23 Apr 2019
JewH325 Strategy Re-Ordered First Anti-Semitism and then Deadly Diseases and Wars

America is occupied with bullshit while the Establishment prepares the next termination strategy. Mueller, collusion, obstruction of justice … all of this is nothing but total bullshit. We are maintained in total garbage content since 2 years while the Establishment keeps pushing its termination strategies. The new Anti-Semitism propaganda is holding the worst that the world can imagine.

Establishment’s direct attempts to start a war against Russia

  • First Israel just flew fighter jets over Syria
  • Then dropped a few missiles
  • Then they attacked the capital and its airport
  • Then continue to attack "Iranian bases" supposedly in Syria
  • Then threaten to attack Russian S300 Missile Defenses in Syria
  • Then threaten to attack Iranian Oil Ships

All of this is happening while running the Collusion and Mueller Hoax in America.

Kill or be killed is the Establishment Mantra
This is what you need to know first. Kill or be killed … destroy or be destroyed … is the Establishment Mantra … this is their guiding principle of designing worldwide strategies. What they think is that … they have created so many exploitation systems and drained trillions of other people’s money … that these people will try to do the worst to them. It is a criminal’s mindset … having been a serial killer … he knows what the government will do to him.

So their formula is … why wait to get caught? Why not kill them before they kill us? Why not destroy them before they destroy us? This is their guiding principle. If you see all of their “cover-up operations” that they have designed … to cover-up the debt crisis and the exploitation systems that they have designed in the West … then all of these cover-up operations contain killing, hate, death and fear.

  • 911
  • War on Terror
  • Radical Islam
  • Anti-Russia and Anti-Trump

All of these operations were designed to maintain the West in “hate and fear”. You were constantly being told that “someone out there is very bad and they want to kill you”. Why did they formulate something like this? Because this is exactly what they feel … they have created so many abusive systems … that they fear the worst is going to happen to them. They created a “reverse application” system … where they maintain the West in constant fear, hate, chaos and stagnation. Either something life threatening is happening … or they are making a huge fuss about nothing. They are sitting there and maintaining the West in either fear or chaos most of the time.

This is giving the Establishment an upper hand and more time to design more creative termination strategies for the West. While maintaining America in a bogus Mueller Investigation … demonizing the President for no reason … they were busy hatching up a new “termination strategy” for the West.

Basic Establishment Objective – Destroy America and Europe via a war against Russia
This is the most basic objective that they were working at. They have tried several routes to get this done. The basic steps involved were:

  • Initiate war against America and Europe
  • Start Anti-Semitism propaganda in the West to pull Jews in Israel and China
  • Destroy the West via Russia and China
  • Make Israel and China the new world superpowers once the West is destroyed
  • Unleash total control of the world under the leadership of Israel and China

We exposed this whole scheme and shot down the program in its initial step itself. America and Russia … none of them are interested in a world war.

Strategy Re-Ordered
After exhausting all options … what our lovely Establishment is doing is … re-ordering its strategy.

  • China will help. China is a Communist Country hosting the Banker Gold in South China Sea. The Establishment has enormous influence on China.
  • The West is too strong. But the major issue is that the West is too strong for China to manage.
  • Weaken the West. It is a must to weaken the West before China can be pulled in this equation. The easiest way to weaken the West is via “deadly diseases”. They are planning to launch Black Death 2.0. This will cripple the West and make it highly vulnerable. If Israel initiates a major war in this state while the West is occupied in a mass epidemic of deadly diseases … then it makes China very easy to take down the West.
  • Anti-Semitism Propaganda. Here is where the anti-Semitism propaganda comes into play. Via repeated attacks on Churches … the Establishment is trying to create Christian Vs Jew hate. Openly Satanic symbols are being drawn in Churches … only to invite hate towards Jews. The Establishment is trying to use the Common Jews as an army against Christians to facilitate these deadly diseases in the West.

