07 Mar 2019
JewH318 Against Law & Logic to defend Israel, AIPAC and Jewish Criminals under the cloak of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism Basics
Anti-Semitism refers to the “acts of aggression” against the Jewish people just because of their faith. It has to be some aggressive activity that has been levied upon the common Jews. This is anti-Semitism … it is about the people and their religion.

The most important elements that relate to anti-Semitism are:

  • The Jewish People and
  • Their faith … Judaism, the Torah, Moses and their religious practices.

As per our current laws, if anyone is being abused just because he is following the Torah or Judaism or because he likes Moses or any religious activity … then it is illegal. Such acts are defined as racism.

God has given “free will”
However, even in this religious zone … God has given man “free will” … the right to choose between right or wrong. The debate between religions is one of the oldest debates of mankind … that always remains as an ongoing debate. Who is right and who is wrong? The debate between Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions … is an ongoing debate that will exist forever.

You should understand that even at this point … it is your “God given right” to disagree with any religion or its beliefs. Saying anything against Judaism is not anti-Semitism … saying anything against their beliefs, books or practices is not anti-Semitism. You have the right to debate and openly reason what is right and wrong … and then use your free will to follow what is right. This is your “God given right”.

However, debate and argument can remain in its place … but hurting or abusing another person because of his beliefs and religion … is not accepted by God or by our laws. You have to understand and keep in mind that it is “actual acts of aggression” that form anti-Semitism. It is not the debate … it is not the argument that can be defined as anti-Semitism. It is our God given right to debate, argue, reason and use logic to follow and support what is right.

The entities trying to protect themselves under anti-Semitism
Now, let us take a look at the entities that are trying to protect themselves under the cloak of anti-Semitism.

  1. Israel
    Under this resolution … saying anything against Israel will be deemed as anti-Semitic. We should ask ourselves … how is Israel connected to the Jewish people and faith … so that they can get such a status? Israel is not the Jewish people … there are more Jewish people living outside of Israel than in Israel. Israel is not a Synagogue and the Israeli Government does not hold a “religious status”. So how can saying anything against the Israeli Government be seen as anti-Semitic?
  • Jewish people against the Israeli Government. The truth is that … the Jewish people themselves vote against their government … argue against its policies … campaign and rally against the government and its leaders. This is done on a daily basis in Israel itself … by the Jewish people themselves. More than 50-60% of the people have not even voted for the current leading government. There are millions of Israeli Jews who have voted against this ruling government. Now, if we instate a resolution or law in America … saying that saying anything against the Israeli government anti-Semitic … then does it mean that all of these millions of Israeli Jews are anti-Semitic? Does it mean that all opposition parties in Israel are anti-Semitic … because they are opposing the Israeli government?
  • Netanyahu is facing criminal charges. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is facing criminal charges of fraud and bribery. Now, saying anything against Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel is anti-Semitic?
  • Control of Media Coverage. Now, all of the media coverage … that cover Israel’s war crimes and bombing of its neighbors … or that cover Netanyahu’s criminal charges … are all of the media channels anti-Semitic? If we cannot say anything against the country or its government or its policies … as it will be deemed as anti-Semitic … then how are we going to manage the media? Will the media face criminal charges of racism, anti-Semitism and hate crimes?
  • Resolutions from the United Nations. There are more than 44 resolutions against Israel from the United Nations … for war crimes, crimes against humanity, racism, illegal settlements and various abuses. Now, when the United Nations is speaking and taking action against Israel … are they committing a crime? Should all of UN countries be condemned as racist, hateful and anti-Semitic … and actions must be taken against these countries?
  1. AIPAC
    Here is another entity that is trying to defend itself under the cloak of anti-Semitism. You need to ask yourselves this … anti-Semitism is concerned with the Jewish people and their faith. How is AIPAC taking care of the Jewish people and their faith? How can speaking against AIPAC be defined as anti-Semitism? Is AIPAC Moses? Is AIPAC a Synagogue? Does AIPAC go around promoting Judaism and the Torah?

Hell no … AIPAC is a “lobbying organization” that pays millions of dollars to American politicians every year to tweak American policies in favor of Israel. How is questioning AIPAC activities, an attack on the Jewish people? Why is AIPAC seeking a religious and divine status?

  1. Jewish Criminals
    The resolution further talks about Jews being involved in money making schemes and world control. It seems we should exempt Jews from any money making and world control schemes. Why? Since when do you get exemption from crime just because you are Jewish? Law and logic doesn’t function in this manner. Irrespective of your religion … doesn’t matter if you are Jewish or Christian or Muslim … if you are involved in any criminal scheme that abuses people … via money or politics … then you should be fully subject to the rule of law. You cannot ask for an exemption from criminal activities just because you are Jewish.

You cannot hide your crime under the cloak of anti-Semitism. Your religion doesn’t matter when crime is concerned. Crime has no religion.

A resolution against law and logic
This resolution that is being drafted to protect Israel, AIPAC and Jewish criminals under the cloak of anti-Semitism … it is simply against law and logic. Its practical implementation is impossible.

  • Gross Misrepresentation. If saying anything against Israel, AIPAC or Jewish criminals is considered as anti-Semitism … it is nothing but misrepresentation. These entities do not define the Jewish people. They do not represent the Jewish faith in any way.
  • Impossible Implementation. It is simply impossible to implement such a law or resolution … because Israel claims to be our “Democratic Ally” … and they should know very well that in a Democracy about 50% of your own people are against your government. So, how can you tell American leaders and the American people not to speak against your government when 50% of your own people are against you? It is simply against basic logic.
  • Biggest Criminals Ever. Moreover, these entities of … Israel, AIPAC and Jewish Bankers … form the biggest criminals ever … who themselves have got millions of Jews killed and displaced from their homes. Two world wars were used to create and populate Israel. An anti-Semitic scheme all over Europe was created to expel Jews from Europe only so that Israel could be populated. Now, the Israeli Government is trying to use Israel has bait to start another world war. It is ready to put 7 million Jews in a Nuclear Holocaust as we speak.

These mega monstrous criminals … who themselves have been the biggest abusers and killers of the Jewish people … they are trying to protect themselves under the cloak of anti-Semitism.

Expulsion of Jewish People but not Jewish Bankers
I will give a simple logical fact … so that the Jewish people can see the real enemy. There was massive promotion of anti-Semitism all over Europe during World War II … to such an extent that almost all European countries expelled Jews from their countries. But tell me one thing … how many countries expelled the Federal Reserve from their countries? Why weren’t the Rothschild Bankers or the Jewish Central Banks expelled from these countries during the same time? The action was taken against the Jewish people and not the Jewish Bankers … why?

The simple reason is that … this entire anti-Semitic propaganda in Europe during World War II was created and promoted by the same Jewish Bankers who created Israel. They themselves wanted the killing and expulsion of Jewish people from Europe. And it is this same criminal entities that have supported the massacre and expulsion of millions of Jews from Europe that are trying to crawl under the cover of anti-Semitism.