03 Feb 2019
JewH314 Mueller Modes

Let’s leak the question paper to Trump. He has already been through a lot via the Establishment malice. Let’s make a few things easy for him to understand.

Some things are not as they seem to be
In America, it is not necessary that it is what it is … it might be something else. For example … the outrage over Benghazi. Hillary was probably thinking … “why the hell is there so much fuss about a few people dying in Benghazi … when Bush got killed thousands of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why is everyone scrutinizing me for a handful of people?” That’s why she was saying … “what difference does it make”? She failed to understand what Benghazi was actually about.

Benghazi was not actually about a few Americans dying in Libya. But it was about:

  • Hillary destroying the entire country of Libya under a false pretext
  • Hillary creating a civil war in Syria
  • It was about Hillary getting killed hundreds of thousands of people and displacing millions
  • And it was about knocking out Hillary from politics. Benghazi was the pretext being used to hammer Hillary.

Two things that you should learn about Benghazi is that:

  • Firstly, Network operations in America are “party independent”. They hammer any “malicious politician” irrespective of any Party affiliation.
  • Secondly, the “awakening” in the Matrix happened under the Obama Administration. The Intelligence, Legal, Media and Political forces were mostly stagnant during the Bush Administration. The need to manage the country and control malicious politicians was realized under the Obama Era. And Hillary was the first major politician to come under the public hammer via the Matrix.

If you realize … who is Hillary GodDamn Clinton … she was the Secretary of State who ran for President and beat the current President in the number of votes. But she was hammered and faces such a stark opposition by the major Networks that … she will not even bother to run for elections this time. If she does … she will be squished … it’s a wise thing that she is not running. She is not running because there is a major change in the political spectrum in America. The Establishment Elements that she used to suck up to … they themselves are hammered and controlled. The formula of sucking up to the Establishment and winning does not apply anymore. In fact, the whole thing has been reversed. The more anti-Establishment you are … the higher your chances of being President in America.

These are phenomenal changes that are happening in America as we speak … every day, every week and every month. With every opportunity, Establishment puppets are hammered out and people-centric candidates are brought in power. It is changing the entire platform in America … it is changing how decisions are made and it is changing our priorities and the policies that we work on.

Establishment trying to control Network Logic
Owing to the active movement of the Networks in various spheres of life … of intelligence, media, politics and legals … the Establishment is facing a lot of control, management and resistance. It is having to justify and provide logic and reason for everything that it wants to do. The major guiding principle in the Networks is “facts and logic”. Since the Establishment is getting knocked out in almost all spheres … it is trying to intrude into Network activities and control their activities via facts and logic.

And this is what is creating 3 different Mueller Modes. The Establishment is a bunch of Satanists … they try to merge into any society and control decision making. Since Mueller is being Network Managed as of now … they are trying to create worse and worse types of action against the Trumps. These are the 3 different modes.

Mode One – Freedom and Greatness Mode
This is the freedom and greatness mode for Trump. This is where we have been calling Trump to save him and make a great leader out of him. Trump keeps saying “end this witchhunt … this is a disgrace and bla bla bla.” What Trump does not realize is that … he himself can control Mueller. Trump himself can decide what Mueller will do next.

We were ourselves fed up of Trump’s inaction … the guy was neck deep in investigations … and doesn’t listen to anything at all. We were just giving up on him. The Network’s advice was … “no, no, no … don’t abandon Trump. Try to pull him on the right track and Mueller will be managed as much as possible. It could be very likely that … he will wind up the investigation with no charges on Trumps. This is a possibility … don’t quit on Trump. If Trump does not follow then we will get other leaders that will.”

This opportunity showed that … yes, Mueller was being managed. And there was an opportunity for Trumps to free themselves. The only thing we had to do was invite Trump and put him on a track of greatness. The logic that the Networks were using to “free Trump from all investigations” is that … here is the guy that …

  • Has done so many great things for America
  • He has revolutionized education, healthcare and infrastructure
  • He is fighting against debt based systems
  • He is fighting against the biggest criminals of our time
  • He is fighting against bankers, corporations, oil companies and weapon manufacturers in favor of the people
  • Trump deserves honor, respect and glory … he does not deserve hate, disrespect and demonization
  • It doesn’t matter if the guy has a few skeletons in his closet … lets wind up everything and fight in favor of Trump
  • Fighting for Trump is fighting for America. Saving Trump is saving America.

This is what the basic planning was and every single Major Network loved it and they were ready to support it. All they had to see is Trump on the right track.

The Establishment was astonished and scared at this complete unity in the Networks. “As it is the guy launches his Presidency by killing the War on Terror and putting America First. If he gets 100% Network support then we are doomed. We have to make a criminal out of Trump.” And they moved in with this offer and that offer … with trillions in defense spending … with a nuclear war program in the Koreas … with a Space Force … building more nukes … and massive wastage of taxpayer money. And they pushed Trump out of this “Freedom and Greatness Mode” and brought him into the Impeachment Mode.

Mode Two – Impeachment Mode
They made sure that Trump does not change anything … he does not do anything great … instead he keeps blowing up taxpayer money by trillions on himself and other Establishment elements. So that they could justify that Trump is not a great leader … he is a criminal. He doesn’t deserve greatness … he deserves impeachment and jail.

