19 Apr 2019
JewH324 The Transition from Radical Islam to Anti-Semitism

Here’s the thing about the Jewish Establishment … it is a Satanic criminal organization … that follows patterns. Just like a criminal has its own techniques, ways and contact points … in the same manner this criminal Establishment has its own techniques and patterns. Once you know the patterns then it is very easy to detect what they are doing and also to predict what they will do next. And this helps in maintaining the peace and stability in our countries.

Transitioning from various phases into Anti-Semitism
This worldwide puppetry and show of the Establishment has moved into various phases … one after another … we failed once phase … they transitioned into another phase … we failed that phase and then they transitioned into another phase. Take a look.

  • Started off with 911 … an event of terror was used to launch the War on Terror
  • The War on Terror transitioned into Radical Islam. The bombing of two countries was not enough and this war was expanded into a worldwide agenda against an entire religion itself … targeting Muslim countries, Muslims and Islam itself.
  • Radical Islam transitioned into anti-Russian propaganda. All of a sudden from Islam and Muslims being bad … it transitioned into Russia and Putin being bad. The War on Terror was failed owing to Russian world leadership and the Establishment hated Russia’s world leadership … obviously, they had to show Russia and Putin in bad light … which they did.
  • The anti-Russian propaganda is expanded via anti-Trump propaganda. As Trump takes office … the anti-Russian propaganda is given a boost via an anti-Trump propaganda. By now, Radical Islam is thown out of the window … the War on Terror vaporizes … the only focus of the Establishment owned media in the West is … Trump & Russia.
  • And now we are transitioning into an Anti-Semitism propaganda. Why? Because the anti-Trump propaganda has failed. No Trump has been indicted and Trump continues to be President. And Russia is providing fantastic world leadership and its business with Europe is booming. The anti-Russian propaganda has failed. Thus the Establishment is crawling under the rock of anti-Semitism.

Why an anti-Semitism propaganda?
The Establishment has been the largest beneficiary of worldwide anti-Semitism propaganda.

  • World War I. This war was used to create the State of Israel via an agreement between Rothschild and the British Government.
  • World War II. A major anti-Semitic propaganda was run all over Europe which led to the expulsion of all Jews from almost all European countries. And this expulsion of Jews led to the population of Israel to a great extent. Interestingly, only the Common Jews were expelled from these countries but not the Central Jewish Bankers. No European country expelled the Federal Reserve Banks run by the Rothschild Family but they expelled only the Common Jews.
  • Armies of new recruits. This mass scale of Jewish expulsion creates population for the State of Israel and it also provides armies of new recruits for the Jewish Establishment to run their exploitation systems around the world.
  • Wars and Exploitation. This hate from Christian countries is capitalized by the Establishment to justify the exploitation and the ruthless wars against non-Jewish nations. The Common Jews are taught that … non-Jews will always hate them, expel them or kill them … which is exactly what was facilitated in World War II. The Bankers kept themselves totally safe while unleashing the worst on the Common Jews.
  • Security Blankets. Now, with the failure of Radical Islam & War on Terror … with the failure of anti-Russian and anti-Trump propaganda … the Establishment is looking at “anti-Semtism” as a nice big rock to crawl under. One of the best use of “attacks on Common Jews” will be the creation of laws and regulation to protect Israel, the Israeli Government, the Bankers and their exploitation systems.

“Event Based” Propagation
The above was just the ground level information … now, here is the main problem. If you see the activities of the Establishment and how they promoted the concepts of Radical Islam and justified the War on Terror … then this pattern will tell you that … it was an “event based” propagation.

  • 911 wasn’t the only event used to run the War on Terror
  • Bombs went off in Madrid in Spain
  • Bombs went off in subways in London
  • There was continuous repetition of “events of terror” that provided as the base for this War on Terror.

Interestingly, once the War on Terror was vaporized so did these events … it should have been the other way around. The War on Terror should have vaporized the terror events … instead it created armies of terrorists … but when the War on Terror was vaporized it led to the elimination of the terror events. Which clearly shows that this War on Terror was malice at its very core.

Events designed to propagate Anti-Semitism
The burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is one such event. The burning of a historic and a major Church that was the heart of Paris was designed to facilitate anti-Semitism in France. If you have to track down the criminals who carried out this attack … then you have to watch the pattern behind it.

Just like 911 wasn’t the single event … neither is the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral. This was actually one among a dozen other attacks on Churches in Paris in the last two months. Churches have been:

  • Vandalized
  • Statues have been broken
  • Satanic Symbols have been drawn in Churches
  • There has been defecation and human excrement has been used to draw anti-Christian symbols in Churches
  • Fires have been started even in Saint Sulpice Church, the second largest Church in Paris

Take a look at the respective articles here:

What you are seeing here is a “repeat pattern” of continuous attacks on Churches in Paris … which are openly designed to invite anti-Semitism and to invite attacks on Common Jews. And these attacks are growing bigger and bigger in their scale.

No culprit found
Just like in all major terrorist events … no culprit was found. Nothing was caught on cameras and no one saw anything … this was a typical feature of an “Establishment” carried out terror event. In the same manner, there was absolutely no culprit found when a fire was started in Saint Sulpice Church, the second largest Church in Paris … nor was there any culprit found when the entire Notre Dame Cathedral was burnt down. No culprit found … the largest and the most famous Churches of Paris are being burnt down … and no culprit is being found.