It is nothing but a simple re-ordering of the same plan but with a few moves moved up and down. Instead of first starting the wars and then creating anti-Semitism … the Establishment has re-ordered it … to first create anti-Semitism … facilitate deadly diseases and then initiate the wars.

Have they used deadly diseases before?
During the Obama Administration, further escalation of wars was thwarted then also. So, our lovely Establishment:

  • Launched Ebola … a terribly deadly disease … and once a cure for Ebola was found then
  • They launched Zika Virus … another terrible disease

We alerted the Obama Administration that it is no coincidence that Zika Virus comes into the picture “after” the cure for Ebola has been found. This is the Establishment working on mass termination strategies via alternate routes other than war. This exposure of “Establishment connection” in deadly diseased suppressed further movement on this route.

Secret Biotechnology Labs in Israel
Israel has been reportedly working on several secret Biotechnology Labs creating various kinds of diseases and bio weapons.

  • Bioweapon against Palestinians. Israel has reportedly worked on a bioweapons program that terminates Palestinians based upon their genetic configuration. This program drew widespread criticism.
  • Netanyahu threating the existence of Syria. When Netanyahu says that “we pose an existential threat to Syria” … he actually means it. They literally have biological weapons that can wipe out countries.

This is direct evidence from their labs as well as their Prime Minister … of Israel having life threatening biological weapons.

Levels of uses of Anti-Semitism Propaganda
These are the 3 different levels of using of this new anti-Semitism propaganda. Each level is worse than the previous one.

  • Level 01 – Defense for AIPAC & Israel. Anti-Semitism is about protecting the Common Jews. It is not about protecting AIPAC or the government of any country. But recently, we have seen in America that the Establishment jumped to create protections for AIPAC and Israel under the cloak of anti-Semitism.
  • Level 02 – Creation of Laws. This was again seen in America that the Establishment used this anti-Semitism propaganda to pass a bill in the House for anti-Semitism. When in reality, we don’t need any additional laws or policies to protect Common Jews as they are already protected under the current laws.
  • Level 03 – Unleashing Deadly Diseases. This is the worst level … where the Common Jews can be used as “Establishment recruits” to unleash deadly diseases all across the West. Just like the Establishment had created armies of terrorists to run its War on Terror propaganda … similarly they are trying to create armies of new recruits via a Christian Vs Jew hate agenda.

This is something that could not be done under the Obama Administration because:

  • We were fully occupied by Radical Islam and the War on Terror
  • They was no space in the media or public’s mind to create a Christian Vs Jew hate propaganda
  • Now, all wars are winding up … Radical Islam has failed … War on Terror has been vaporized … anti-Russian propaganda has failed
  • There is space for a new propaganda … and they are trying to launch a new Anti-Semitism propaganda which very nicely fits into their program

Open invitation for anti-Semitism
Another point that you should note is that … the Establishment is openly inviting anti-Semitism. They are not trying to hide under a rock … which we were assuming … but they are openly “inviting” anti-Semitism.

  • Drawing of Satanic Symbols. Repeated desecration, vandalism and attack on Churches while drawing Satanic symbols in Churches … this is an open invitation for Anti-Semitism.
  • Protecting AIPAC and Israel under anti-Semitism. The Establishment itself knows very well that AIPAC and Israel cannot be protected under anti-Semitism. But still they openly advocated for a law asking for the protection of AIPAC and Israel under anti-Semitism. This was designed to show unjust and irrational behavior … to show Americans Jewish guilt and invite anti-Semitic sentiments.

Till date, it was all about hiding under Radical Islam … blaming Islam and Muslims … blaming Russia … and get away by blaming the destruction on Radical Islam and Russia. Since this option has been totally failed … they are working on an “open strategy” of openly inviting anti-Semitism.

Black Death 2.0 - the worst you can imagine
What we are basically assuming is that … the Christian Vs Jew hate agenda will result in religion based violence and riots. No, no, no … this hate and violence is just “bait”. Once the hate against the Common Jews begins … then they unleash deadly diseases and wars. They will unleash the worst you can imagine. It is a horrendous trap.

