04 Aug 2019
JewH326 America is headed towards a $50 Trillion economic catastrophe

While the nation is consumed in anti-Trumpism, we don’t realize that we are headed towards a $50 Trillion economic catastrophe. By the end of Trump’s first term the debt will be $25 Trillion and if Warren wins … the debt by end of her two terms will be $35 Trillion. And Warren’s policies of free education, healthcare and climate change will take the total debt to $45-50 Trillion.

Obama was craving for this day to come
Well, the good thing about this is that … today we are not talking about wars. We are not talking about any radical ideology, nuclear wars or a war with Russia. All of us have done a fantastic job of moving away from that disastrous path … congrats to everyone involved.

Obama was actually craving for this day to come under his Presidency. He was consumed with wars and he was getting an empty legacy. He kept on saying … “I am open to ideas and I don’t care where they come from … I am open to ideas and I don’t care where they come from”. There are two things you learn about Obama from this:

  • Humility. He was the President of the United States but he was reaching out to one guy sitting with his laptop on the other side of the Ocean … so that he could know what had to be done.
  • Eagerness to do good. Obama was continuously eager to do what is right and what is good.

Unfortunately, the biggest challenge that Obama got was ending the War on Terror. We could not focus on the economy or the debt crisis during the Obama Administration  because:

  • Peace and war don’t go hand in hand. It was a must to end the wars. Its only then that the focus could be brought on the economic systems in America.
  • Finance. We were draining trillions in the wars. To bring about change in America, trillions of new wealth is required … we would never be able to afford it with the ongoing wars.
  • Media and attention. While we had heads being chopped off and chemical weapons being used … we would never be able to bring the attention of the people on the internal crisis. The media focus was always on some terror shit-show that the Establishment was pulling off in other countries.

Obama was craving for this day … where there would be peace … no more politics of hate, fear and terror … where he could freely fight for his people … so that he could rise and be known as a phenomenal President. Well, the good news is that … that day has come and Obamas still remain an important backend force of the movement.

The Debt Crisis and the coming Economic Catastrophe in America
America is going in debt by the trillions every single year. This is happening since George Bush. Yes, not Trump … not Obama … but since George Bush.

  • George Bush. The debt moved from $5.7 Trillion to $9.4 Trillion. Bush didn’t work on the debt crisis, why? Because he didn’t know shit.
  • Barack Obama. The debt increased to $19.2 Trillion. Obama didn’t work on the debt crisis, why? Because he was busy with the War on Terror.
  • Donald Trump. The current debt is $22.5 Trillion and it will be $25 Trillion by the end of Trump’s first term. Trump didn’t work on the debt crisis yet, why? Because he couldn’t muster up the courage … yet. May be he will … you never know … he still has time.
  • Elizabeth Warren. Assuming she wins in 2020, the debt will increase to $35 Trillion in her two terms. She is coming with a lot of policies that will individually cost by the trillions … of free education, free healthcare, investing in climate change and removing student loan debt. All of this will cost about $10-15 Trillion. This amount will be squeezed from American taxpayers or it will be borrowed. All of this will take us to a total debt of $45-50 Trillion by the end of Warren’s two terms. Will Warren work on the debt crisis? She has much to learn.

Text book politics will take America into a catastrophe
Warren is strictly sticking to “text book politics” and this is her biggest mistake yet. Text book politics will create a massive economic catastrophe in America.

  • Freebies. The politician will offer freebies and shiny stuff to the people.
  • Pull votes. The freebies are used to pull votes and the politician becomes President.
  • Calls it a day. He will do one or two things in favor of the people … that’s if he is an honest leader otherwise they screw up big time … and then he will call it day. His Presidency will be over.
  • Cycle repeats. The cycle repeats with the next wannabe President.

If you see … “text book politics” is all about one person getting the votes … maintaining his Presidency … and then walking away. The people are stuck in a continuous cycle of “hope and failure”. They hope for change but then nothing really much happens. And this makes it really much worse when we are stuck in an Establishment crisis that is creating mountains of debt for the country.

The politicians are either turning a blind eye to the crisis or they are themselves held in another crisis of their own. Either ways, the situation is getting worse and worse and worse.

Warren is in “Mother Teresa Mode”
You should know that we love Warren and we support her … but it is important to point out the coming catastrophe … so that we all can make better decisions. There is no doubt that Senator Warren is a wonderful person … who is true, honest and courageous. I don’t doubt her intentions but she is following the routine text book politics. She is in Mother Teresa mode … she wants to give the biggest handouts for the people that she can … of free education, free healthcare, invest trillions in climate change, wipe out student loan debt and so on.

All of these are good works … but if you don’t understand the crisis and the parameters at play … then the whole thing can turn into a catastrophe. From being a champion, the Establishment can turn her into a blame donkey. I will show how.

Warrens 2% tax on the rich
Warren wants to create a wealth tax of 2% on the rich to fund her freebies. And then she will show America that she is a great President by removing student loan debt and by reducing cost in healthcare and education. This is one person … offering freebies and justifying her Presidency.

What she does not realize is that … that 2% won’t do shit. She will herself inherit a debt of $25 Trillion. The total wealth of entire America is $98 Trillion. Forget about doing new stuff … if she were to wipe out this debt … then she would have to take away 25% of the wealth of every single American citizen … rich, poor or middle class … billionaire or beggar … if she takes away 25% of the wealth of every American citizen then she can wipe out the debt that she will inherit.

