24 Mar 2019
JewH322 Why is Obama Loved & Respected and Why is Trump Hated & Trashed?

About half a dozen countries were bombed under Obama. There is peace and stability in the world under Trump. But Obama is loved and respected while Trump is hated & trashed. Why? Obamas are ending up being the backbone of the Democratic Party. They are ending up being the shining light that are guiding the next Presidential candidates. Whereas similar candidates like Bush and Hillary have been tossed in the corner and face total political isolation. Forget about taking advice, no one even bothers to hear what they say. Why so much love and respect for the Obamas in America?

Before we get into that … let’s take a small preview of the Trump Presidency.

Expectations from the Trump Presidency
Yes, Obama bombed about half a dozen countries in his first term but that was when he didn’t know what was going on. Once he was informed about the Establishment malice in these wars and their connection to the ongoing debt crisis … Obama reversed everything and turned out to be a champion that would fight for the people and stop the Establishment’s malicious moves.

What the majority of the Networks in America saw was that … “hey, Obama is such a great fighter because he is new in the system. He loves his country. He is not a puppet of the Establishment. If we get the next President who is also an outsider … not a puppet … who loves his country … then he will continue on Obama’s legacy and create phenomenal reforms for America”.

Trump was chosen as the next President because this is what they saw and expected from the Trump Presidency:

  • A fighter for the people
  • Phenomenal changes in favor of the people
  • Will stomp out all malice and abusive systems
  • Will bring out a new era for the American people

All Major Networks in America had enormous expectations from the Trump Presidency and since everyone understood the nature of this criminal Establishment … they knew that Trump had to be protected from several angles.

Continuous support for Trump
They expected Trump to be their hero and made sure to support and protect Trumps through all phases … which is why:

  • They brought an outsider in the game
  • Gave him billions worth of free media coverage
  • Helped him beat all Republicans
  • Helped him beat the Democrats
  • Made him the President of the United States
  • Saved him from all legal hassles so that he can fight for the people
  • Did not allow the media demonization to take down his Presidency
  • Repeatedly saved him from impeachment

Everyone understands the nature of the crisis that America is in and everybody knows that Trumps have to be protected … there was continuous effort to repeatedly save Trump.

And what does Trump do for his country and his people?
This is the information about Trump in the Networks … several groups are complaining on this

Full Fledged favors for a criminal Establishment that is leeching trillions from the country

  • Sets up Advisory Committees for Establishment entities
  • Tax cuts for the corporations
  • Trillions for the Defense Companies
  • Highest amount of borrowing
  • Highest amount of spending
  • Adds trillions to the debt … makes it from $19 Trillion to $22 Trillion
  • Cancels Net Neutrality Laws … literally sells away the internet to the corporations
  • Hands over the Holy Land of Jerusalem to a bunch of Satanists

To add to that … instead of working with us to create phenomenal reforms in the country

  • He tries to stop our work
  • Tells the FBI that we are colluding with Russia along with the Dems
  • Calls International world leaders to stop our work
  • Tells others to beat me up to shut me up
  • Takes funding from GCC countries on the pretext of fighting the Establishment and injects hundreds of millions into his own companies
  • Uses our own project as a scam to inject the funds into his own companies … doesn't do this once but several times
  • Doesn't make a single move against the Establishment

Scams - Presidency is a Cash Transaction

There are several reports of Trump benefiting himself from

  • Defense Spending
  • Trade Deals with other countries
  • Border Wall funding
  • Uses funds for our project as well repeatedly

Brags non-stop about Obama's accomplishments

  • Jobs and economy are the crisis that Obama inherited … these are Obama's accomplishments
  • ISIS and War on Terror are issues are Obama inherited … he solved these issues, these are his accomplishments
  • Trump just sits there bragging non-stop about Obama's accomplishments … look at the jobs, look at the jobs, look at the jobs!

Several Blunders within 2 years

  • Campaigns for mass deportation of 11 million immigrants
  • Campaigns for a ban on all Muslims entering the US
  • Drops the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan
  • Strikes Syria, an entity protected by Russia, two times
  • Was on the verge of a Nuclear War with North Korea
  • Shuts down the government to get Border Wall funding
  • Was about to start a civil war in Venezuela

Total Failure in his own Initiatives

  • Tariffs and Trade Deficits … total failures … tariffs have failed, trade deficit is the highest ever
  • North Korean Denuclearization … failed … they repeatedly turn against the US every few months

Absolutely no progress has been made in any of Trump's initiatives. We told him several times that he has been given only "one step" of the solution and he will fail with only one step. He needs to work on the full solution to see any progress in the work … still Trump doesn't care.

