10 Feb 2019
JewH315 American Leadership needs to be “fearless, revolutionary and intelligent”

To take America into the future … into the future of a new era … the American Leadership needs to be fearless, revolutionary and intelligent. Why do we need these 3 characteristics? We are dealing with a massive scale of exploitation systems setup by a malicious Satanic Establishment around the world. It is simply not possible to change America with an additional tax … or an additional policy against the rich … but we have to dismantle the entire system itself. Several Exploitation Systems have to be dismantled. That’s how the debt crisis is going to be fixed … that’s how a new people-oriented era will be created … and that’s how we will move into a new future together.

Obama was simply perfect as per his time … he was incredibly “patient and intelligent”. If Obama had a thin skin … then it would mean a catastrophe for the world. He was incredibly patient in understanding the crisis that America and the world was facing … and with great intelligence … he tactically cooperated with Russia in saving the world from a catastrophic war against Russia. Not only he cooperated with Russia in keeping the world safe … but he allowed the movement of several elements to hammer down and contain the malicious Establishment.

Today the Establishment is contained … almost all major points of malice are under control. Now is the time to break down this malicious Establishment Monopoly. All of these systems are Satanic and criminal against the common man … including against the Common Jews. These guys mislead and leech from the Common Jews as well. The fantastic leader that will take America forward into a new era … that will keep People First and fight against these malicious systems … needs to be fearless, revolutionary and intelligent.

  • Fearless. Because he / she does not have to be scared of the mere scale of the problem that we are dealing with. He / she does not have to be scared at the scale of the Establishment’s monopoly. He / she should have the strength and courage to “stand up for what is right” … for what is right for the American people … for what is right for the world. It is a MUST for the current and the next US President to be fearless.
  • Revolutionary. He / she needs to be revolutionary … he / she should have an open mind to embrace new ideas and new systems … because the current systems are obsolete and they don’t work for the common man. These systems are rigged, controlled and run by a malicious few. It is a must to have a “revolution in systems”. It is a must to dismantle the current exploitation systems and setup new people-centric systems that work for the people.
  • Intelligent. And he / she must be intelligent … to make sure that the fearlessness and the revolutionary work leads to what is good for the people and that it does not lead to an economic catastrophe.

If we have all of these 3 characteristics in the American Leadership, then my dear friends … you have just found the perfect leaders that will take America and the world into a new era. Let us check these characteristics among prominent leaders and see how they have performed.

President Vladimir Putin
Let’s check these 3 characteristics in President Putin.

  • Fearless. Based upon the current issues that Russia and the world was facing … was President Putin fearless? Hell freaking yes … he has been the most fearless leader of the world of our time! It might be standing up to the bankers, controlling Netanyahu to whom almost all American leaders bow to or controlling Establishment wars in other countries … Putin has shown fearlessness of immense magnitude which has helped him in keeping the interests of Russia and the Russian people first. To the extent that he also moved ahead in world leadership in bringing about peace and stability for other countries. President Putin has fearlessly protected Russia and maintained peace & stability in the world.
  • Revolutionary. Hell yes, President Putin is revolutionary. He took steps that were never taken before in world history. Russia stepping forward in shooting down American missiles to protect a Muslim country created history. It led to the stabilization and peace in Syria owing to which millions of Syrian refugees are returning back home.
  • Intelligent. Yes indeed. President Putin was extremely intelligent in remaining patient against Establishment designed malice against Russia. He did not respond in anger … he remained patient … and kept the doors of Russia open to the world. A Europe that was sanctioning Russia … the same Europe went to Russia knocking on their doors … to cooperate and be friends again. Putin used his fearlessness and revolutionary attitude … in intelligently leading the world to peace and stability. President Putin forms the perfect leader to lead the world from the East in the current times of malice and crime.

President Donald J Trump
Let’s check how President Trump scores in these characteristics.

  • Fearless. This has actually been Trump’s biggest weakness till date. He is not fearless. Taking action against people or countries that are weaker than you is not called being fearless. President Trump has shown zero initiatives against Establishment malice.
  • Revolutionary. Yes, I would give him a medium score on being a revolutionary. Trump stood up to keep America First in front of China, Europe and other countries. Putting tariffs was Trump’s initiative that was not done before. Trump is not dead in fear. He takes measures where there is 100% safety with no risk for him in any way.
  • Intelligent. I would say that Trump has the necessary intelligence. But to lead the world in surpassing, controlling or eliminating the Establishment … Trump has not shown any moves to keep People First or save the world from the Establishment malice. Yes, he has average intelligence but I think his fear is coming in the way of leading the world away from Establishment crisis.

Presidential Candidate – Elizabeth Warren
Let’s check how the Presidential Candidate, Elizabeth Warren scores in these characteristics.

  • Fearless. She is a simple teacher. She is not a billionaire and she does not have hundreds of millions worth of property. But this simple teacher is able to stand and fight against the largest Establishment sharks … namely the Bankers and demand jail for their CEOs. Is she fearless? Hell yes, she is fearless. She has her blood boiling when it comes to crime from Bankers and large Corporations. She is a total fighter.
  • Revolutionary. Can she be a revolutionary that will fight against the Bankers and Corporations in favor of the people? Hell yes, she can. She has done that all her life. She has done it repeatedly throughout her political career. She doesn’t understand the systems yet … but once she gets to know how to dismantle these assholes … she will be the shining star that the world will love.
  • Intelligent. I think there is no question about this. Of course yes, she can control the movement to make sure that it benefits the people and maintain world peace & stability.

If President Putin and soon to be President Elizabeth Warren combine … the world will witness a revolution that it has never seen before. Putin has shown repeated actions in containing Establishment malice and so has Warren. All we need to do is induce the people-centric systems and policies under their leadership. Yes, Warren has a lot to learn and understand … but she has the necessary time to hit the ground running. All of our policies and systems will help her understand the current crisis … and not only help her win the Presidency but also help her in being a winning President.

Fear has been Trump’s major drawback
On the other hand, President Trump has immense potential but fear has been his major drawback. He is a good revolutionary and intelligent … but owing to fear, his Presidency has been lacking severely. And sadly, Trump Presidency itself has been the major victim of Establishment Monopoly.

  • The demonization
  • The lawsuits
  • The investigations
  • The loss of the House to Democrats
  • The rise of fearless Democrat leaders
  • And also the possible loss of the Presidency

All of it is because of Establishment Monopoly and because he could not pull the courage to lead the country against Establishment Monopoly. Its fear that has held back Trump. Otherwise, the guy was a good fit.