She is planning a tax of just 2% on the rich … but even if she taxes every single American citizen 10 times more … then it will remove the debt. And the sad part is … even then, it will not fix the debt crisis … because all depletion and exploitation systems remain … by the end of her two terms, there will be a new debt of $10 Trillion accumulated all over again.

This is if … Warren steps up and takes away 25% of the wealth owned by every American. So, how many of you want to give away 25% of your wealth? Nobody … which means that it will never happen. Thus, we will be moving to a debt of $50 Trillion by the end of Warren’s Presidency. Which means that every single American will have to give away 50% of their wealth to fix the debt crisis, by the end of Warren’s Presidency.

Air conditioning for a dying patient
Warren doesn’t have any plan to address the debt crisis, till date. Her offers of freebies of education, healthcare and climate change in this scenario are something like this. We have a patient in the hospital … he has already lost 25% of his blood … and we are turning a blind eye to the loss of blood of this patient. And then we are offering him free air conditioning to make things comfortable for him … we are offering him a free refrigerator in the room for him. By the time we done fixing the air conditioning and refrigeration … the patient will lose 50% of his blood.

This is exactly what will happen to America under a Warren Presidency if she does not stand up to the Establishment and she does not fix the debt crisis. What on earth is the patient going to do with free air conditioning and refrigeration when he has lost 50% of his blood? What on earth are we going to do with free education and healthcare when the economic catastrophe will hit … and won’t have the money to pay the teachers or the doctors. How on earth will you maintain free education and healthcare when there won’t be any money to keep the hospitals and schools open?

Understanding Banker malice and economic catastrophes
Do you know what is going to happen when the economy fails? You will not get the funds to keep the government open. Government operations shut down … crime spreads unchecked … insecurity spreads … mass withdrawals of funds take place … banks will have zero cash … global companies will pull all of their funding from America … America will not get any loans … the whole thing will be a total collapse.

All of this will result in the hunting down of the main culprits … the bankers … it will turn into Anti-Semitism … riots will begin … anger and frustration will lead to hunting and expulsion of common Jews. All of this already happened in Germany after World War I. Look it up. This is where America is headed.

The Establishment tried to make Trump the blame donkey
Its been just two years of the Trump Presidency but the Establishment has made dozens of attempts to make Trump the blame donkey in this crisis. The Establishment cannot have the bankers to be blamed again as it happened in Germany. So they were looking for war with Russia to wipe out America and Europe. This war would be a cover up of their malicious debt based systems. All of these countries have to start from the ashes and no one would talk about the debt crisis anymore. Trump would be the blame donkey as it would be his decision to go for the war.

To do this, right under Trump’s nose … the Establishment made dozens of attempts to start the wars via:

  • Chemical attacks in Syria
  • A nuclear war with North Korea
  • Iran’s nuclear program
  • Venezuela’s crisis

4 different countries were used in just two years to start these wars.

Warren’s freebies will be the Establishment’s cover-up
We have already exhausted all routes of war for the Establishment. The Establishment knows very well that a major war is not possible. Here is where Warren is saving the day for the Establishment. She does not know that the Establishment is preparing to use her as the blame donkey for the debt crisis. All of her freebies will create several trillions in new debt and expenses.

  • Allow Freebies. The Establishment will actually allow her and give her the support to create her freebies.
  • Block Funding. You should realize that China is a key element of the Establishment and China holds the majority of the foreign US debt. Once the freebies are created, they will cut off all funding for US debt. They will demand to be paid back.
  • Blame Warren. The entire blame will be put on Warren’s massive spending, taxing and debt accumulation. At this point when the country is in riots and banks have shut down … how are you going to run free healthcare and education? Forget about being the champion that brought free education and healthcare … they are framing Warren to be the blame donkey for the debt crisis. America will fall and Warren will be blamed.
  • Excellent cover-up. Warren’s multi-trillion dollar freebies become an excellent cover-up for the Establishment’s debt based systems. They couldn’t use wars but they can now use Warren’s policies to make her the main target. Its all about saving their ass and blaming someone else.

What do think anti-Trumpism is about?
Will they do something so hideous against Warren? Well, what do you think anti-Trumpism is about? The majority of the anti-Trump propaganda is designed by the Establishment against Trump … because the Trump Presidency has cornered the Establishment. There are no wars … if America was destroyed then it would be the perfect cover up. Trump has not started any new war and he is maintaining the economy at record levels … but the debt crisis still continues.

If anyone questions … how the hell are we in $22.5 Trillion in debt when we have the best economy since the past 50 years … what is the answer? The answer is … the Establishment’s depletion and exploitation systems. Right now, the peace and job growth under Trump had caught the Establishment red handed and they are cornered. So, instead of the focus coming on them and their malicious systems being exposed … they are sitting there trashing Trump and maintaining the focus on Trump. It’s a deviation tactic.

And when Warren will step in this crisis … and create $10-15 Trillion of her own spending and debt … she provides an excellent way out for this malicious Establishment. Right now, the Establishment itself continues to fund America so that the focus does not come on them. But with Warren’s freebies, they are getting an easy way out.

Not against freebies
We are not against freebies. Free education and healthcare are good things. But they should be done correctly … not by turning a blind eye to a much bigger problem that is getting worse every single day … and not by adding to the crisis … and definitely not by becoming the target of a criminal organization.

Break the monopoly and you will get all the funding you need. You don’t need to tax anyone. Elimination of depletion and debt based systems will create all of the wealth that you need. You are trying to be the champion of free education and healthcare … but what you don’t realize is that … you might leave the country in a $50 Trillion mess and the Establishment will use you as a blame donkey.