Management Layers … what to do about this?
There are several layers that need to be managed.

  • Security
  • Politicians
  • Blame Game
  • Media
  • Social Media and
  • Community
  1. The Security Layer
    First and foremost … I will show you how to identify the most probable attack sites for Churches and Synagogues. This is how you can filter out and secure the vulnerable sites.
  • How much debt? First analyze the countries with the highest debt. This is the core of the crisis. The prime zones are America and Europe … shortlist countries with the highest debt in this zone. Key countries of Establishment interest could be USA, UK, France and Spain. These countries have been repeatedly used as bases for Establishment agendas.
  • Jewish population in cities. The Establishment’s initial objective is Christian Vs Jew hate. So the most probable locations that will be targeted are cities with high Jewish population.
  • Large & Historic Churches. The third factor that you will use is … cities with large and historic Churches.

Now, you understand why Paris and New York were the initial targets. Because all 3 factors apply to them … both of these cities have high debt, large Jewish population and historic Churches. These sites fell perfectly into the Establishment agenda.

It is not possible to protect every single Church and Synagogue around the world. But if you use the above formula then you get the list of the most sensitive sites in America and Europe. Secure all Jewish and Christian Centers including all major Churches & Synagogues in such sensitive areas.

  1. Political Layer
    This entire scheme is a Black Death 2.0 scheme. If we allow it to happen then it will turn major sections of America and Europe into graveyards. Absolutely no politician should cooperate with any Establishment element in this scheme. Deadly diseases are planned to be released. DO NOT cooperate with any Establishment element whatsoever. Make sure to catch all culprits and secure all sensitive sites. Turning a blind eye on this will turn your country into a graveyard.
  2. Blame Game Layer
    Even if some attack happens ... just blame it on some wacko terrorist group. DO NOT blame it on the Common Jews. Just say it is some remnant of Al Qaeda or Communist Radicals. Do not allow the blame to fall on Jews if a Church is attacked. Do not allow the blame to fall on Christians if a Synagogue is attacked. This is killing the scheme in the first stages itself. Understand that the root of all of these attacks will be none other than the Establishment. But this is how you should play it.
  3. Media Layer
    There are things to publicize about this and there are there not to publicize.
  • What not to publicize?
    • Do not say that the attack was created by Jews or Christians … irrespective of the scale of the attack.
    • No religion should be used in the blame game in these attacks … using religion is what the Establishment wants us to do.
    • Do not publicize the attack for many days as it may create hurtful sentiments … try to change the subject soon.
  • What to publicize?
    • Neutralize the attack on some Radical Terrorist Group without using the religion card
    • Create support for rebuilding
    • Publicize the catching of criminals and legal procedures against them
    • Publicize the rebuilding works … pull communities from all religions to support the rebuilding works … doesn't matter if it is a Church or a Synagogue
  1. Social Media Layer
    This is a new layer that has to be managed. The major Social Media networks are owned by the Establishment. Social Media was widely used by ISIS for their propaganda and hiring activities. Try to shutdown major Social Networks in whichever country the attacks happen. It was a job done well in Sri Lanka. This will curtail the spread of hate, fear, hiring and organizing of more activities.
  2. Community Layer
  • Initiate strong activities to strengthen unity, peace and love in the Community
  • Make sure no anti-Christian or anti-Jewish sentiment are built … locally or internationally
  • Try to pull all Communities for the rebuilding works … doesn’t matter if it is a Church or Synagogue … let everyone join in the rebuilding works.
  • Use Star Power … use celebrities from all communities for peaceful messages and keeping us together

Killing the Scheme

  • Openly expose the scheme to all key political leaders across America and Europe. The best way to kill Establishment schemes is to bust them openly.
  • Think 10 steps ahead and fail them in the initial steps itself. Don't allow them to succeed … do the opposite and create opposite results.
  • Setup a network to understand and combat this malicious scheme.
  • They will give up after a few failed attempts … just like they failed in Radical Islam and Anti-Russian propaganda.