04 Apr 2019
JewH323 Winding up the Mueller Investigation was more in favor of Russia than Trump

Trumps are celebrating the end of the Mueller Investigation. Trump deserved the end of this hoax without any indictment of any Trump … especially owing to the fact that Trump did not start any new wars and he brought the end of ISIS. But then this is just one side of the coin. The interesting thing that Trump does not know is that … the winding up of the Mueller Investigation was more in favor of Russia than Trump.

Establishment malice at its roots
The Mueller Investigation was nothing but Establishment malice at its roots. It was designed to put fear in Trump … push away any Russian cooperation with American leaders and stop our work of revolutionizing America and Europe. That’s why they came up with bogus concepts like:

  • Collusion
  • Fake News
  • Election Interference
  • And the Destruction of Western Democracies

All of this was nothing but garbage designed by a scared Establishment.

Trump deserved an end to the Mueller Investigation
Some reasons why Trump deserved an end to this bogus investigation were:

  • Trump did not start any new wars.
  • He pulled funding from war zones which brought an end to ISIS and terrorism.
  • Trump was terribly scared of the Establishment … doing favors after favor for them … without making any move against them … which was kind of embarrassing.

Trump was gifted the end of Mueller Investigation the day he brought an end to ISIS. Everyone knows this and this is just one side of the coin.

Fantastic world leadership by President Putin
The other side of the coin is President Putin and Russia. President Putin was continuously providing fantastic world leadership and he was kicking the Establishment in the nuts.

  • President Putin protected Iran and stopped the further expansion of the War on Terror.
  • He protected Syria and rooted out ISIS & all terrorist groups from Syria … stabilizing the country and helping millions of refugees retrun home.
  • He continuously and repeatedly stood up to Netanyahu and the Establishment challenging their moves in world politics.
  • He is protecting Venezuela and saving millions of Christians from an unnecessary war.
  • President Putin’s and Russia’s world leadership is creating peace and stability in the world.
  • It is saving trillions of taxpayer dollars for Americans and Europeans.
  • It is saving thousands of American and European lives which would have been lost in these ridiculous wars.
  • Russia’s world leadership has created peace & stability in the West … which is bringing the focus on “internal policies” of these countries.
  • Russia is helping America and Europe change for the better for their own people. Russia is enabling a new era in the West.

I was actually myself surprised … we were getting continuous alerts of “help Trump, help Trump … they have planned to remove Trump from the White House … help Trump, help Trump”. While I am getting these alerts … the Mueller Investigation winds up. We were like … “why does Trump need help when the biggest Establishment offensive against him has ended? Trump is safe from the Establishment.” Then we came to know the other side of the coin. This is not about the Establishment … this is about the Major Networks in America.

Trump has been a major failure while Putin has been a splendid success against the Establishment
If you note … till date … Trump has been a major failure in dealing with the Establishment … while Putin has been totally the opposite. Putin is playing a fantastic role in challenging and stopping the Establishment at every level possible. Putin has been playing his role phenomenally … with power, with intelligence, with patience and with love.

Now, if there was an indictment or any charges against Trumps for colluding with Russia … then we would be allowing a malicious and a criminal Establishment to run its destructive programs around the world while tarnishing such a fantastic world leadership role from President Putin. We would be tarnishing President Putin’s peace & stability in the world via ridiculous and bogus charges. We had to respect, honor and encourage President Putin’s & Russia’s world leadership that is turning out to be good for all of us. President Putin is leading the world phenomenally against Establishment malice.

This kind of leadership was also expected from Trump but at least one world leader is doing what is right. Just because some malicious elements want to indict Trump … we could not tarnish the good work that Putin was doing in the world.

Manageable Indictments
Which is why … there were only “manageable indictments” against some Russians … for using the social media. The indictment itself was ridiculous which could easily be managed by Russia without any major impact in Russia’s world leadership role. There might be some information about Russian activities in the report … but it does not impact Russia’s world leadership role in any major way.

A 3 Fold Defeat for the Establishment
Winding up of the Mueller’s Investigation is a 3 fold defeat for the Establishment.

  • Stop our work. The whole thing was designed to stop our work … they have been failed.
  • Stop Russia’s world leadership. It was designed to push away Russia from world leadership … they have been failed.
  • Put Trumps in prison. It was designed to put Trumps in prison … they have been failed.

