12 Feb 2019
JewH316 Ilhan Omar brought out the criminal pattern of the Establishment that ran ISIS

Let me show you something interesting. Ilhan Omar may not realize it … but she has brought out the “criminal pattern” of the Establishment that ran ISIS. The Establishment are a bunch of criminals … who keep repeating their crime via a “pattern”. Let me connect it for you so that you can see it.

The War On Terror Propaganda
The three main elements used to run the War on Terror propaganda were:

  • Event. Some nut job out there would create an event.
  • Media. That event would be immediately picked by the American Media and given massive publicity among the people.
  • Puppet Politicians. Once the event is given massive publicity then the Establishment’s puppet politicians would step forward in further promoting the propaganda … by creating wars and blowing up trillions of taxpayer money.

What was the relationship between the “event and the American Media”?
This is what you need to note … what was the relationship between the event created at the ground level and the mainstream American media? Al Qaeda was killing people … but far more Americans die every year via gun violence and drugs. 30,000 Americans die via gun violence and 60,000 Americans die via drugs. You have a whopping amount of 90,000 Americans dying every year … that is 7,500 American dying every single month … that is two 9/11 happening every month in America on American soil.

Why does the mainstream American media turn a blind eye to this and why did it give massive publicity the moment any Muslim was caught with a knife? We spent trillions of taxpayer money and waged wars against half a dozen countries to solve the “terrorism” issue. But why don’t we take any action on solving the gun violence and drugs issue in America?

The reason is very simple and very clear. The War on Terror was an “Establishment propaganda” to keep America and the West deviated from its debt crisis.

  • Events. The Establishment puppets and sponsored groups were creating the “events” at the ground level.
  • Media. 90% of the mainstream American Media is owned by the same Establishment … these media agencies were going ballistic only to promote the Establishment propaganda.
  • Puppet Politicians. The same Establishment controls several politicians in both parties in America via “campaign finance” and these puppet politicians would further promote and carry out the Establishment propaganda.

The Establishment was connected at all levels of the activities. The American public were mere spectators to the non-stop stupidity going around them and they had no idea what the hell was going on. The Establishment further clarified its involvement in this via:

  • Massive gain for Bankers via interest on the ridiculously high debt of trillions on the country
  • Israel’s weapons industries were making a killing via the wars in the Middle East
  • Israel was getting 70% of its National oil requirement from war zones for a mere $10 per barrel while the rest of the world was paying $50-60 per barrel
  • Israel was directly supplying “Jewish fighters” in these wars
  • Israel was supplying ambulance services for these fighters across the borders of Israel
  • Israeli politicians and defense chiefs have openly admitted their involvement in this

This was a repeated ongoing “pattern of crime” by the Establishment. In order to stop this monstrosity that the Establishment was throwing at the world in the name of War on Terror … we had to check and control the Establishment at all levels of their activities.

Ilhan Omar and AIPAC
Now, let’s a take a look at Ilhan Omar’s case. The same Establishment runs its same criminal pattern again.

  • Event. This time the event was that … Ilhan Omar spoke against AIPAC.
  • Media. The mainstream American media goes ballistic against Ilhan Omar, accusing her of anti-Semitism.
  • Puppet Politicians. Several puppet politicians step forward to further hammer Ilhan Omar to silence her.

What is the relationship between “AIPAC and the American media”?
Here’s the interesting part. What is the relationship between AIPAC and the mainstream American media? Why is the American media going crazy and ballistic when you say anything against AIPAC? Let me explain with examples … if you say anything against the Clinton Foundation … then the Clintons will respond or some representative from their Foundation will respond. If you say anything against Trump’s Foundation … then Trumps will respond or the Representatives will respond. But if you say anything against AIPAC then why is the mainstream American media going crazy? What’s the connection here?

The connection is that … the bunch of Jewish Families that form the Establishment … they themselves own about 90% of the mainstream media. And who is AIPAC?

  • AIPAC is a foreign lobby that promotes the Establishment’s and Israel’s interests in America
  • AIPAC spends millions every year on “American politicians” to control the policy making in America on both sides of the aisle. Their yearly budget goes in tens of millions.

Lobbyists are worse than most criminals. They destroy the very essence of Democracy in the country by the very nature of their work. Their fulltime job is to bribe and pay politicians … to tweak policy making in the favor of companies against the interests of the people. AIPAC is the biggest “destructive element” of American Democracy.

And who is Israel? Israel is a tiny country of about 7 million people sitting on the other side of the Ocean that depends upon America for finance, military, technology and political support.

Look at the absurdity
America is the Super Power of the world with 330 million people and with thousands of nukes. It’s a Mega Massive World Power … a citizen and leader of this Mega Massive World Power … says anything against AIPAC … she will be humiliated and forced to apologize? Why? Did she say anything wrong? No. Did she break any law? No. Did she do anything against the Constitution or the Bible? No.

Then who are these guys that hold themselves above the Constitution and the Bible? If she has not broken the law or the Constitution or the Bible then why is she apologizing? Why are these guys more special than our Constitution and the Bible?

AIPAC and the American Media

  • Isn’t the American media supposed to be “American” and be for Americans?
  • Why is the “American media” stomping on American lives?
  • Why has the American media become a tool that is used by a bunch of Jewish Families sitting on the other side of the Ocean?
  • Why has the American media become the tool of a cheap and dirty lobbying organization called AIPAC?

Aren’t our citizens and our leaders supposed to be the most protected entities as per our Constitution and the Bible? Why is a foreign lobby and a foreign country holding a higher status than our Constitution and the Bible? Why is AIPAC and the Israeli Government above the law?

The issue of Establishment Monopoly
This is exactly what the issue of Establishment Monopoly is in America and also in many European countries. It’s a bunch of Satanic Families that are sitting there controlling the media and politicians to run their destructive and self-serving agendas while stomping on innocent citizens and leaders.

The parallel between ISIS and AIPAC
The fantastic thing that the case of Ilhan Omar has done is … it has shown a beautiful parallel between ISIS and AIPAC. Some idiot out there would carry out an event and the American media would go ballistic yelling … “this is Radical Islam! Muslims are terrorists! Islam preaches hate! Muslims want to kill you! Be afraid of Muslims!” Even before any investigation was carried out … even before the culprit was caught or any evidence presented … the media would pass judgment, conclude the case and advocate for action against Muslim countries. No one bothered to follow the law … no one bothered to carry out a proper investigation … no one even bothered to follow common sense. Everything was run via a “blatant propaganda”.

You can see the exact same thing in Ilhan Omar’s case. First of all … did she break any law? It’s a damn lobbying organization and she said right … hell yes, they pay politicians … that too by the millions every year. She didn’t break any law and she spoke the truth. But you know … our lovely Establishment is above the law, above the Constitution and above the Bible. You dared to speak against them … therefore, you are a racist, a hater and you have committed a grievous crime. The entire media goes ballistic against you passing judgment against you, condemning you and also demanding punishment in some cases. There is absolutely no regard to the law or the Constitution or the Bible or even common sense.

It is the repetition of the exact same criminal pattern of the same Establishment that ran ISIS and the War on Terror. This is how the Establishment has been functioning in America since decades. American citizens are the Establishment’s biggest victims in the West.

The Establishment is on Defense
The good thing about Ilhan Omar’s case is that … during the War on Terror … the Establishment was on the offensive. Their misleading propagandas were succeeding and they were pushing for more and more destruction around the world. But now the same Establishment is on the defense. It is using its own criminal patterns again … but this time to defend itself. Their offense has been thwarted in the issues of war. That’s a major positive change.