05 Mar 2019
JewH317 Big Mistake: House Dems taking floor action against anti-Semitism

House Dems taking floor action against anti-Semitism


This resolution is total garbage. It is designed to use the stick of the law to threaten and control Americans. They have done the same in several European countries. You cannot question the Holocaust … if you dare to question its authenticity or ask for actual evidence for the same then you can be tossed into prison for upto 5 years. This is a bunch of Satanists … putting fear, threatening and abusing Christians in Christian countries using their own governments.

It is plain stupidity to accept and pass such resolutions. The entire resolution is a “mash-up” of what actually anti-Semitism is and the exploitation systems designed by these Satanists. The resolution is itself clearly showing that these Satanists are trying to hide under the cover of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism refers to aggression towards the Jewish race or religion or people. They are coupling all of this with any statement being made against Israel or against the money making schemes of malicious Satanic Jews. The Jewish people … just like every other people, have every right to peaceful living, respect and protection. Absolutely no aggression must be levied on them owing to their race, religion or color. This applies to everyone. We already have laws to protect people from abuse against their race, religion or color. The most important point is … there are no additional laws required to protect the Common Jews. They are already protected under the current Constitution and Laws.

Secondly, the only major reason why these “new additional laws or resolutions” are being created … is so that these malicious criminals can hide behind the Jewish people and their religion. Saying anything against Israel … will be deemed anti-Semitic … pointing out their leeching of the country’s finances … will be deemed anti-Semitic … pointing out the control of several countries by some Satanic Jewish families … will be deemed anti-Semitic. They are trying to cover all of their malice and crime under the umbrella of “anti-Semitism”.

Its outright fooling of the American people and politicians to consider and pass such a resolution. It is totally ridiculous. It is just a scared Establishment trying to hold a knife in their hands in order to stab anyone who speaks against their criminal activities.

What you should have observed is that … Ilhan Omar has not attacked any Common Jew. She only questioned the activities and policies of another country … which she has every right to. Now …

  • Why is Israel trying to hide under the cloak of anti-Semitism?
  • Why is Israel using the Jewish people as a shield?
  • Why is Israel showing that the Jewish people are under attack whenever it is questioned?
  • Who is Israel to dictate such laws or resolutions in the United States?
  • Why should Christian American politicians … the leaders of the world’s most powerful country … the leaders of the world’s Superpower … be dictated by one tiny country on the other side of the Ocean?
  • We should try to realize … is Ilhan Omar the actual problem … or is such influence of a tiny foreign country on America is the actual problem?
  • Why does Israel want immunity from simple questions and debate?
  • Why is Israel above the law, above the Constitution, above the Bible and above Commonsense itself?
  • Why is Israel trying to shut us down? Why is Israel trying to silence American leaders?
  • What crimes is Israel committing that it is so desperate and needs such silence from other world leaders?
  • What is Israel trying to hide? What is it that … it does not want debated and questioned?
  • What is the core problem in Israel?
  • Why the desperation for such resolutions and laws to silence everyone on Israel?
  • Why is Israel trying to make us sheep and cattle that only nod along and say nothing against them? Or maybe is this what they believe in? That Christians and Common Jews should be mere cattle and sheep … who should have no right to question their masters? They should just nod along or shut up.
  • And why should American politicians create laws and resolutions to help these Satanists implement their beliefs over them? Why should we use our own hands and our own government to suppress us?
  • What is wrong in asking Israel to follow International Law and Order? Why doesn’t Israel want to follow International Laws? When every country in the world can be questioned … including America and the American President … then why not Israel?
  • The Establishment owned media can humiliate, debate and scrutinize the American President every single day dozens of times through its hundreds of outlets … but a single American politician cannot question Israel? Why is Israel placing itself above the law and why do we have to bow to Israel?

Just look at the two-sided policies that they run in America.