We repeatedly told Trump in his initial months itself … “don’t fall for Establishment traps. They will bribe you with commissions. They are assholes who will backstab you. These are all traps and they will make you fall.” But Trump went on a spending spree … blowing up trillions of taxpayer money … falling for all of their cash based traps … probably thinking that this is how the Presidency works. But he does not know that the same guys are planning a humiliating impeachment for Trump based on these very favors that he did for them.

Now this very Establishment that Trump has been 98% in favor … this Satanic Establishment is presenting “facts and logic” in all Major Networks that …

  • Trump hasn’t done shit for the people
  • He keeps blowing up trillions of taxpayer money and keeps saying “jobs, jobs, jobs”
  • He deserves impeachment and not greatness
  • Forget about greatness, he is doing this when the country is burning in debt with $21.5 Trillion. He himself added $2.5 Trillion within 2 years to this debt and he keeps calling this a great country.
  • He deserves impeachment and jail. Why are you all supporting him and blocking jail for him?

This is not today’s argument. This was last year’s argument. This was the Establishment activity in the Networks one year ago. They have been dying hard to put Trumps into jail since one year.

All of these attempts were blocked … mainly because those “two little things” that you did as soon as you became President … namely … end the War on Terror and put America First. Everybody in the Networks know that these are a bunch of Satanists who want to put the American President in jail. We know all of the shit that they run around in the world. No one is going to put Trumps into jail just because someone is asking for it. In the Networks, everyone wants “facts and logic” to support the action.

As of now, what the Major Networks agree upon is:

  • Trump does not deserve jail. He has done nothing to deserve jail.
  • But at the same time, he has not put America First. Apart for a few moves, his Presidency is mainly blowing up trillions of taxpayer money in ridiculous stuff that does no good for the people. His Presidency is a waste of taxpayer money.
  • Trump needs to cough up all taxpayer money that he has swallowed. If we are not impeaching him or putting him in jail … it does not mean that we will allow an open loot of hard-earned American taxpayer money by the trillions.
  • We may also put criminal charges and indictments on Trumps to make it happen … if they don’t stop this loot and don’t give up what they stole. We will not put up with a thief in the White House. We are not fools.

Till date … the Networks are not yet inclined to put Trumps into jail … mainly because of the peace that has been achieved under the Trump Presidency. But they are pretty much in agreement with the Establishment that Trump does not deserve to be in the White House and he should give up what he stole. You are looking at very stern investigations, lawsuits and criminal charges … as per the current configuration that is.

Mode Three – Jail Mode
The Establishment is happy as a dancing queen right now. But they are still not content because they are not getting “jail for Trumps”. It would be best if they could put Trumps into jail. But then again, the Networks form a major shield from Establishment aggression. If the aggression is not justified then the move is mostly nullified.

With Trump’s inaction on the American debt crisis and wastage of trillions of tax payer money … the Establishment has won the support for impeaching Trump. Now, they are trying to create traps where they can “justify” jail for Trumps. Recent traps designed for this are:

  • Government shut down for border wall funding
  • A possible support for a civil war in Venezuela

In both of the above traps … the Establishment is trying to say that … “hey, these are Trump initiated and Trump owned blunders. We have nothing to do with it. These are disasters created completely by Trump himself. Trump is so crazy for money that he stomps on weak people and destroys countries to benefit himself. Put him in jail.”

As of now, Trump is still in the Impeachment Mode … but the Establishment is trying to do everything possible to pull him in the jail mode. We are trying to do everything possible to pull Trump in the Freedom and Greatness Mode so that he doesn’t get impeached. 

Note: Mueller is just one of the pressure points that the Networks manage.

Trump will decide his fate
You still have some time at hand. It is not too late. Trump himself can decide his fate. Everyone has an eye on you … on what you do … and in which mode you want to remain in. You can move into the Freedom and Greatness Mode … you can remain in the Impeachment Mode … or you can move into Jail Mode. But keep in mind … the Establishment has no powers over you. Do not complain later that you were under pressure and you did something because you were forced to do it. Your people and your country needs you. Its your choice to:

  • Save your people and country
  • Keep blowing up taxpayer money or
  • Start monstrous activities for monetary benefit

All choices are yours and you can choose your fate.

The Changing Spectrum in America
We tell you about stuff an year or two in advance … so that you are well prepared and if you are a positive and a good person that cares for others … then you can shine.

  • We told you about Hillary that she will not be the Democrat nominee in 2020 and look … she doesn’t even plan to run in this term. Her political career is over … forget about being President.
  • We told you in the very initial months of your Presidency … that you have to focus on internal systems in the country … on education, healthcare, infrastructure, cost of living, break Establishment monopoly, end their malicious systems and revolutionize the country.
  • Now, look at the next Presidential candidates … is anyone talking about Radical Islam or wars or bombing another country or regime change. Everyone has education, healthcare, infrastructure and cost of living on their agenda. Most of them want to stand up to the corporations, bankers and the 1%.
  • You didn’t take the lead and now there is an entire spectrum of candidates being brought into the race to provide the right leadership.

With simple positive and people-centric moves you are able to create history. You took two right moves and only those two moves are coming to your rescue. Rest all of the moves that you took are leading you to impeachment and jail. Trumps have enormous potential to lead the Republican Party but you guys are running some jing-bang show. It is not advisable to miss out on such historic leadership opportunities.