02 Feb 2020
JewH333 Why Bernie rises and Warren falls with the same policies?

Time to say what Bernie is about
I guess it is time to say what Bernie is about. Warren must be wondering … “why the hell Bernie rises and I fall … when both of us have the same policies?” We should tell her because:

  • Lost Warren. We lost a good Presidential candidate to bad policies.
  • Unlikely to run in 2024. Its quite unlikely that Bernie will run again in 2024. He is already 78 years old.
  • Can’t take it back. Bernie has been campaigning for Socialism at a National level since 4-5 years now … he can’t take back these policies.
  • Did what was required. And he did what was required of him. He served the purpose. Lol.

The Presidency is about combating the “Jewish” Establishment
To understand what Bernie is about … we need to take a step back … and understand what happened before. The US Presidency is about combating the “Jewish” Establishment malice. The Jewish Establishment malice is not restricted to Israel and violence against Palestinians … but the core policies of Socialism and Communism were all designed under the same Jewish ideology. 60% of the world in the East was consumed in Socialism and Communism.

Jewish Rabbis themselves say that “Socialism was formed on Judaism” … to be more precise Talmudic Judaism. It is nothing but Satanism incorporated within Judaism. It comprises of nothing but lies, misleading, leeching, mass murders and open loot of the country and the people.

The Lovely Jewish History
We wrote the complete details of this Jewish Establishment in “The Lovely Jewish History” section of this website. Hundreds of pages were written … to give complete details of the connections of this Talmudic Ideology from Israel … to Socialism and Communism … to the exploitation systems designed in America by the same Establishment. All of this happened during Obama.

SM in Action
SM came into action and said … okay, let’s kick some ass. In order to work on this massive Establishment crisis in America … they picked and supported two candidates.

  • One to lead and one to expose the malice
  • One was a Warrior Angel and the other was the Devil
  • The Warrior Angel would fight and eliminate the malicious systems
  • The Devil would promote malicious policies and expose the Establishment’s connection
  • Trump was chosen as the Warrior Angel and Bernie was chosen as the Devil
  • Trump was chosen as the Angel because he was a patriot, loved his country and he would fight to do what is right for his people.
  • Bernie was chosen as the Devil because he was a Socialist Jew who would openly campaign for Socialist programs in America.

It’s a different issue that Trump did favors for Israel and the Establishment … but this was the formula put into action.  Okay fine, we all know that Trump is not an Angel exactly … but goodness is relative. Compared to this Satanic Establishment killing 100 million Christians in the Communist East, destroying hundreds of Churches and killing thousands of Priests and Clergymen … Trump is pretty much an Angel. He was chosen as a force for good.

Bernie is an SM Prop
Bernie is himself baffled as to how the hell he is getting so much publicity and tens of millions in funding for his campaign … when he is promoting Socialism in America, a country that destroyed Socialism and Communism across the world. He himself is shocked and surprised … and he is also probably enjoying the ride.

  • Bernie doesn’t know and
  • The Establishment doesn’t know

That Bernie Sanders is functioning in an SM trap.

Trump and Bernie rise together
If you see … Trump and Bernie rose together to fame in 2016. While Trump was rising … Bernie also rose to enormous fame at a National level. Both of them were supported hand in hand at the same time for a common cause … just their roles were different.

Bernie – exposing the Jewish connection to Socialism
The key reason for giving so much publicity to Bernie was because … we had already written hundreds of pages talking about the “Jewish Establishment” connection to Socialism and Communism … and how they have designed exploitation systems in America. When we would launch our work and talk about this Jewish Establishment connection … then Establishment elements would immediately deny and say:

  • All of these are lies!
  • This is anti-Semitism!
  • There is no connection between Jews, Judaism and Socialism!!

And when they would say that … SM would simply point to “Bernie Sanders” … lol. “Look here is a Socialist Jew … who has been campaigning for Socialism in America at a National Level since the past 5 years. Bernie is the connection between Judaism and Socialism!”

Bernie is a fish in the hook … playing along in a pre-planned trap … that is going to fully expose the Jewish Establishment … and he doesn’t know.  Well … too bad … now, even if he knows … he is not going to back off from his Socialist policies. Lol. Apparently, he wants the nomination based on these policies! He will probably function on the same track.

Managing the Angel and the Devil
The interesting thing to see here is … how SM Networks are managing the Angel and the Devil in the country. This is the beauty of SM.

  • Both the Angel and the Devil are given publicity … both Trump and Bernie get enormous publicity.
  • But the power and implementation success is given only to the Angel. Trump was given the nomination and the White House. Trump’s policies of American Energy, Tariffs and Border Wall were given success.
  • There was zero power and zero implementation success given to the Devil. Bernie was not given the nomination and he was not given the White House. And Bernie’s policies of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal got a crushing defeat.
  • The Angel … from a hotel owner became President.
  • The Devil … remained exactly where he was as a Senator with no change at all.

Warrior Angel pestering the Devil
If you want to understand the demonization that Trump faces … it is because of this … Trump was chosen as a “Warrior Angel” who would do great things for his people while fighting against the Establishment. But he started doing favors for the Devil instead … which upset everyone. We told him several times … everything is under control … you will get victories on a platter … just play your role. But the Angel still has to come into action. The demonization that Trump faces is a combo of Establishment malice and SM being upset with him.

The Warrior Angel campaigning for the Devil’s policies
Because Trump didn’t come into action … we chose Warren as the next Warrior Angel … and what does this Angel do? She goes right into the Socialist den of the devil … and starts championing the Devil’s policies. Let alone doing favors for the Devil … she literally wants to implement all of the Devil’s ideas in America.

Good news and a not so good news for Warren
As of now … there is a good news and a not so good news for Warren. The good news is that … you are topping the polls. And the not so good news is that … you are topping the polls for Vice President. Lol.

  • You show courage, loyalty, dedication, hard work, fighting spirit and fearlessness
  • And you also show no logic, no reason, no foresight and no analytical skills

Which makes you a fantastic Vice President. There is a need for loyalty, dedication and hard work … and at the same time … there is no requirement for logic, reason or foresight for a VP. The President does all of the screening and analysis … and all you need to do is follow. These are good characteristics of a VP. We told you to run a Presidential Campaign and you ran a Vice Presidential Campaign.

Making the best use of the time and campaign
Please keep in mind that “Bernie is an SM prop”. He is functioning in an SM trap. Socialist policies will never be implemented in America and Bernie will never be President. You need to quit following the devil. There is a purpose for Bernie’s rise and he is serving that purpose very well.

We already saved your campaign once … SM had planned to pull the plug on your campaign a long time ago. It is highly advisable for you to make best use of your time and campaign right now. Instead of being a failed candidate … re-organize … restructure yourself … fight in a team with Biden. It will double your marketing and campaign power … it will double the chances of a Democrat win.

We are not totally ruling you out yet. There is still some 20% support that exists for you. Stop your wrong policies … re-organize, restructure and run the right policies to win.

Don’t take Trump for granted
Some SM Groups love Trump … he has strong support. Bernie is rising only to get crushed by Trump. Trump’s strong points are … stability, peace, jobs, American Energy and Tariffs. Most Dems are coming up with Climate Change and ban on guns … this is not good enough. If you want to win then you have to compete well enough. Don’t expect to win with weak policies. As of now, most Dem frontrunners are extremely weak with very weak policies.

You have to strengthen your campaign with strong policies and organize well for a good win.