23 Nov 2019
JewH327 Trump exposed Israel’s 50 year old “scam war cycle” against Palestine

There is frustration in the air about Trump’s favors for Israel and the Establishment. But what many people don’t realize is that … President Trump helped in exposing Israel’s 50 year old “scam war cycle” against Palestine and he also helped to get Netanyahu indicted. How? Read on.

Israel’s 50 year old “scam war cycle” against Palestine
This is what Israel has been doing against Palestine since the past 50 years.

  • Self Managed Rocket Fire – Minimal Damage to Israel. Israel maintains its own team on the Palestinian side that keeps firing rockets into Israel whenever it is required. These rockets are mostly fireworks that don’t do much damage to Israel at all.
  • False Media Propaganda – Hamas is attacking us! Using this rocket fire … Israel runs a false media propaganda of war and fear that Hamas or Palestinians are attacking them.
  • Heavy Bombing of Palestine – Schools and Hospitals Bombed. Based on this false media propaganda … Israel starts heavy bombing of densely populated areas in Palestine, including schools and hospitals.
  • Israel has the right to defend itself! – Tell them to stop firing rockets! When Israel is condemned for this indiscriminate and inhumane bombing of Palestine … they simply use the punch line of “Israel has the right to defend itself! Tell them to stop firing rockets!”

There is no “them” on the other side … it is Israel’s own managed attacked on its own country and people. This is a non-stop scam war cycle that has been running since the past 50 years in Israel. Now, here is where this is relevant.

Trump’s favors for Israel under pressure

  • Mueller – Jerusalem & bombing of neighbors. When Trump was under pressure of the Mueller Investigation … he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and he also allowed Netanyahu to bomb its neighbors.
  • Impeachment – Legalized Settlements & bombing of Syria. Now, when the impeachment pressure is building up … Trump legalized Israel’s illegal settlements and allowed Netanyahu to bomb Syria.

Netanyahu fell for the trap
This is what you need to see. Netanyahu got the license to bomb Syria but there was no excuse to bomb Syria. How could Israel bomb several targets in Syria without any reason? So, what does Netanyahu do? He repeats the same gimmick that Israel has been using on Palestine since the past 50 years.

  • Self Managed Rocket Fire. He fires rockets on Israel from Syrian borders. He fires rockets on his own people and on his own country. The damage done by this rocket fire is extremely minimal with no lives lost at all.
  • False Media Propaganda. Then he runs a false media propaganda blaming this rocket fire on Assad and Syria. Syria is a war torn country that is struggling to rebuild itself. It has no reason to bomb the strongest nuclear power in the region.
  • Heavy Bombing of Syria. Netanyahu bombs dozens of targets all across Syria.
  • Israel has the right to defend itself! All of this was done under the pretext of “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

Netanyahu fell for the trap … he had no freaking idea of what was going on. Everyone already knew that when Trump is under pressure … Netanyahu takes this as an opportunity to bomb other countries.

  • On one side … Mike Pompeo declares recognition of Israel’s illegal settlements
  • And on the other side … Netanyahu goes on a bombing spree on Syria … openly exposing Israel’s 50 year old scam war cycle against Palestine to the world.

Netanyahu gets indicted for fraud and bribes
Netanyahu was already on the terror watch list of Israeli politicians, intelligence and police force. Netanyahu was repeatedly trying to use Israel as “bait” to start a war against Iran and Russia. Israeli politicians, intelligence and police force refused to be a bunch of fools who would just sit back and allow this banker puppet to destroy the lives of millions of innocent common Jews. Strong investigations were already opened against him … seeing his repeated attempts to destroy Israel, just because it suits the Banker agenda. They decided to indict Netanyahu for fraud and bribes … and toss him out of politics for good.

Trump is not the bad guy here
What you should note is that … Trump is not the bad guy here. When you are under pressure … when there are extreme legal challenges … when it is about survival … then you never know what a person would do. These were the requests of Netanyahu that Trump nodded along.

  • Of recognizing Jerusalem
  • Of recognizing illegal settlements
  • Of bombing Gaza and other Palestinian regions and
  • Of bombing Syria repeatedly

All of these activities were designed and demanded by Netanyahu.

Would Obama or Warren do better?
We can never say if Obama or Warren would do better in the same situation. Because there is no politician in America that has been put under so much pressure and stress than President Trump. You would never know of how Obama or Warren would behave … given the amount of:

  • Demonization and ridicule
  • Lawsuits and Investigations
  • FBI Raids
  • And now even impeachment that Trump faces

Most politicians would simply crumble and quit a long time ago. No politician would be in his right mind … given so much pressure and stress on him. The fact that President Trump is still standing tall … fighting back … keeping America First and maintaining peace and stability in the world … this itself is a miracle.

Establishment Decimation under Trump
Yes, President Trump might not have taken the lead in destroying many Establishment elements … but there has been a long list of Establishment decimation under Trump.

  • Bankers ran away with their gold
  • Establishment millionaire and billionaire criminals were put in jail in America
  • Israel’s 50 year old scam war cycle has been exposed … thanks to Trump
  • Owing to which, Netanyahu has been indicted … again thanks to Trump
  • This has openly exposed the exploitation of American politicians by Israel

This is a spectacular level of movement where the most powerful Establishment elements in America and Israel have been successfully taken down. On Israeli soil … we are able to take down Israel’s Prime Minister … using Israeli politicians, intelligence and police force. Whereas America is concerned … we have already knocked out Establishment puppets like Hillary and Howard Schultz. This gives us the capability to knock out any God damn Establishment criminal or puppet from any corner of the world we want.

Malice Design – Impeach Trump by Christmas
This is what Trump does not know about Netanyahu’s malice in the impeachment. They wanted you impeached by Christmas because Netanyahu’s government fell on Christmas Eve last year. The Establishment wanted tit-for-tat … that’s why they programmed the whole impeachment move … so that Trump gets impeached by Christmas this year. SM Networks know about this activity … so they said … “how about we start putting Netanyahu in jail by this Christmas, instead?”

So, my dear lovely Netanyahu … Merry Christmas, once again. Lol.

Netanyahu Vs Trump
Some SM Groups might think that … “hey, Trump has been favoring the Establishment and Israel. Trump should get Netanyahu’s fate.” But that is wrong … Trump is not one of them. All of this malice of … recognizing Jerusalem, recognizing illegal settlements and bombing of other countries … all of this was designed and demanded by Netanyahu. Trump didn’t design it or think it or plan it or want it. Netanyahu designed and demanded it. There is no parallel between Trump and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s Profile
If you see Netanyahu’s profile … then this is what you get:

  • Misled American Presidents through 3 Administrations of Bush, Obama and Trump
  • Wasted trillions of American taxpayer money
  • Killed millions of people
  • Displaced tens of millions of people
  • Keeps on pushing for more and more war, death and destruction
  • Ready to annihilate Israel itself and kill millions of Common Jews

This is the type of asshole that he is.

Trump’s Profile
And if look at Trump’s profile … then this is what you get:

  • Stepped back from all wars
  • Successfully dodged several war traps
  • Created peace and stability in the world
  • Created sky rocketing jobs and economic records
  • Initiated an America First campaign
  • Made America the world's leader in oil production
  • Is a patriot … loves his country
  • Is a fantastic Christian leader … who loves Christianity and protects Churches

There is absolutely no comparison of Trump with Netanyahu, who is a hardcore devil on his own. Trump deserves a Nobel Prize and not impeachment.