  • The Jewish Establishment owns 90% of the mainstream media and they can humiliate, investigate, scrutinize and abuse “the American President” any number of times … and we should be okay with that.
  • They will install billionaire Jewish businessmen that will campaign for the President's impeachment and make speeches and campaigns to impeach the American President … all of this is okay … because we have free speech, liberty and Democracy.
  • Jewish leaders pioneer in promoting drugs, pornography and nudity … and have made all of these multi-billion dollar industries. All of this is okay … on the pretext of “freedom, liberty and Democracy”.
  • Jewish leaders literally run Atheist groups and campaigns against Christianity … they even demonize and criticize Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). They criticize Jesus while living among 300 Million Christians on Christian land … and install huge posters against Christianity and Jesus on our roads. We are supposed to be okay with that … on the pretext of “freedom, liberty and Democracy”.
  • They humiliate our President, our religion and Jesus Christ himself … on Christian land and we are supposed to allow them to do all of this on the pretext of freedom, liberty and Democracy.

Now, look at the other side of the coin.

  • If just one of our politician … says anything against a tiny country on the other side of the Ocean … a country that is totally dependent on us for everything … then our politician has committed a grievous sin … a great crime. And there should be punishment against the person, he / she should be pushed to resign and we should also create “resolutions and laws” against this to put fear in the rest and teach everyone a lesson.
  • If anyone says anything against LGBTQ … a group designed by the same Establishment to do everything against Christianity and promote the opposite of the teachings of Christianity … then this person must be ridiculed in the media and his career must be adversely affected.
  • When it comes to 300 Million Christians living in America … they don’t have the same “freedom, liberty and Democracy” … so that they can freely express their views and beliefs.
  • The 300 Million Christians … the 99% of the American population … should not have the same “freedom, liberty and Democracy” … as this Jewish Establishment has.

Because as per Satanic Talmudic ideology … the Christians and Common Jews are nothing but sheep and cattle for their Jewish masters. The Establishment has every right and authority to implement whatever ideology it wants in the society to mold your minds and make you accept whatever it promotes … however, vicious, malicious and disastrous it may be for you. It might be genocidal wars or decadent groups & activities or leeching of the countrys resources … we the Christian people and the Common Jews are supposed to be okay with all of this. But if the cattle or sheep turns against its masters … then it must be punished. There must be laws, resolutions and government action taken against such uprisings.

If anyone speaks against Israel or the criminal activities of the Jewish Establishment then:

  • He has committed a serious crime and sin
  • He must be ridiculed and punished
  • They should have absolutely no rights of “freedom, liberty or Democracy”
  • You have no right or freedom or liberty when it comes to Israel and the Jewish Establishment
  • Because these are your “masters” and you are the sheep and cattle

This is exactly what is going on in America as we speak. This is exactly what is being implemented in America as we speak.

A Scared Establishment
Why is the Establishment taking such desperate measures now? Firstly, the Establishment has failed in destroying America, Europe and Russia in a massive war. Secondly, it is seeing a new world being formed with the rise of key leaders who are not puppeted by the Establishment. Not only the Establishment is failing in their malicious and criminal destructive schemes around the world but it is also seeing a rise of several leaders that are not their puppets.

The Establishment knows very very well that we are a hairline away from exposing and destroying many many of their exploitation systems around the world. And if you see the resolution … it is very clearly trying to protect its malicious activities carried out via its monopoly:

  • Israel
  • Leeching money from countries
  • Controlling world leaders

Since when is speaking against all of the above considered as “anti-Semitism”? Why is Israel trying to protect itself under the cloak of anti-Semitism? Why is AIPAC mentioned in the resolution? Why is money making and world control mentioned in the resolution? In a resolution on anti-Semitism? All of the above are incredibly malicious and criminal elements & activities. Why should we allow this criminal Establishment to protect its crimes and malice under the cloak of anti-Semitism?

The Establishment is scared of the actions that will be taken very soon … God willing … against its malicious systems. Which is why, they are overhyping Ilhan Omar’s statements only to use her to protect their malicious systems. That’s exactly what is going on.

If it is truly about anti-Semitism … about protecting the Common Jews from abuse on the basis of their religion, race or color … then we don’t even need any new laws or resolutions. They are already protected under the current laws and Constitution. This is just a scared Establishment that is trying to misuse Ilhan Omar’s statements and mislead the American leaders to create resolutions to protect their criminal and malicious activities.