10 Mar 2019
JewH319 Dozens of Ilhan Omars in the British Parliament

“Israel is a war criminal! Sanction Israel! Stop settlements!” These cries are not from any anti-Israel radical hate group. These are the repeated cries of the Members of the Parliament of the British Government. Israel is ruthlessly scrutinized to the extent of demanding sanctions against Israel for war crimes. There are dozens of Ilhan Omars in the British Parliament. Why is this allowed in Britain and not in America? Let’s take a look.

The Establishment blunders against itself via the anti-Semitism resolution
Ilhan Omar made a simple statement against AIPAC activities in the US and the Establishment went crazy over it and demanded a resolution against anti-Semitism. In its first draft, the Establishment elements of Israel and AIPAC were hiding themselves behind the Jewish people … claiming anything said against Israel is anti-Semitism. This was opposed by young and dynamic House Reps demanding the same for Islamophobia and other forms of racism. And this pathetic and desperate Establishment is so scared of the current times that it said … “yes, yes, yes … we will hind behind Muslims as well! We will use the Jewish people as a shield and if it takes … we will also take Muslims as a shield to protect ourselves!”

The Bill against Racism

These guys basically don’t care about the means … of how things are done … they just focus on making sure that their objective of security is met. The Establishment has instantly, without any hesitation, agreed to hide behind Muslims as well … condemning all forms of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim speeches and activities.

Ilhan Omar brings the official end to Radical Islam
In their desperation and fear, the Establishment did not realize that they have officially brought an end to the concept of Radical Islam. By condemning all forms of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim activities … Ilhan Omar has pushed the Establishment to bring an end to the very concept of Radical Islam.

Even the current US President was using the term of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and openly stated in televised interviews that the “Quran preaches hate”. All of this officially stops now.

  • No more use of Radical Islam
  • No more use of the term Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • No more requests for the surveillance of Muslim communities
  • No more targeting of Islam, Quran or the common Muslims

This is a major victory for the wonderful, lovely and bold Ilhan Omar. She has officially sealed the end of this hateful propaganda against innocent Muslims and Islam.

And it also shows how pathetic, desperate and scared this Establishment is … this is the same Establishment that ran a bogus destructive genocidal propaganda that destroyed half a dozen countries and leeched trillions of hard earned tax payer money from Western countries. This very Establishment is so scared of the changing times today … that it itself has given up this propaganda … and it is itself hiding under the cover of Muslims. It is using anti-Muslim activities as a shield to protect itself. Kudos to the SM Networks on this massive victory.

Some friends for Ilhan Omar
Let me introduce some friends for Ilhan Omar. Take a look at these videos … all of them are from the British Parliament … you may like some of the content.

You might be thinking … “hey, that is Britain and we are America … how can they help?” Exactly, my dear lady … that’s what is important. This is how the Establishment functions in America against political leaders.

  • Media. The Establishment owns 90% of the media. They can easily make a big fuss about nothing. The entire media network is controlled via think tanks. They can pick any topic, circulate it in their network and make a huge fuss about nothing.
  • Politicians. Once their media channels start making noise … campaign donors start calling their respective politicians and demand that they take action. Since the major corporations that donate in political campaigns are Establishment owned, they are controlling this aspect of American life as well.

To take action against any politician or leader … this is how it is done. They first start making noise in the media and then use politicians to take action. They have run many bogus propagandas in this manner.

  • War on Terror and Radical Islam. This whole bogus propaganda was run by the same Establishment in the same manner. One event would be created, the media would go ballistic and politicians would wage wars … without any reason or logical thinking.
  • Collusion and Russian Interference. This whole thing is the same bullshit. Nothing even happened … but the media goes ballistic over every Russian report. Politicians are used to setup committees and investigations … and actions are being demanded against the Trump Family. This whole thing is bullshit. No one is being charged for “collusion” … as the concept itself is bogus … and they are just hunting for other reasons to file charges.
  • Anti-Semitism. Talking against Israel or AIPAC is not anti-Semitism. It is again nothing but noise making by the media … and politicians jumping up for action.

There is no logical and proper reasoning in any of the three. And trust me, you are not the only victim in this. SM Networks are doing a fantastic job in bringing up anti-Establishment leaders in the White House and the Congress. We are openly defeating the Establishment in changing decision makers at key positions. But the measures that we have taken till date is only in “changing decision makers”. The Establishment Monopoly in still intact … which means they still control the media and corporations … which is how they are able to rattle US politicians via media and investigations. Here are some other victims.

  • President Trump. I know, you might not like Trump. But Trump has been brought in the White House because he is an outsider and not an Establishment puppet. He is one of the good ones. I know, his policies need a lot of work. But the Establishment was shocked at the new world that is being created by the rise of anti-Establishment leaders. They are viciously hammering Trump for no reason. He is attacked daily from hundreds of points. If Trump had taken action against Establishment Monopoly then all of this ridiculous noise making of the media would have been wiped out a long time ago. We would have already taken down one major division of the Establishment. However, till date, Trump is the biggest victim of the Establishment.
  • President Obama. You think Obama is a smiling face who waged wars. No, no, no … the result that comes from the US Administration is not a one person effort. It depends upon the massive misleading being done within the Administration. Yes, Obama was misled during his first term but then when he started seeing what was happening … it took his entire second term to stop all of these atrocities. As a result, he ended up being a guy who stopped all of the wars but got no legacy for himself. He had no accomplishments for himself to show. The Establishment designed a lot of Republican opposition to stagnate the Obama Presidency.

