30 Nov 2019
JewH328 Warren’s Fall from Excellent Presidential Material to a Socialist Fanatic

Let’s help Warren understand what is going on. The total expenditure on the entire War on Terror since the past 18 years has been about $4-5 Trillion. But her Socialist policies cost $50-100 Trillion … which is 20 times worse than the entire War on Terror and 20 times worse than Bush & Hillary combined. Now … being 20 times more stupid than George Bush is not a one man’s job. There is obviously malice in your campaign. Let’s take a look.

Before we get started … let us clear one thing that … you already lost 50% of your support base. Please don’t tell me that … we wrote something about you and that’s why you lost. Your campaign is in a free fall mainly because of your Socialist policies. If you continue to remain on such policies then it is quite unlikely that you will get the nomination. We are writing this page especially for you … so that you understand where the issues are. You still have time to change and make a comeback.

Pro-Trump SM Groups – She is a Socialist Fanatic
There are already some SM Groups who are calling you a “Socialist Fanatic”. They say that … “you are stupid and stubborn … and don’t know shit what you are doing. Someone like you should never be allowed near the White House.”

I agree that it is an extreme view … but at the same time … we also have to figure out what is going on. Someone in the Congress being more stupid that George Bush is unbelievable. But someone being 20 times more stupid than George Bush is logically impossible … it cannot be a one man’s job. Lol. We are sensing Establishment malice in your campaign.

Trump’s victory to the White House
This is what the Establishment noted when we worked with SM Groups to put Trump in the White House.

  • Our Support. They saw that we had endorsed Trump for President. We evaluated from several angles and showed that Trump is the right guy for the job.
  • SM Activated. Then SM Groups got activated and pulled the necessary strings to put Trump in the White House.
  • Wins Election. Our candidate wins the election.
  • Implements Policies. Trump implements the America First agenda … start with tariffs, American Energy, wipes out ISIS and so on.

This is the process that the Establishment has noted … this happened in 2016. They knew that the same process would happen with Warren … as we are continuously working on making things better … making things more people centric … defeating Establishment and making a better America. This is how our work keeps moving forward … and since Trump was not taking action on the Establishment … they saw that we had chosen Warren for the job.

Now … this is what the Establishment expected …

  • Our Support. We will put our support behind Warren.
  • SM Activated. We will activate SM Groups to put Warren in the White House.
  • Wins Election. Warren will win the election.
  • Implements Policies. Warren will implement her policies.

To fail this process of continuous improvement and continuous progress … they have stacked Warren with disastrous Socialist policies. They are exploiting the fact that Warren doesn’t have any practical experience … they are exploiting the fact that Warren will go with whatever flow will get her votes … and somehow they have put all disastrous polices in her campaign.

Warren’s Suicide Belt
These policies are so disastrous that … they are like a suicide belt wrapped around Warren. Take a look.

  • Medicare for All – will cost Americans $30 Trillion.
  • Green New Deal – will cost Americans $50-100 Trillion.
  • Shutdown all Oil Operations – will cost America by the trillions.
  • Raise Minimum Wage to $15 / hour – will kill more businesses and will ship more jobs to China.
  • Legalize Marijuana – 60,000 Americans are already dying due to drug overdose … thousands more will die if Marijuana is legalized.

 These are just some of the major dynamites wrapped around Warren.

I have courage! Trump doesn’t have a spine!!
Warren’s punch line is that … “I have courage! Trump doesn’t have a spine!!” But even suicide bombers have courage … should we allow them in our schools? Yes, courage is the need of the hour … but commonsense comes before courage. If you don’t show commonsense then what are we going to do with your courage?

You are a wonderful and beautiful person … but as of now, you have a suicide belt wrapped around you. Should we allow you to enter the White House? Would you allow a teacher to enter a school if she dynamites wrapped around her body … because the teacher is very nice and lovely? Doesn’t matter how nice, lovely and beautiful you are … if you have a dynamite in your hands … then you should not be allowed anywhere near a school. This is the logic that is being used to hold you off for now.

Establishment Malice – Adverse Effects
This is what the Establishment is planning with Socialist policies put in your campaign. These are all of the adverse effects that will happen if you launch Socialist policies.

  • Terminate Trump’s Presidency. Firstly, the moment we start rallying for Warren … the movement shifts away from Trump to Warren. Trump’s Presidency gets terminated. We lose one good guy in the lead.
  • Terminate Warren’s Presidency. The moment you launch Socialist policies which is run based on tens of trillions of taxes on the corporations and Bankers … the Establishment will hike prices of products and services by 50-100 times. All of the blame for the hike in prices will be put on Warren. People will protest and Warren will get impeached. We lose the second people centric President.
  • Terminate Bill de Blasio’s chances. Since we are recommending Bill de Blasio as VP for Warren … we will lose even the third prospective President in this work.
  • Backfires on Active Democracy. And all of the above will backfire on Active Democracy as well … since we backed Warren and her policies.

Now, do you see things falling as per Establishment plans? They stacked your campaign with dynamites so that, not only you will blow up yourself but everyone else in the process. You are wearing a suicide belt as of now. Everyone gets terminated and the only entity that remains safe in the entire process is … the Establishment.

Managing Misleading
The good news for you in this is that … even the Establishment thinks that you are good Presidential material. Lol. That’s why they bothered to take out the time to put so many disasters in your campaign. They are afraid of the good things that can happen under your leadership … that’s why they are stacking your campaign with all disastrous policies.

The Establishment is not a bunch of guys living on Wall Street. It’s a network … you never know how they will enter your surroundings, mislead you and create problems for you. That’s why … one of the first tips that I gave to Trump is … “trust no one … evaluate everything”.

  • You are falling for simple misleading that comes from Bernie and AOC
  • Then how will you manage the misleading that will come from the top Military Generals from the Pentagon?
  • How will you manage the misleading that will come from hundreds of politicians at a time?
  • How will you manage the misleading that will come from thousands of media outlets?

That’s why we told you … “first learn” what is going on and what has to be done. This is the main reason why we have given a standing instruction to all SM Groups that … they must see the candidate should follow through all 3 phases of … “connect, learn and campaign”. If the candidate is failing to learn and campaign for the right policies then he should not be given the White House. Because … even if you work with us … and if you insist on taking even one dynamite into the White House, even then you will blow up everyone. You cannot take any dynamite into the White House.

Right now, if you see … there are no disastrous polices under Trump. He doesn’t have a single policy that is bad. He doesn’t have a single policy that hurts a single American life. The problem with his Presidency is that … he is not stepping forward to take things ahead. He is just one step away from phenomenal victories. You are saying that … “I have courage and Trump doesn’t have a spine!” But what are we going to do about your dynamites?

Dealing with the dynamites
The way to deal with your Socialist policies is exactly how one should deal with … a teacher with a suicide belt. Yes, I agree that the teacher is fantastic, beautiful, lovely and she can do great things for the students … but the first thing that should be done is that … the dynamites need to be removed. The Socialist policies need to go. Its then that the teacher can be allowed in the school.

Your time is not up … you still have a chance of being President. But first, you have to agree to remove the dynamites and work on the right ways of leading the country. If you can do that … then options are still open for you.