should be supplied to the entire police force, all hospitals and clinics … and they should be made available for the general public as well.

Using these test kits … we should be able to test the contamination in drinking water … or in any food item … or outside on the streets and roads. The Establishment might have a technology advantage of having done research on bio-weapons for a long time but their biggest disadvantage is that … their numbers to do malice is extremely limited. We outnumber the Establishment on any day and at any time. If these test kits are provided to hundreds of thousands of doctors, police force and the general public in each city … then we can kill the virus at its very source itself. This again serves as a fantastic virus containment technique.

Layer Four – International Leadership
President Trump doesn’t have to take responsibility for what is happening in other countries … but he needs to lead to bring an end to this epidemic. He has to share strategies, techniques, technology and equipment with other countries so that things stabilize in their countries as well. Now, we can’t teach other world leaders on the Establishment and its malice … our Democrats themselves flopped in learning anything … how do we expect other world leaders to catch up? You don’t have to share the information on the Establishment involvement in this … but you can suggest them this:

  • Treatment Centers for Acute Diseases. We are facing a repeat pattern of deadly incurable diseases. Suggest other countries to setup their own TCADs … so that infected people are moved to a remote location where their infection can be controlled successfully and show them how they can secure the general public. Show them how to construct these centers. Countries like China, Italy, Iran and South Korea where the infection is high … they need this urgently.
  • Disinfection of Cities. America might not need disinfection of cities as of now but make this suggestion to the countries … to kill the virus in every route possible.
  • Share technology and equipment. Share the idea of using water filters … and work & share with other countries for quickly designing a “virus test kit”.

Layer 04 – Pressure Israel and Bankers on this malice
We know that the source of this malice is from Israel. Here are some pressure points that you can use on Israel and the Bankers.

  • Exposure is a good tactic of restraining malice. Make sure that Israel knows that we know who this malice is from. Restrict and hold off favors for them.
  • Use President Xi … the Bankers have moved their gold from Israel to South China Sea. Tell President Xi to tell them to … take their gold back to Israel. They will not take back their gold … but it will be a good pressure point.
  • Work with President Putin … see how Putin can pressurize these bankers.

It’s a lengthy page … but it is easy once you start working on it. Work on all layers.