12 Jan 2020
JewH330 America is locked between the Scared and the Scary

The impeachment drama continues in America. Trump is angry at the Democrats … thinking that the Democrats did this to him … but it happened mainly because of his inaction as President. America is burning in debt and President Trump doesn’t do anything. This is the main reason why SM Groups unleashed Establishment dogs against you … just to show you, who are the people that you support … and to tell you that … it is time for you to go, if you don’t want to lead America.

Trump, the Scared
America has been burning in a debt crisis that keeps on increasing by $1 Trillion every year since George Bush. Obama was busy solving the war and jobs crisis … and didn’t get the time to focus on the internal debt crisis. Trump was chosen because he loves his country … is a fantastic fighter that will keep America First … and he will be the one that will save America from this criminal Establishment and take us into new heights of glory and greatness.

But unfortunately, Trump didn’t measure up to the great expectations that many people had of him. He turned out to be one of the scared ones … he didn’t step up to take any action against the Establishment or its monopoly and America continues to bleed by $1 Trillion every year. The Establishment Monopoly exists untouched and the people continue to live in wealth drain systems with a high cost of living where they hardly save anything. People work 2-3 jobs just to survive … an average American depends on 2-3 credit cards just to pay the bills.

The good thing about President Trump is that … he is an extremely logical and practical person. He has repeatedly saved America from wars and also from several economic disasters. He might not have taken the lead to fix the debt crisis but he did not create any major disaster as well. There were no new wars under the Trump Presidency unlike the previous two Administrations. At least 50% of his Presidency is doing good.

Warren, the Scary
Since Trump was not taking the lead … Warren was brought in the game. She shows a lot of courage to do many things … but at the same time … she also shows a lot of nonsense … which nobody expected. Warren coming up with nonsense policies was a shocker for everyone. Everyone expected Warren to be well educated, well researched, extremely practical and fantastic in implementation. Everyone expected her to be 10 times better than Trump … especially because she was kicking banker ass really well. But Warren shocked everyone with her nonsense policies.

She got an intervention in the Medicare for All policy … she has stopped campaigning for it … but she is still campaigning for the Green New Deal, which is 3 times worse than the Medicare for All policy. This is what she needs to know about the Green New Deal and Climate Change.

  • Establishment Propaganda. The Green New Deal was designed by AOC, who comes from the Establishment Socialist den. Everything associated with Establishment policies and propaganda creates malice and abuse for the people. The people are exploited in every way possible. Take a look.
  • Fear Mongering. You are standing there and saying … “climate change is an existential threat”. No it is not … the sky is not falling and the earth is not breaking open. Why are you fear mongering just to justify your policy and political campaign? This is what the Establishment does … puts fear in your hearts to justify the blowing up of trillions of taxpayer money. You are running an Establishment propaganda in Establishment style.
  • False promises – 10 million new jobs. Firstly, there is no job crisis in America … we have the highest job records ever in American history. Right now, about 200,000 jobs on an average are being added every month … which is about 2.4 million jobs in a year … which is 24 million jobs in the next 10 years. Trump is not spending a single penny on Climate Change and he is generating two times more jobs. Secondly, you want $100 Trillion for the Green New Deal to create this 10 million new jobs. Even before you create those 10 million jobs … the economy will crash when you try to leech out $100 Trillion for this program. We don’t have money to pay bills … we are struggling to stop a $1 Trillion debt crisis … and you are standing there making false promises of 10 million new jobs from a $100 Trillion that doesn’t exist.
  • Oil Industry Professionals on Food Stamps. Oil Industry Professionals get the highest salaries around the world. But in Warren’s world … there will be no oil industry … all oil operations will be shut down … oil industry professionals will live on food stamps and the stipends given to them. Lol. Suggest this to any other leading oil producer in the world and your proposal will be a laughing stock for them.
  • Financial Terrorism. You are trying to give handouts … showing jobs and spending … just to show that you are nice. But what you don’t realize is that … massive tens of trillions of new spending in the current crisis will create financial catastrophes. You are not being seen as nice … you are being seen as a “financial terrorist” by many SM groups out there. You are shocking everyone.
  • Extremely Bookish. Your approach, leadership and the campaign is extremely bookish. So bookish that it is coming out to be a combination of “courage and nonsense”. We like the courage part … you are being courageous because you want to fight Establishment malice. But you never did anything practically … you have always been teaching from the book as a school teacher, law Professor and even as Senator. The practical know how and implementation is not there at all. To add to that … you are following Socialist books … which is making everything nonsense. You are showing courage … but in doing the wrong things.
  • Establishment puppet. Do you know who is an Establishment puppet? Someone who runs Establishment policies and propaganda despite the truth and logic being given to him. If you still don’t realize what is wrong in these policies … and if you still campaign for these policies … then please tell me … what is the difference between you and an Establishment puppet? You are claiming that you have courage to fight against the Establishment but you don’t realize that you are being an Establishment puppet yourself.
  • Fails to change. And you are failing to change when the logic is shown to you. If you did not know then … no problem. But even after you are shown the truth and the problem in the propaganda … even then if you don’t change, then you fail in combating Establishment malice. Because “misleading the President” is the biggest challenge that you have in this battle. By misleading the President is how they get shit done. You are losing to the Establishment already.
  • The truth about Climate Change. Here’s the truth about Climate Change … it is an Establishment scam. We already have the solution for it. We will solve it with a few simple pages … it will cost peanuts … there is no trillions in cost involved at all. The only reason we are not giving this solution is because Trump will go for it … and he will crush the Democrats on Climate Change. It can possibly create the re-election for him … and the majority of SM Groups do not want the same cycle of self-imposed ridicule that Trump lives in for the next 5 years.

