14 Jan 2020
JewH331 The American Presidency Managing Two Layers of Politics

Selecting the American President
This is what Warren needs to know. The American President is basically selected on his potential and skills of managing two layers of politics.

  • Routine Politics. This is the routine politics of day to day life … party politics … and maintaining your lead and position in the party.
  • Establishment Politics. The second layer of politics that the President needs to manage is “Establishment politics”. These are misleading, destructive and abusive politics. This layer itself has several layers involved and function differently in each location and scenario.

Complaining to Obamas
Warren is going to Obamas and complaining that … “hey, he does not agree with me. He does not want me to do the Green New Deal and the Medicare for All. He is calling me nonsense! He wants me to change!”

This is what Warren should realize … which policy of Obama did we support? Throughout 8 years of the Obama Presidency … which was Obama’s policy that we supported? Nothing … we did not support any of his policies. In fact, we reversed everything that he was doing in his first term as President. We put him on a fantastic track … Obama became the turning point in American History against Establishment malice and wars. He is loved and adored today.

Now, who did Obama go to and complain about us? Obama never “insisted” on doing something wrong once it was shown that it was wrong. Once it was shown that it would hurt the people … Obama would immediately work on ways of changing direction. This is what “true leaders” do … they care for the people and make sure that they are not getting hurt in any way.

Climate Change Activism
And look at your Climate Change activism …

  • Climate Change Activist. Since when did you become a Climate Change activist? Were you involved in Climate Change in your teens like Greta Thunberg? No, you were not. How about your twenties … any Climate Change activism in your twenties? Nope. Thirties? Nope. Forties? Nope. Fifties? Nope. Sixties? Nope? Seventies? Yes. And when exactly did this begin in your seventies … after Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord.
  • Anti-Trumpism. You are obsessed with Climate Change not because it is a genuine issue … but you think that Trump is wrong and being anti-Trump makes you feel better. You think that being a Climate Change activist is the right thing to do and that it will help you. But you don’t know that the whole thing is an Establishment scam.
  • Structural Change Hypocrisy. You are trying to spend $100 Trillion of resources that belong to America in an Establishment scam and you are calling this the “structural change” that America needs. You are taking punchlines from our work of structural change … and marketing Establishment scams as the structural changes that America needs. This is plain hypocrisy. These are not structural changes … they are massive financial catastrophes.
  • No Change and Complaining. Firstly, you fell for an Establishment scam that you did not understand. And you are marketing to spend tens of trillions of American resources on this scam … you are taking our punchlines of “structural change” and attaching them to Establishment scams … when you are shown that you are making a big mistake … you don’t change and go to Obamas and complain that we are not agreeing with you.
  • Complete Mess. Do you see the complete mess that you are creating? You are supposed to fight and eliminate Establishment scams and misleading. You are not supposed to make Establishment scams your key campaign promises and you are not supposed to start fighting against those who show you that you are wrong. You are making a mess out of everything.

A Messy Campaign with a Conflicting Approach

  • You say that you want to fight against the corporations and the Establishment … but you are yourself running Establishment scams and don’t realize that you are being their puppet.
  • You say that you want to fight corruption … but you yourself want to spend $3 Trillion on Climate Change research and tens of trillions on Establishment scams.
  • You are claiming structural change … but you are trying to unleash financial catastrophes.
  • You are saying that you want to change America … but you yourself don’t change and start complaining to Obamas.
  • You are saying that Trump is bad … but you don’t realize the complete mess that you are creating.

Trump is already winning on one side
Managing Establishment malice can be broadly classified into two sections:

  • Avoiding disasters … avoiding wars … avoiding financial catastrophes … dodge misleading.
  • Creation of new systems … designing new laws and reforms … breaking Establishment monopoly

Not only Obama managed the Establishment malice very well … but so is also Trump. Trump is already winning in managing one side of Establishment malice. There are no new wars or financial catastrophes under Trump. Currently, Trump is the President of the United States … but he shows no hesitation in listening and doing what is right for the American people … that is, at least when one side of the coin is concerned. Can you say the same about yourself?

Trust factor higher with Trump
This is what you need to understand … SM Groups are all about “real action” … hardly any weightage is given to Tweets. You are sitting there and tweeting … “I am with you. Let’s do this together! Let’s bring great structural change!!” and on and on. But the weightage of the politician’s actions are like this:

  • 10% to Tweets … if you are tweeting something in the right direction … then it is seen as the “right intention” of the politician to do what is right.
  • 30% to learning … and then they see if you have actually learnt what to do about the issue or crisis.
  • 30% to change … then they see what you are doing to bring about a change towards the right direction.
  • 30% to campaigning & leading the change … then they see if you are campaigning and leading the change in the right direction.

Trump is already performing a 100% in many many cases … right from North Korea to Venezuela … to avoiding the Climate Change propaganda to the Medicare for All scam … to even avoiding a war with Iran recently. In every case, Trump is learning, changing and working on the right track to do what is right for the American people.

Now, when they compare this with you … you are tweeting something but in action you are totally the opposite. That’s why no one cares for what you Tweet. Trump has it easy because … all he needs to do is … follow online instructions and do what is right to win. The issue with you is that … you have to make a direct connection … and then learn and change. The information that you need is of structural reform … which needs direct coordination. Trump is getting the info online and it is helping him to do what is right and win. You are not getting the info because you failed in making a direct contact and you end up stuck with wrong policies. You are tweeting “I will create structural change! I will create structural change!” … which is seen as plain hypocrisy by many groups.

Good News – 3 Configurations on the table now
The good news for you and the Democrats is that … currently, there are 3 configurations on the table for the American leadership.

  • Trump … he is doing very well when one side of the coin is concerned but still, he has not made any move to address any issue on the other side of the coin. This is what frustrates the majority of SM Groups. Obama had already avoided further conflicts in his Second Term … they did not bring Trump in the White House only to avoid wars. They wanted a new era under Trump … here is where Trump is failing. It is possible that Trump can lead … he is the most preferred candidate as he has the most experience and knowledge in the field now.
  • Warren … since Trump did not lead … you were brought in the game … but look what you are doing … its quite shocking … and messy. However, if you can learn and change … then you are the second most preferred candidate to lead America.
  • Biden-Warren. A third configuration is strongly being considered and that is … a combination of Biden with Warren or Bill de Blasio. This configuration will help to drop the Establishment scams from the Warren’s campaign … and make a clean lead for America under the Democrats.

The good news for Democrats is that … before the support was distributed between Trump and Warren … but with the Biden-Warren team being considered … Trump has one and Dems have twice the support. Many SM Groups were still supporting Trump because of the surprises that Warren was coming up with … but now since Biden can filter out Warren’s issues … we have a clean leadership that can take America forward.

The majority of SM Groups no more see a need to rely solely on Trump to take America forward. There are two Democrat configurations that can lead America now. This means that the support for Trump can tank and Democrats may get more support hereon. It is also possible that an exit for Trump will be planned. Actually, many exit strategies for Trump are already planned … but this time, they may implement one.

Biden-Warren Team
This is what you should keep in mind … removing Trump from the White House is easy. But routine politics is not the main issue here … it is the Establishment crisis that is the pressing issue. You have to show yourself as capable to lead America in this layer of crisis … that’s what will give you the White House.