22 Mar 2019
JewH321 Establishment’s 18 Years of Bogus and Baseless Propaganda in the West

The Establishment has been running baseless and bogus propaganda since 18 years in the West. If you see, none of these agendas are from the people’s level. They have been designed by the Establishment by using events, media and politicians as “propaganda tools”. These are propaganda by the Establishment for the Establishment designed only to mislead, abuse and use the people for their gain.

George W Bush – 2000

  • Saddam has WMD!
  • War on Terror
  • Radical Islam

If you see … none of the above agendas were from the American people. There were no complaints from the American people against the Iraq or Afghanistan governments. Despite 911, the American people never wanted war on these countries. In fact, millions of Americans poured onto the streets to stop these wars. What the Establishment did here was … created 911 and used this event to run bogus and baseless propaganda of fear and insecurity in name of War on Terror and Radical Islam. Both of these agendas were directly run via the media and politicians … while these agendas were vehemently opposed by the American people.

Why was the War on Terror designed? Because this was the best deviation tactic against the “debt crisis” that is rising in the West.

Barack H Obama – 2008

  • Islamic Terrorists (ISIS)
  • Class Warfare
  • Republican Opposition

President Obama fought excellently against these bogus propaganda. He even refused to use the terms “Radical Islam or Radical Islamic Terrorism” because he knew the root of this problem. Not only Obama made moves to root out this bogus propaganda but he also moved forward to address the income inequality issues in America. This was again suppressed by the Establishment under the banner of “class warfare”. This is another bogus term coined by the same Establishment to prevent change and protect their monopoly.

Massive levels of Republican Opposition was created for Obama in order to stagnate his Presidency and to hold off his moves. All of this was again directly carried out by using “media and politicians”. There was never any real time connection with the American people in these agendas. In fact, the American people were very eagerly waiting to see change under Obama and they were upset at the ongoing stagnation under Obama.

The Establishment has been doing totally the opposite of what the American people want by using its monopoly in the media and politics. It has been waging wars that the American people don’t want … it has been suppressing change and eliminating moves taken to address income inequality … which the American people really want to be addressed.

Donald J Trump - 2016

  • Anti-Trump
  • Collusion
  • Election Interference

After stagnating Obama’s Presidency, the Establishment faced another major defeat of losing the White House to President Trump. It was a major shock for the Establishment and it immediately launched several anti-Trump agendas … also involving Russia in the process, trying to demonize and isolate Russia from the world. The objectives that the Establishment was targeting was … to prevent change under Trump, suppress & remove Trump and to demonize & isolate Russia. It was aiming at two birds with one shot.

Unluckily for the Establishment, it has been two years of anti-Trumpism, Collusion and Election Interference … all of the propaganda have failed … Trump is still President, there is no proven collusion or election interference … Russia is rising in the world as a fantastic leader that is maintaining world peace and stability. If you see these propaganda … then again you will see that these propaganda have no real time connection with the American people. The American people don’t give a shit about all of this bullshit content being maintained in the media. All of these propaganda are directly run via media and politicians … while the American people want change in the country and they don’t care about some bullshit collusion theory.

Communist East – 74 years
This is not the first time that the Establishment is doing the “opposite” of what people want. Communism was run by the same ideology that the Establishment follows in the West. Look what they have been doing for 74 years non-stop in the Communist East:

  • Democracy is bad
  • Capitalism is bad
  • America and Europe are bad

Understanding what they did in the Communist East, helps us understand what they will do and what they are prepared to do in the West. Under Communism, it was all about protecting their rule, their government and their systems … it was all about protecting the Communist Party. They didn’t give a shit about the people. Most Communist governments literally ran nationwide agendas via the media and their education system … demonizing Democracy, Capitalism, America and Europe. There is truck load of information available on this … Google it.

The main reason why they opposed Democracy was because Democracy empowers people … it gives the people the right to choose. And they were all about suppressing the people and maintaining their power and rule over a suppressed people. They demonized capitalism because capitalism would enable ownership by the people … the people would get to own companies and industries and it would bring power and money in the hands of the people. But their ideology is all about maintaining the people in their weakest forms with no ownership, no control and no power … people should be like sheep and cattle that do what they are told. They don’t get to own anything … they don’t get to control anything. Everything is owned and controlled by the Communist Party. This is exactly how Communism was designed and run for 74 freaking years in several countries in the East.