Solving Climate Change is 100 times easier than the War on Terror … Trump can solve it within one year … with just a few pages of text … he can begin working on it. Just like the War on Terror propaganda vaporized and no one even talks about it now … similarly, the Climate Change propaganda will get vaporized. Trump will gladly do it because there is no key Establishment entity standing on the other side against him in this. It will give him a massive victory. The only reason we are not giving him the solution is because … it can end up deciding 2020. Trump will crush you guys saying it was a bogus propaganda and it was easy to solve … there were no trillions in expense involved. Trump is already loved because he is stopping wars and maintaining the stability in America. 2020 can go easily in his favor if he works on Climate Change.

Getting America out of this gridlock
On one side we have no action … and on the other side, we have nonsense. If America re-elects Trump in 2020 … we will continue to get no action and no leadership for another 4 years. But if we elect Warren in 2020 … we get complete nonsense. It is a must to take America out of this gridlock.

Biden-Warren is the solution to take America forward
The movement among SM Groups is beginning towards a “Biden-Warren” team. These are the key things that you need to see about Joe Biden.

  • Logical, no nonsense. He is a logical person … he doesn’t have any nonsense policies. He is openly against Warren’s Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. He is a practical guy who looks at the costs-benefits analysis.
  • Establishment independent. He is Establishment independent and unlike Warren he is clean from any Establishment propaganda or policies.
  • Not a war maniac. He is not a war maniac. He doesn’t want to go around bombing countries like Hillary. He has a stable mind … unlike Hillary.
  • Close to Obamas. He is quite close to Obamas and he can catch up on Establishment issues and malice quite fast.
  • Cash interest. Yes, he has some cash interest from the Presidency. But that is totally fine when compared to Warren’s $100 Trillion catastrophes. A little bit of cash interest needs to be managed in politics … its fine.

The key problems that the Biden-Warren team will solve
See how the Biden-Warren team will solve the key problems that the American leadership faces.

  • Warren’s Nonsense. When Biden is President and Warren is VP … Warren gets to drop all of her nonsense policies at the door with no questions asked. No one is going to ask her why she is not running so and so Socialist program. Biden is a logical guy and he will screen out all illogical policies from Warren.
  • Trump’s Inaction. We don’t need to worry about Trump’s inaction anymore … because the Biden-Warren team will be a combination of Logic & Courage … which is exactly what America needs. If Warren becomes President … she is a combination of “Courage & Nonsense” … Trump is a combination of “Logic & No Action” … but the Biden-Warren team gives us the perfect required combination of “Logic & Courage” … and that’s what we need right now.
  • Brittle Biden. And if Biden goes alone as President … then he cannot withstand Establishment pressure and he will break. Biden is brittle. But when you combine Biden with Warren … then Warren will provide the consistency and the fight that Biden needs to keep leading.
  • Project Limitation. Being the opposition party, the Democrats are limited to their options in pulling international support for the project. But once we put Biden-Warren in the White House … this limitation disappears … we have the world at our disposal.

And yes, just in case … Warren doesn’t want to be Vice President … then Biden can always go for Bill de Blasio for VP. Bill de Blasio is fantastic material … he is Establishment independent and a great fighter. He is running the largest city in America. He will bring enormous practical experience and a fantastic fight to the table. If Warren doesn’t want VP … then just go with Bill de Blasio … he will help you win against Trump and also help you give the Establishment a crushing defeat. He is excellent material.

And whoever is Biden’s VP … he gets to be President after him … giving us 4 Democrat terms at a stretch. Biden is currently the best bachelor Presidential candidate out there.

Why Trump was brought in the game?
One of the major reasons why Trump was brought in the game was to … save America from Hillary. But we don’t have a Hillary on the other side now. There is no warmonger on the other side. Biden is clean … there is nothing to worry about him. The only thing we need to do is give him the right VP.

Its not that the options for Trump and Warren are totally closed … but since you guys have issues in taking the country forward … the right combination is being evaluated for what is good for the country.

The Biden-Warren Team

  • No new wars. There will be no new wars. None of them are pro-war candidates.
  • No economic catastrophes. Given Biden’s logic there will be no economic catastrophes.
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs. With no new wars … America’s economy will continue to boom. Even Biden and Warren can just sit there and say “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!! Look at the jobs! We have the best record breaking economy!!” Lol.
  • America in a new era. Moving America into a new era will be far more easy as … hopefully … there won’t be an inactive President in the White House.
  • Warren can learn and lead later. Warren can learn how things are done practically as VP under Biden. And then she can become President later on.

America doesn’t rely on one person for leadership
America is under a revolution. It is a “network based” revolution … where we do not rely on one person for anything. It might be for leadership, finance, security, support, bases … for everything several options are maintained. Because the country and people are more important than one person. The country cannot be about one person … nor can it run for one person. It is always about doing what is right for the people by keeping multiple options open.

As of today … the safest and most logical team that can take America forward and break the current gridlock is the Biden-Warren team. It is time to prep Biden with Establishment malice and to prepare him for leadership.