Makes absolutely no change in any system

  • In education, healthcare, infrastructure or cost of living or anything else whatsoever
  • Trump has not changed anything for the American people

Russia and Intervention Forces
There are mainly two things that Trumps brags about … jobs and ISIS. None of them are his initiatives … in fact, he was doing totally the opposite by creating racism, chaos and war in the country … via his Muslim Ban, deportation campaigns, threatening North Korea, bombing Syria and so on. Trump literally had to be stopped from his racist and chaotic moves by Intervention Forces and Russia. Stopping Trump resulted in good things for America and the world.

The major issue with jobs is that … it is not even an accomplishment … it is a crisis statement. How can a country have 96% employment rate and still go trillions in debt every year? What everyone is seeing is that … Trump is just sticking to one side of the coin in order to brag about himself and take some credit … to show himself as nice. The Major Networks don’t care about your bragging or whether you are nice. They already chose you as the most suitable guy and made you the President of the United States. You don’t have to prove them that you are nice … you have to go out there and fight for your country & people. That’s the main job that you have been picked for.

Trump is a failed President that brags non-stop over the previous guy's accomplishments and doesn't do shit for his people. Now, who the hell would want this guy in the White House? … who doesn't know shit … who doesn't do shit … and who brags about himself as the greatest President ever?

Why people love Obama?
Obama saw the challenge that the country and the world was facing … and he fought for what is right. He didn’t care about winning but he made sure that he always took the right step. The people literally saw his struggle, his campaign and his fight for what is right.

  • The fight matters
  • The initiatives matter
  • Your vision and policies matter
  • The change that you drive matter

Obama changed the face of America. He inherited a total shit show from George Bush. He campaigned, struggled, fought forces, created coalitions, stood up for what is right and pulled the country in the right direction. Much might not have been accomplished during the Obama Administration … but look today … everything that the Obama 2008 had promised … it has been accomplished. Obama said no to politics of fear and insecurity. Today do you see any politics of fear or insecurity? Obama said no to ridiculous wars. Today all wars are winding up. Obama never used racist terms like Radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism. And today, we have a resolution passed by the House to condemn Islamophobia. Obama promoted a peaceful loving world for all. Today, we have accomplished it. Obama said … “Yes We Can” … and hell yes, we did it!

Obama is a successful President who is loved and adored … because he continuously fought till he won. He didn’t care about winning in the first step. He fought till he won … he fought till he won … he fought till he won. That’s the fight that matters.

On the other hand … look at the other Establishment Puppets and leaders who did a lot of favors for the Establishment … like Bush and Hillary. They have been literally tossed out of American politics and face total political isolation. Obamas have become the guiding light for the next Presidential candidates … they are forming the backbone for the Democratic Party … whereas nobody wants to even hear what Bush or Hillary have to say … let alone taking advice from them.

Now, where is Trump's fight?

  • Where are his initiatives?
  • Where is his vision and policy?
  • What change has he delivered?

He wants to build a wall. He wants to deport people. He wants to ban people. He wants to bomb countries. He wants to blow up trillions of tax payer money and do lots of favors for the Establishment. And he brags about himself non-stop. Other than that … he is screaming if anything bad happens to him. The people see nothing being done or delivered under Trump.

There is a huge difference in what the Major Networks want in America and what Mr.President is doing.

Everyone looks at "realistic moves and realistic progress" and Trump hasn't delivered any change at all.

  • He is being seen as a traitor … who flipped against the very purpose he was put in the White House for
  • He is seen as a fraud … who is carrying out the highest amount of borrowing and blowing up taxpayer money ridiculously by the trillions
  • He is seen as a thief … who is stealing from a country with $22 Trillion in debt while its people are drowning in debt

For all of these 3 characteristics … traitor, fraud and thief … there are detailed documents and information presented in the Networks to justify hammering out Trump from the White House. The same Networks that were supporting him and protecting his Presidency from falling apart … they are working on termination strategies.

They are working on the most justified way of getting rid of Trumps … and they are not getting a good many reasons to be nice to someone who has been identified as a traitor, fraud and a thief. I understand that some Networks are reaching out to us mainly because of this issue … to save Trump. I know … you reach out to us because we stopped the War on Terror and made Trillionaire Criminals run with their gold to South China Sea … these are fantastic accomplishments.

But we were successful in these works only because we got the right response from world leaders like Obama and Putin … they were the key leaders who made this happen. In order to save Trump, we have to give a long list of good reasons on his profile to show him as a good President. And this is impossible when he doesn't get in touch with us. We have already published many reasons that could be used in his favor:

  • He is not a Satanist
  • He is not the Establishment
  • He is not running any Exploitation system
  • He is 100 times better than Hillary
  • and on and on and on.

