17 Mar 2019
JewH320 The attack in New Zealand is a cover up for the Yellow Vest protests in France

Let me show you something interesting. An attack in two mosques happened in New Zealand and some people died. This has been the headlines all over America in all major news channels. Everyone is wondering in America … what the hell did just happen … since when do we care for dying Muslims? We waged wars that killed millions of Muslims … we bombed their schools, hospitals and mosques … and destroyed half a dozen countries … our media never bothered to care or show any sympathy then. What the hell is going on and what is all of this sympathy about?

Failure of Anti-Russia, Collusion and Election Interference Propaganda
The Establishment has miserably failed in its anti-Russia, Collusion and Election Interference propaganda. The Establishment thought that … they will show Russia as the enemy of the world and run several anti-Russian propaganda … “that Russia is colluding with American politicians … Russia wants to destroy our democracy … Russia is interfering in our elections.” All of this fell flat and they could not prove anything.

In fact, instead of Russia getting isolated and demonized … Russia has improved its relations with the West and its economy is booming. The anti-Russian propaganda failed miserably. Collusion was a bogus term coined only to put fear in American leaders. They could not prove anything. Russia is on a constant rise … getting fantastic support from Europe and it has turned out to be a fantastic world leader that is maintaining peace in the world.

Failure of Radical Islam and the War on Terror
The second major failure that the Establishment has faced is on the Radical Islam and War on Terror agendas. Since Russia is providing fantastic world leadership and protecting weak countries from destruction … no more additional wars can be waged under the banner of “War on Terror”. This propaganda is also dead as of now. So, creating bogus fear against Muslims or demonizing Islam is of no use now.

Hiding under the shell of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia
The new twist that you are seeing in the American media … is about this Establishment’s failures in several propaganda and now it is trying to hide under the shell of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Claiming protection of Jews alone is not possible. If you claim protection for Jews and Judaism then you also need to show protection for other religions as well … including Islam and Muslims. So, all of a sudden our Establishment is showing “religious tolerance”.

The same Establishment that went around campaigning for wars and destroying half a dozen countries … the Establishment that ran a worldwide propaganda against Islam and Muslims … this same Establishment is hiding behind Islam and Muslims … and seeking protection in the name of religious tolerance. “We are Jews … attacking us is anti-Semitism … we have to use Judaism to protect ourselves”.

This is a scared and desperate Establishment that is scrambling under rock after rock … in order to protect itself under different covers. But this is not the interesting part today … keep reading.

The attack in New Zealand was a cover up of the protests in France
This attack in New Zealand … didn’t just happen. It was carefully timed when there were mass violent protests happening in France. About 36,000 people took to the streets … the violence was so much to the extent that even “a bank was set on fire”.

Before … if one Muslim guy was caught holding a knife on the streets of Paris then it would be headlines all over America. But today, there are 36,000 people protesting, hundreds of them are being arrested and banks are being torched … but even then all of these protests and events are “censored” in America … as if nothing even happened. Why?

Today, why are all headlines about the attack in New Zealand? Since the past 3 days continuously … all headlines are about New Zealand … why is France censored? Yes, this is exactly what you need to understand. The protests in France is all about the “debt crisis”. France is burning in the debt crisis. If you start covering these protests then you start giving them a voice in America and then it ends up shining a light on the debt crisis … of how a major developed European country of France is burning in debt. The discussion of Establishment’s malice comes on the table in the American media … and America has the highest debt of all countries … of a whopping $22 Trillion as of now. And this is what scares the shit out of the Establishment.

So, how have they handled this issue? They just created an event in another country which is helping them in two ways. 

  • Religious Tolerance. It is helping them market their Religious Tolerance propaganda. “We should all love Muslims. Muslims are also human beings. They have feelings. We should all love Jews. Jews are also human beings. They have feelings. We should all live happily together ever after. All types of religious intolerance must be condemned and subdued.”
  • Cover up for Protests. While the Establishment promotes its saintly and divine message of religious tolerance all over America … it is actually maliciously covering up violent protests happening owing to a debt crisis that it has created in Europe.

This is not the first time that they are doing this. Every time these protests get violent and out of hand … something drastic and emotional happens … which is made the headlines for several days … until the protests calm down. The same thing happened in December 2018 … while there were massive protests in France … somehow Bush died in America … somehow. And it was all about Bush, Bush, Bush for several days in the American headlines.

  • The Establishment prioritizes defending itself over attacking Trump

We wrote about this in December itself. It is nothing but a repeat activity. I guess the Establishment is running out of propaganda ideas. Crawl, crawl … crawl under as many rocks as you want … the only thing I will tell the Establishment is that … you can run but you can’t hide.