Design of “Rogue Groups” to facilitate violence
Another thing you need to be aware of “Establishment based malice” is the design of rogue groups to facilitate violence. This is how they move forward:

  • Incite Violence. First, they try to infuriate the target religious group. This was done with Islam and Muslims also … via the design of laws against Burka and Minarets and via making speeches against Islam on their media channels. Muslims didn’t give a damn … no one bothered to become violent. Which is why the Establishment maintained groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS … groups that would carry out the Establishment propaganda as per their given instructions. They designed, sponsored and managed rogue groups to carry out violence at the right time and place as per their agenda. This has already begun in Paris … the difference is that … it is not Islam or Muslims that are the targets now … it is Christianity and Christians that are the target now. They don’t want a Christian Vs Muslim conflict now … but they want a Christan Vs Jew conflict now.
  • Design of rogue groups to facilitate violence. Luckily, we are only in the initial phase right now … where the Establishment elements are trying to build up the conflict against Christians and Jews. The open desecration, vandalism, drawing of Satanic symbols and burning of Churches is an invitation for anger and hate towards the Common Jews. They want Christians to turn against Jews … which is quite unlikely to happen. It didn’t work with Muslims … not going to work with Christians either. Because both of these religions know what bullshit is all about. So, what you are looking at is the creation of “rogue groups” that will go around creating violence against the Common Jews … as and when required by this Establishment … just like they used Al Qaeda and ISIS before. This could be terrifying for the Common Jews.

The Establishment is already using Israel as bait
Netanyahu is bombing Syria, a country protected by Russia, only to use Israel as bait to start another world war. Netanyahu is continuously threatening Iran to start a major war, despite knowing that Iran is protected by Russia. He is ready to put 7 Million Jews in a Nuclear Holocaust just to start another war. Do you think that this Satanic Criminal Establishment will think twice in getting a few Jews killed to create their propaganda of anti-Semitism in Europe now?

  • The same banker Establishment got tens of thousands of Jews killed in World War II
  • They got millions of Jews expelled from almost every European country only to create a population for Israel
  • The same banker Establishment is ready to use Israel as bait to start another world war
  • Do you really think that they care for the lives of some Jews that will be lost in this anti-Semitism propaganda?

Hell no, these guys are self-serving criminal assholes. They wouldn’t give a shit.

Bigger issues than the Mueller Report out there
Well, I know … the American media, run by the Establishment, has nothing more at hand than the Mueller Report … which is another bogus anti-Trump propaganda by the same Establishment. But trust me, there are bigger issues being created out there as we speak. If the Establishment keeps working on this propaganda then we are looking at:

  • More Churches being vandalized
  • More Churches being burnt down
  • More Satanic symbols being drawn in Churches
  • More invitation of violence against Common Jews
  • The possibility of Common Jews being attacked or even being killed
  • The possibility of a mass over blown anti-Jewish crisis

It is a must to control this shit-show before it turns into a massive over blown crisis. The main reason we bust the Establishment’s malice in the initial stages is that …

  • We know who is behind this malice
  • We know what they want from this malice
  • We know their next steps
  • We know how bad they can make it
  • And we know that they start running away from the scheme, the moment it is exposed

We should also ensure proper actions to contain this malice.

  • Protect Jewish Centers and Synagogues. The main target in this scheme are the Common Jews. All Jewish Centers and Synagogues in France must be put on high alert. Full protection must be provided to them.
  • Protect Christian Centers and Churches. America and European leaders must call Macron and tell him to provide full security to all Christian Centers and Churches in France. Burning of major Churches with “no culprit being found” is simply unacceptable. The Government must do everything to ensure full security of all Churches and Synagogues in France. We are looking at a religion based violence scheme here … the best way to derail it is by securing both communities.
  • Do not publicize these events. These events are designed only to create hate and conflict. If such events continue, do not publicize them a lot. Publicizing them will only fuel the fire that the Establishment wants.
  • Ask Macron to step down. The International Community must pressurize Macron to control these events. The Establishment actually uses their puppet leaders to turn a blind eye towards such events which is why you find “no culprit found” in these events. The Establishment puppet leaders give a free hand to Establishment elements in creating such events. Its France’s bad luck to have Macron in the lead … but Macron can be pressurized via European and American leaders to control these racist and violent activities in his country. If Macron fails to protect the Jews and Christians in his country then he must face action from the International Community. It’s the failure of the Government to protect its people.

Macron has allowed this malice to continue to such an extent that it led to the Notre Dame Cathedral being burnt down. This should not be tolerated any more at all. The next act of violence against any Church or Synagogue must be dealt with consequences and warnings against Macron’s Government. If Macron wants to be the hand of the Establishment then it does not mean that Europe or America has to put up with it.

Yes, this is how you reverse the Establishment’s game. You do not allow the targeting of Common Jews but instead you target the biggest Establishment puppet in the country, who is allowing it to happen … and that is Emmanuelle Macron. Its time to kick Macron's ass.