01 Dec 2019
JewH329 “Grain Change” from Bush to Obama to Trump to Warren

Elizabeth Warren wants to be the champion that will fight against the corporations and the 1% in America. But what she does not realize is that … she has already lost to the corporations. She has lost not once but several times, even before she got the nomination. Let’s give her an idea of the “Grain Change” activity in America … so that she understands what is going on.

What Warren should keep in her mind is that … we like you. We know the person that you are. We got requests to help you understand why your campaign is failing … so that you get a bigger picture of the parameters active in America.

Warren already losing to the Establishment
These are the ways that you have already lost to the Establishment.

  • When you accepted and campaigned for a Socialist policy of Medicare For All that will cost America $30 Trillion … then you already lost to the Establishment.
  • When you accepted and campaigned for a Socialist policy of the Green New Deal that will cost America $50-100 Trillion … then you already lost to the Establishment.
  • When you accepted and campaigned that all oil operations in America should be shut down as per the Green New Deal … then you already lost to the Establishment.
  • When you accepted and campaigned that minimum wages should be raised to $15 per hour … then you already lost to the Establishment.
  • When you accepted and campaigned that Marijuana should be legalized in America when 60,000 Americans are already dying due to drug overdose … then you already lost to the Establishment.

These are just some of your major losses to the Establishment. You want to champion the fight against corporations and the 1% … but what you don’t realize is that … you have already lost to the Establishment in several ways.

The Establishment is not just a bunch of guys sitting on Wall Street. It’s a network … and you have to screen every action, every decision, every policy and every strategy … if you want to win against the Establishment. You already failed several times. What’s worse is that … you stacked your campaign with policies that are 20 times worse than the entire War on Terror … that is 20 times worse than Bush & Hillary combined. The Establishment misled you in this and you fell for it.

You are thinking that you are great Presidential material and that you will defeat Donald Trump … but what you don’t realize is that … the Establishment has made you the worst candidate on the stage right now. Many SM Groups see you as … “disastrous, stupid, stubborn, hypocrite and someone who doesn’t know shit what she is doing”.

But the good news for you in this is that … you still have some Pro-Warren groups who love you and they are saying that … “Ah … she is so nice … please help her! Please help her!” I didn’t want to publish all of this online … but your support already fell by 50%. Doesn’t matter what happens in 2020 … you still have a chance in 2024. I think you should know one or two things about the “grain change” activity in America.

This page will give you a brief overview of how we are managing Establishment malice in America … changing Presidents … and Silent Majority through the past 3 Administrations.

The Era of George W Bush
Plus Points:

Minus Points

  • Launched the War on Terror … which led to the
  • Killing of millions of people
  • Displacing of tens of millions of people
  • Destruction of several cities and countries
  • Wasting of $4-5 Trillion of American Taxpayer money

SM Activity
The Silent Majority was aware of the issues but they had no way of fixing these issues. Millions of people poured into the streets against Bush’s wars but they were incapable of changing anything. This was a dark period for America.

Grain Change … from Bush to Obama
People overwhelmingly voted for Obama. They kicked out the Establishment puppet from power and brought an Establishment independent candidate in the White House.

The Era of Barack Obama

Plus Points

  • Eliminated politics of hate and fear
  • Started new wars but then also brought most wars to an end in his second term
  • Vaporized the bogus concept of Radical Islam
  • Vaporized the War on Terror
  • Stabilized the economy
  • Brought about major job growth

Minus Points

  • Common ground
  • Too kind and generous

Till date, I didn’t need to mention Obama’s minus points. But since you are working very closely with Obama … you are carrying the same minus points with you … and it is backfiring in a huge way on your campaign. So, you need to know about the issue with Obama’s “common ground”. (We love you, Obama!)

Obama was a Community Organizer … he allows everyone to do their thing. When everyone is happy … Obama is everyone’s favorite. But Obama’s kindness and generosity was a major drawback when he became President. As President also he allowed everyone to do their thing:

  • Agreed to the Generals and sent tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan
  • Allowed Hillary to bomb countries
  • Sent hundreds of billions of weapons to the war zones
  • Didn’t do any war marketing because he was not a warmonger
  • Supported rebel groups to stand up to Russia because advisers told him to
  • But then also allowed Russia to do its work because they were taking down terrorism
  • As a result … half a dozen countries were bombed and more than $3-4 trillion were spent in these wars

Obama being kind and generous to allow everyone to do their thing … resulted in a complete mess. What we had to do was … hold back this “Community Organizer” in Obama and bring out the Harvard Lawyer inside Obama. We had to show Obama that … all of these guys are hardcore criminals who should not be followed … he is the President and he should create direction for the country on his own … and not follow bullshit advice.