To add to that … this defeat was delivered to them on the day ISIS, a bogus group created by the Establishment, was defeated. Talk about winning in style.

Difference between Trump and Putin
The Trumps are celebrating the end of the Mueller Investigation. They are all happy and enjoying this end. Do you think that Putin even cares that the Mueller Investigation came to an end? Do you think that he even raised a toast for this? No … not at all … because this is how world leaders are … this is world leadership … this is about the bigger picture … he doesn’t even care about this petty investigation … no time for it. He was busy fighting for his people and his country … solving the country’s problems and busy taking Russia to new heights. Today Russia is competing with the most developed country in Europe in terms of economy.

He doesn’t even care about Mueller. It ended … okay fine … good thing. But Trump was all about doing this and doing that … giving this and giving that to the Establishment … creating a long list of favors for them. The only thing he was occupied was by Mueller … tossing his country and his people on the side … and not doing a single thing for them.

The victory that President Putin has got … we had a much better victory planned for Trump … where he is seen as a phenomenal world leader, creating fantastic reforms … fighting for his people and his country … revolutionizing the entire country and then he would get the end of the Mueller Investigation. Trump would have been an established world leader by now .... that everyone would follow and the whole bogus Russian investigation would have ended … which would be only a tiny victory on the side for him.

Trump failed to play his role … in leading his country or the world. He lived two years in fear and kept himself busy with Establishment favors. And when Mueller ends … Trump celebrates … while Putin doesn’t give a rat’s ass … because he has bigger and better things to do.

Removing Trump from leadership
Well, the bad news for Trump is that … yes, the Mueller Investigation has come to an end but the majority of the Major Networks don’t want you in the leadership role. Yes, you did not face any criminal charges in the Mueller probe because it would impact our work and also tarnish Russia’s world leadership role. Yes, Trumps were not indicted by Mueller because of no new wars from your side … but on the other hand … it was also done to respect and encourage President Putin’s world leadership.

What the Major Networks is seeing is that … just one world leader … if he comes into action then he can stop all wars and create peace & stability in the world. Just one President Putin has changed the world’s scenario … then what if … two of the world’s most powerful Presidents combine … then imagine the enormous fantastic things that can be done in the world.

Since you have been a total failure in taking the leadership role … there is an active hunt for the next fantastic President of the United States. The Russian President has already proven himself. The hunt is on for the next American President who will take the lead.

Looking for exclusive Trump based crimes
The good news is that Mueller and Collusion investigations will not do much damage to your Presidency. But the bad news is that … they are looking for exclusive “Trump based” crimes … with no Russia involvement or collusion connection. Such as:

  • Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud
  • Financial Crimes
  • Foreign Payments to your companies based abroad
  • Emoluments … a hike of payments or income in all Trump companies

There are a lot of detailed documents about this in the Networks. All of the above do not involve Russia or any collusion … only Trump is the target here … because they need Russia to cooperate with the next President … they need Russia’s world leadership, they are already loving it. I am not sure to what extent this hunt will be taken to. The only thing that I know is that “collusion” was very vague where no concrete action could be taken. They are looking for real crime to take real action. In short, the plan is to remove you from the White House. They don’t see you as a good leader.

Exit strategies are already in motion
By the way, the exit strategies are already in motion. You see those caravans that are coming towards America. That’s one of the exit strategies … to piss you off … to bring out the “immigrant stomping monster” out of you. It is designed to give you bad publicity to show you as a monster. If I were you … I would not make any direct statements on any caravan moving towards the United States. Just use other people to lead and manage these caravans. Don’t make any statement over it … don’t tweet about it … let the respective department deal with it. It is an active “exit strategy” in motion.

Good news for President Putin and Russia
This must be surprising and interesting … that the Major Networks in America … from “America” … are loving President Putin’s world leadership. They are loving your world leadership role and they have a lot of respect for you. What you are doing is phenomenal … not only for Russia … or the simple countries that you are defending … but it is becoming like an enormous security blanket for the West. Now, with the peace and stability that you are maintaining in the world … it is helping them focus on their internal problems … it is helping them move towards policy.

America has been maintained deviated with bogus and bullshit propaganda for too long.

  • 8 years of Bush
  • 8 years of Obama
  • 2 years of Trump

That is 18 years of bogus and bullshit propaganda by the Establishment in America … under one name or the other. Now, finally, with the end of terrorism and its wars … they are able to focus on their people & countries. Thanks to Russia and God, of course.