But to all of this the Networks say that … just because he is not a Satanist, should we allow a traitor, fraud and a thief remain in the White House? He is the Chief Firefighter standing in front of a burning building … he doesn't give a shit about the millions of people burning in this fire. He is seeing how European countries are burning in debt while they have a tiny fraction of our debt … still he doesn't do anything … except brag about himself.

If the same fire touches his ass … then he starts screaming and shouting … and everyone is supposed to come to his rescue? He won't give a shit about 330 Million people burning in debt and if anything happens to Trumpy … we all should run to his rescue?

Look at his Twitter feed every day … he will be literally screaming and yelling at anything wrong that might be happening to him. Its all about him, his protection and his defense … everyone should make sure that he is safe … while he won't give a shit about anyone else. He is doing nothing but looting public funds … no one wants to protect him … no one wants him in the White House. Everyone is looking for the right time and the suitable way of removing him from the White House. He has been a total embarrassment for everyone who has helped him become President.

Deciding Trump's Fate
The report is that … this is how Trump's fate is being decided as we speak.

  • What will you do to a firefighter who stands in front of a burning building who does absolutely nothing?
  • Not only he does nothing but he is busy making speeches how great he is and how great this building is.
  • Not only that, but his priority is building a wall around the building.
  • To add to that … he is defending & doing favors for the people who have set the building on fire.
  • And then he starts stealing from the building & starts filling his bags with cash & jewelry
  • He adds to the fire via exorbitant defense spending
  • And then he says that he is the greatest firefighter ever and this is the greatest building ever

What will you do to such a firefighter?

  • Will you simply fire him or impeach him?
  • Will you investigate every scam that he has run?
  • Will you put him through maximum scrutiny under law?
  • Will you make sure that he pays for everything wrong he has done while his people were burning?

It is because of this line of action that we are getting continuous alerts to … help Trump, help Trump, help Trump and on and on and on.

The best argument that we could put out there was … this is only half of his Presidency … he still has two more years to go. Look at the jobs and the peace & stability under Trump … he can still change the entire game if he wants.

With or without Trump, we are defeating and failing the Establishment in several spheres. If we even impeach this "inactive firefighter" then there is no appropriate replacement for him. Trump is as best as the Republicans can get as of now. It was a fantastic opportunity for Trumps to make a dynasty for themselves at this moment in time. But they are ending up being labeled as frauds.

If we remove Trump then who will lead? Mike Pence? Ted Cruz? Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney? We cannot risk an Establishment puppet in the White House at this moment in time. Trump is not fighting the fire … but at least he is not throwing a bomb in the building … which is exactly what the Establishment wants. We cannot trust or stop an Establishment puppet in the White House.

Impeaching Trump is not the right decision as of now
I agree that Trump has been a disappointment but impeaching him right now will not help. We have to make sure that Trump is tactically replaced by a fantastic people centric leader. We can easily win in removing Trump from the White House … but the Establishment can get a bigger victory by starting major wars under the next idiot. Understand Trump's value and why he needs to be there.

Elizabeth Warren is a phenomenal people centric leader who is geared up to do fantastic things for America and the world. She will be one of the most adored and loved leader in the world. I would suggest an appropriate replacement of Trump via Warren … let this be the transition.

Will try to change Trump's fate
Trump is too scared of doing anything against the Establishment. So that Trump does not get a horrible exit … so that he is not branded as a fraud and a scammer … I will show him at least some easy works and policies … that he can do without affecting Establishment Monopoly. This way he will also get something to be proud of … some initiatives that he can personally own.

Major Networks will be happy that … he is not just standing there turning a blind eye to the burning building … but he has made his contributions and he has brought about some change. I think this would be a more justified way of managing the Trump Presidency … instead of getting violent and aggressive against Trumps … let's work out things via the right policies and initiatives.

Just waiting for Trump's replacement or only working on kicking out Trumps … is simply a waste of two more years. We used the first two years in bringing peace and stability in the world. Its not that Trump doesn't respond at all … he comes into action where the Establishment is not involved. He cancelled the funding in war zones that led to the defeat of ISIS.

I would strongly advise using the next two years … in helping Trump take initiatives that don't affect the Establishment. So that our guy is not scared and does something courageously and boldly … while the Networks are not pissed off at him for inaction. Warren will take his place and start the real battle.

Trump will at least be known as the "transition President" which led to the defeat of the Establishment. He will get his place in history instead of being known as a fraud who did nothing. Everyone can be happy this way.