The Harvard Lawyer, Obama, creates a turning point for America

  • It is the lawyer inside Obama that fires Hillary Clinton
  • No more allowing Hillary to do her shit … he hires John Kerry to change America’s direction
  • Refuses to bomb new countries or start new wars
  • Refuses to send US soldiers to war zones
  • Refuses to hire war contractors in these war zones

SM Activity
The Silent Majority was not silent anymore. They started working in several spheres of politics, legals, intelligence, media and corporations in order to surpass Establishment malice. Some of the major revolutionary activities of SM during Obama include:

  • The Arab Spring
  • Tea Party and
  • The Occupy Movement

Yeah … SM is a network that can put millions of people on the streets … overthrow governments … and create massive movements. Putting the right Presidents in place is a simple “team building” activity for them.

Warren carrying Obama’s drawbacks
You don’t notice but you are carrying Obama’s drawbacks.

  • Common Ground. Obama may tell you … “do whatever you want … you can work with him on common ground. He is just a blogger.” Obama may advice you this … because this is what happened during Obama. He did whatever he wanted … and he followed us on war moves. But wars are over now … now, it is all about domestic policies.
  • Obama didn’t know what to do. Obama himself didn’t know what to do when it came to domestic policies. He himself used to reach out to us asking for help in solving the debt crisis. You have this disadvantage with you because till date … you have no solution for the debt crisis.
  • Medicare For All. Obama thinks that he won because he campaigned for ObamaCare … which is why you are campaigning for a “healthcare policy” … thinking that you will win the election if you campaign for free healthcare. This is another mistake … because Obama won because he had Mitt Romney, a corporate leech on the other side … and not just because of ObamaCare.
  • No know how of the Matrix. Obama has no knowledge about the Matrix or SM Networks. There wasn’t a need to tell him anything about it … because his job was about stopping wars and he could do that all by himself as President. We activated SM support to help him win. Obama knows that … when we start supporting a candidate … he wins … but how does this victory fall into place? He doesn’t know that.

You are a school teacher … thinking that Obama is the Principal … and that if you follow Obama then you will win. No … that’s a huge mistake. You cannot follow Obama’s footsteps if you want to win. Because Trump has already taken the country to the next level. Following Obama will take you into an old era that no one wants. How? Take a look.

Grain Change … from Obama to Trump
Obama was a good leader because he did what was right during his times. But the issue with Obama was that … he was too kind and generous. So, SM Groups asked me … “what should we do?” Obama was the best candidate that we had and he was the only candidate with Establishment experience … there was no option of replacing Obama with someone else. I told SM Groups … “get me someone with a killer instinct … Obama is too generous. I want someone who loves America … who will fight for America … who will keep America first … I want a pure American with a killer instinct.”

After a couple of weeks … they come and ask me … “does he need to have a military background?” I told them … “nope … not required … if he loves America and he can keep America first … then that’s all I need”. And after a few years … Donald J Trump launches his Presidential campaign with the “Make America Great Again” slogan … ready to fight with China against the trade deficit. I was like … “wow, they did it … how the hell did they get this guy? Is this for real?” Lol.

The Era of Donald Trump
The grain successfully changed from too kind to killer instinct … someone who would keep America first and fight against China and the world for America. This was the need of the hour. And guess what … one of the first things that I told Trump was … “don’t follow Obama. You are the President … this is your rule … your reign … be in full control of your leadership. You need to be no one’s puppet.”

Plus Points

  • Wiped out ISIS. Obama never cut off the funding in the war zones. It is Trump who did it. Obama was stuck on Common Ground listening to bits from everyone. But Trump kept America First … refused to spend a single penny on this shit … and told all GCC allies to cut all funding in these war zones. Within months ISIS vaporized … what Obama didn’t do in years … Trump did that in one speech.
  • Peace & Stability. Made some mistakes in war zones but he is currently maintaining peace and stability excellently.
  • Jobs & Economy. The peace and stability is creating records in jobs and economy back home.
  • America First. All of Trump’s works are based on an America First agenda.
  • American Energy. Trump has made America the world’s largest producer of oil.

He is fighting against the world to address America’s trade deficits.

The Trump Presidency is an evolved version of the Obama Presidency
Warren probably thinks that … Trump is bad and Obama is good … Obama should be followed and everything opposite of Trump should be done. But that’s a mistake … the Trump Presidency is actually an evolved version of the Obama Presidency. Take a look at the pic again:

Whatever Obama did … Trump has improved on that, when major policies are concerned.