What we are thinking is that … “hey, one Administration of stagnation was too much … Trump is not bringing about change … it is terribly difficult to tolerate 2 years of Trump’s inaction … let’s kick him out.” This is where our mindset is … but they ran the same shit show … doing everything against the people that they ruled over for 74 years and they ruled over 60% of the world via Communism. If you think that they are going to just give up at the tap of the finger then you are seriously mistaking the entity that you are dealing with.

What we need to learn from Communism is that … yes, they can be defeated … yes, we can overcome this shit … by kicking out Establishment puppets from power … by removing them from power. This is exactly how Communism was dismantled. We have to remove their control points and ownership from media and politics. As long as we don’t remove them from power and don’t break their monopoly … then expect this shit show to exist forever. Presidents will come and go … and more and more bullshit propaganda will be run under different names … while our countries keep sinking in debt and our people are being ripped off. They know no end to this bullshit ... they are in this forever.

Religious Tolerance – Latest Propaganda
While many successful moves have been made to void the Establishment’s malicious traps. The Establishment is getting more and more cornered as we speak. Their latest propaganda is of “religious tolerance”. All of a sudden the Establishment that was demonizing Islam and Muslims … today the same Establishment is defending and protecting Islam and Muslims. This propaganda is not actually about Islam or Muslims … it is about the Establishment hiding under the cover of anti-Semitism and Judaism.

A Major Flaw – what about the Muslims in Gaza?
I guess the Establishment is running out of proper propaganda ideas. The Establishment is running a propaganda of protecting Islam and Muslims so that they can cover themselves under anti-Semitism. After the attack in New Zealand, the culprit was branded as a murderer … change in laws is being carried out as we speak and the whole nation is in support of Muslims. But one tiny question shows the hypocrisy in all of this … “what about the Muslims in Gaza”?

Are those not Muslims? Don’t they follow Islam? They are they not human beings? How is it okay for Israel to drop missiles in Gaza, one of the world’s most densely populated civilian areas? Where is the outcry on this? Why isn’t the culprit being called a murderer? Why isn’t there any change of laws because of this? Why is the world silent on this?

Agenda Objectives

  • Hiding under anti-Semitism
  • While carrying out its atrocities in other countries and forms
  • Its all about the Establishment's protection and gain

Shows why New Zealand was chosen for the attack
Now, you understand why a country like New Zealand was picked for this attack. An attack in Palestine or Iraq or Syria wouldn't make any sense … as these are war torn countries destroyed by the Establishment itself … but New Zealand will help to sell the propaganda.

  • Palestine. Palestinians are already attacked routinely by the Israeli Government. Palestine could not be the appropriate place as it would bring a backlash on Israel’s activities.
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria. These are war torn countries by the Establishment’s War on Terror. Again if they try to show sympathy for Muslims in these countries then it will backfire on the 18 years of bombing of these countries.
  • Europe. The attack could not be placed in Europe as well because the Establishment has been running the propaganda of “Islamization of Europe” in this zone to refuse Muslim immigration here.

Which is what made New Zealand the ideal location to run this propaganda. Its new ground, suitable for a new propaganda. This attack didn’t just happen … it was very carefully preplanned.

Now, think again … if the timing, place and target were in accordance to the Establishment's requirements then who actually carried out the attack and how was it realized at this right timing, place and targets?

  • When the Establishment wanted dead Christians at the hands of a Muslim shouting AllahuAkbar … they got it … as per their needs.
  • When the Establishment wants dead Muslims at the hands of a Christian in a Christian country … they got it … as per their needs.

Doesn't the synchronization of the time, place and targets tell you something? So, who really carried out this attack?

Protect Synagogues and Jewish Centers
These monsters got about 50 Muslims killed in cold blood … just to run a propaganda to protect themselves. Anti-Semitism is the theme of the propaganda … which means showing Common Jews under threat is the propaganda … which means that Common Jews and Synagogues must be put on high alert … against this vicious, scared and desperate Establishment. These cold blooded assholes can pull off anything to run their propaganda. Secure Common Jews, all Synagogues and Jewish Centers.

This is what you need to keep in mind … “events, media and politicians” are propaganda tools for the Establishment. And the need right now for the Establishment is to promote “anti-Semitism, hate and racism”. This event was just the first event. The main cover that the Establishment is targeting is anti-Semitism and not Islam or Muslims. The Establishment has to show the world the need for protecting Jews … which implies that there are very high chances of this Establishment planning attacks on Common Jews … to sell this propaganda. All Common Jews, Synagogues and Jewish Centers around the world must be put on high alert.