Warren, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib, Cortez … you are the fresh blood that is moving in … to question, to reason and to do what is right for the people. This is the main reason why fresh “Establishment independent” leaders are being brought in key leadership positions. So that you fight for the people … always remain cool and strong. Just because the media starts screaming and yelling … it does not mean that you are doing something wrong. It only means that you are kicking the Establishment where it hurts.

Britain to America’s Rescue
Why I am introducing British friends for you is that … they will be independent of American media bashing and American campaign donors. These politicians are extremely strong. These British politicians don’t need to worry about the British media, anti-Semitism issues or campaign donors. They have been hammering Israel and its war crimes for several years without any impact on their political careers.

Why is this allowed in Britain and not in America?

  • British are shrewd. The British are extremely shrewd. They have thousands of years of history … they have been through several countries and several cultures. They have been a critical part of Europe that continuously witnesses all of the shit that Israel does. The Establishment cannot go in Britain and silence British politicians just like they are doing in America. The Establishment will lose the debate … they will lose the argument. In fact, many a times the British Parliament has passed resolutions against Israel … let alone condemning them or calling them for what they are.
  • US Veto. The Establishment is not able to defeat British shrewdness and culture. But since they get a veto from the US … they are able to surpass what the British Parliament does. That’s why the Establishment is not very keen in fighting in a territory where it will lose.

What I would suggest is.

  • Take it easy. Standing in America and going after AIPAC and Israel in the first step is not advisable. As they have the monopoly in the media and corporations … you will end up with hundreds of media outlets demonizing you and you may get an adverse impact on your campaign finance. Breaking their monopoly in media and corporations is a must … to take over the voice that controls America and the money that finances our politics. We need to take our country back.
  • Defend yourself. No … if they are pushing it and coming up with anti-Ilhan Omar activities and news … then go for it. Invite these British politicians on US News channels … and let them do the hammering. It is not just the British … even the Irish are freaked out over Israel. You don’t even need to do a combined show. Remain in the background and pull them in the US media. Let them speak the truth about Israel and AIPAC. Obamas will help … meet them if you can. There are several countries out there and plenty of accomplished leaders and speakers that you can connect with. The key here is to use “international voice” independent of local pressure.

Why is the Establishment going crazy over “anti-Semitism” in America?
This is exactly what is going on at the ground level in America and world politics.

  • America is the last support base in the West. The Establishment was controlling about 60% of the world via Communism. Almost all communist countries have collapsed except China, North Korea and a few other Socialist extremes. Israel has 45 resolutions against itself from the United Nations and it has 225 Resolutions from the UN Security Council. Europe understands very well the shit show that Israel is and what this whole malice is about. And if they lose America also … then they lose their last support base from the West.
  • America & Russia combination is Lethal. Moreover, if America and Russia combine against this Establishment malice in the world then it is doomsday for this Satanic Establishment. All of their systems can be wiped out from the majority of the world.
  • America is the biggest victim of the Establishment’s malicious systems. To add to the loss of world control … America is the biggest victim of the Establishment’s malicious systems. Establishment Monopoly is draining wealth by the trillions from America. If these 330 Million Americans get to know what the hell is going on … then it’s a dead end for the Establishment.
  • Rise of Anti-Establishment leaders in America. What Ilhan Omar is basically thinking is that … “hey, I didn’t say anything much … I just made two simple statements on AIPAC and Israel. What is this whole fuss about?” What she doesn’t know is that … this is the nightmare that the Establishment has been dreading for years.
    • They have lost the War on Terror
    • They have lost in creating a war against Russia
    • They have lost their bogus propaganda of Radical Islam
    • They have lost the White House
    • Russia and Europe knows who the hell these guys are
    • “And goodness gracious … there are American politicians openly speaking against Israel and AIPAC! Our end is near! Our end is near!”

The Establishment basically thought that … “since we own the media and corporations … we will always control who runs America.” But everything the opposite is happening for them since the past few years. The Establishment is not freaking out about those two simple statements … but they are freaking out about the change in the world that is coming against them. And they are crawling under rock after rock.

“Controlling the systems” is how they design their victories. The Establishment has lost the control of the systems. There are many SM Networks actively rooting out Establishment supporters and puppets as we speak. They will be losing their powers more and more with the passing of every week and month.

Don’t fear the Establishment and its media’s “noise making”. If the Establishment is going crazy and making a lot of noise then it only means that you are kicking them where it hurts. Trump faces this as a repeated problem. His Summit with Putin was a good move … having good relations with Russia is a good thing. But the Establishment media went crazy over it … only because it means trouble for them. Look at the bigger picture … it will help.