  • Obama worked on wiping out Radical Islam and Terrorism … Trump wiped out ISIS for good and stabilized the Middle East.
  • Obama worked on jobs and economy … Trump created records in jobs and economy
  • Obama worked on making America a better country … Trump put America First and fought against China and Europe in favor of America
  • Obama created stability by fighting against politics of hate and fear … Trump has made America the world’s largest producer of oil to stabilize America.

The “grain change” from too kind to killer instinct … from Obama to Trump … has resulted in only better things for America. Trump is not someone bad that you should oppose. Trump is good … in fact, better than Obama … he is the evolved version of Obama … he is 10 steps ahead of Obama.

The assumption that you have that … “Trump is bad” … this is a mistake. This is a side effect of the bogus anti-Trump propaganda run by the Establishment’s media. Trump is good and you need to be better than Trump in order to defeat him.

Minus Points

  • Establishment Monopoly. Trump has improvised on many of Obama’s moves … but wars and economy are not the problems that Trump inherited. These were the Obama era problems. The main crisis that Trump had to address was of “Establishment monopoly”.
  • No Action on the Establishment. Despite being ahead of Obama … his major drawback remains of taking “no action on the Establishment”.

Grain Change … from Trump to Warren
To address this “grain problem” in Trump … where he is stuck on a self-imposed ridicule and aggression cycle with the Establishment … where he is not taking any action on the Establishment … all SM Groups decided on a grain change from “no action to courageous action” … from Trump to Warren.

Elizabeth Warren, the lady with the dynamites
What everyone was expecting was … “Warren will learn … she is going to kick ass … she will revolutionize the country … she will be the first Woman President and the most phenomenal President in American history … she has courage … she is great” and bla bla bla. But you have put a screeching halt to this grain change move … because the only thing that you show is courage and nothing else. There is no commonsense, no logic, no reason, no analysis, no understanding of the Establishment, no strategies and no nothing at all.

Plus Points

  • Courage. I agree that you have courage.
  • Establishment Independent. It is nice that you are not taking donations from corporations … it makes you a good Establishment independent candidate.

Minus Points
But if you look at the minus points … then the Establishment has stacked your campaign with disasters from all previous leaders and multiplied it by 20.

  • Socialist Policies – George Bush’s War on Terror. Do you know why the War on Terror was launched? It was a deviation tactic by the Establishment to consume Americans in fear while trillions of their taxpayer money was spent on bogus sponsored terror … so that the debt crisis was not exposed. Bush spent a $1 Trillion on the War on Terror. But when you yourself launch Socialist policies that will cost America $100 Trillion … then you yourself are launching a massive deviation that does not address the current debt crisis but creates more disasters of its own.
  • Obama’s Common Ground. We had alerted you about these Socialist disasters … but you doubled down on all of them. You don’t realize that these are “dynamites” that will blow up the country and you want to do “whatever you want to do” … without using commonsense, logic or reason at any place.
  • Trump’s Inaction on the Establishment. The major complaint about Trump’s leadership is that … he did not take action on the Establishment crisis. But when you have already attached huge dynamites to your campaign … that will lead to the collapse of the economy … where is the time to deal with any Establishment crisis?

Your current campaign is everyone’s problems bundled into one and multiplied by 20. Your campaign will not take America to the next level or solve any crisis … your campaign itself is a major crisis.

SM Activity
Some of the major SM activities during the Trump Presidency are:

  • The #metoo movement
  • Gun Violence Marketing – Bashing the NRA
  • Jewish Establishment Criminals – Millionaires and Billionaire criminals jailed
  • Failing Netanyahu’s Government again and again
  • Indictment of Netanyahu

The Establishment is losing on all fronts.

  • It might be in America or in Israel
  • It might be in political, media or corporate circles

It is continuously being defeated by SM Networks. So what the Establishment thought was that … as per the “grain change” movement and Trump’s inaction on the Establishment … we will obviously move from Trump to Warren. So they stacked your campaign with all major dynamites. Even if we remove Trump and put Warren into place … then she will blow up everything.

Trump still has one more year left
They didn’t realize that Trump still has one more year left in his Presidency. He is just one step away from fantastic victories. He has already made a lot of progress beyond Obama and he can still take things forward very easily. And we can always configure Warren for 2024. This way we can save Trump and Warren … and not fall for any of their shitty traps.

Advice for Warren
The advice for Warren will be … please learn. We like you … but you need to learn. Obamas are good … they played all of the right moves when they were in power and today also they are being the backbone of the Democrat party. But many things have changed since Obama … so you have to learn what is going on and learn how to take things forward.