01 Feb 2019
JewH313 Establishment Priority: Justify jail for Trumps

A lot of critical and disastrous Establishment activity this year. Started off with a government shutdown and now moving towards a civil war in Venezuela. Let’s try to help Trump understand what is going on. Forget about the basic level … understand the bigger game being designed around you.

  • Demonization. It all started off with the demonization using the sex scandals and using any and every mistake that they could find from the Trump Family, Team and Administration. The Establishment started a large scale demonization of Trumps using their media monopoly and we repeatedly asked Trump to take action and put an end to this. But he took no initiative and within a few months, the Establishment got a sweeping success of demonizing Trumps. One of the biggest losses that the Trump Presidency faced owing to this countrywide demonization is the loss of the House to the Democrats … apart from the delegitimization of the Trump Presidency every single day.
  • Impeachment. When you are dealing with the Establishment, you are dealing with “network based” activities. You should always see how the network is working and what they are moving towards. The moment the Establishment started a massive demonization campaign … we warned Trumps that this will lead to impeachment. He probably thought … “hey, impeach me for what? I havent’ done anything wrong.” It is not about you … it is about what the Establishment wants and they use “bogus pretexts” to justify what they want. Even then Trump took no action and as of now they have built a huge movement to impeach Trump. To the extent that Senior Dems have to step in and block these impeachment calls. Trump is not doing anything and the Establishment keeps winning.
  • Jail for Trumps. Now, the Establishment is taking its activities to the next level of “justifying” jail for Trumps. They already won in the demonization and impeachment levels … now they are trying to create a build up to justify jail. Keep reading and you will know why and how.

Mueller is Network Managed
We repeatedly kept saying the “Mueller is pure Establishment malice” … this was not to scare Trumps but it was to activate Networks to manage Mueller. The fantastic thing about Matrix based networks is that … they move into any political or legal or intelligence or corporate level … and try to control the decision making at that level. This page does not allow us to write in detail of how the Matrix does that but more importantly let us see how this is important for Trumps.

The Matrix is protecting Trumps
As per the Establishment plans, Trump was supposed to be impeached or removed from office within his first or second year itself. By now, Trump’s impeachment should have already happened. But since the Neworks are moving in, managing and controlling aggressive moves against the Trumps … the Establishment has failed at this level. The Establishment was not able to impeach Trump or put any Trump into jail. They were failed in both of these activities.

Why is the Matrix protecting Trumps?
Matrix in the sense … the Silent Majority and the Witch Networks protect Trumps … mainly because …

  • The new Era that has been launched under Trump
  • We needed an outsider in the game who was not an Establishment puppet
  • The first thing that Trump does on his first international tour is … tell all Middle East countries to stop the funding in war zones. He himself cut off all funding and also told all countries to stop any kind of funding in these war zones. Owing to this, the funds for all rebel groups and terrorist groups evaporated. It led to the elimination of ISIS and terrorism from the world within a few months. This was something that was eating up trillions of American tax payer money since the past 16 years. Trump changed the entire scene in just one international trip. And that’s one of the first thing that he did.
  • The second major thing that he did was campaign for “America First”. He stood up to China, Europe and neighboring countries to put American interests first.
  • These two things were loved in the Matrix and we all saw that … “hell yes, bringing an outsider in the game has paid off”. No more Establishment bigotry, no more Establishment puppetry and no more genocide in the name of peace … finally we work on putting America First.

If you see what happened under the Bush Administration and what happened under Hillary GodDamn Clinton … the world was a mess. Bombing city after city … country after country … terrorists were creating armies of themselves instead of being wiped out … blowing up trillions … creating millions of refugees … innocent toddlers were washing up on our shores. All of that has stopped. Thanks to Trump … and to Russia and to Intervention Forces … but importantly thanks to Trump’s leadership on this.

The Peace is the Shield
This peace that has come under the Trump Presidency is working as a “shield” in defending Trumps from jail or even impeachment. Because all major Networks know that there is no appropriate replacement for Trump in the Republican Party. Trump is the one that has wiped out the War on Terror that was being run since the past two Administrations and if Trump leaves … then the same GodDamn things may start happening all over again.

Monsters like Bush and Hillary are free … partying out there in their ranches … while they have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and created a world migration crisis. And guy who stops all of this monstrosity and creates peace in the world … this guy should be put in jail? Hell no, Trump doesn’t deserve jail at all. The guy deserves a Nobel Prize and not jail.

This is the strongest argument that the Networks are using to protect Trumps from impeachment and jail. But our lovely Establishment are a bunch of Satanic assholes. They want to break this shield in order to justify impeachment and jail.

The need for “Trump initiated and Trump owned” blunders
The Trump Presidency is being protected because there isn’t anyone suitable to lead from the Republican Party. And to break this shield and facilitate the impeachment or even jail … the Establishment needs Trump initiated and Trump owned blunders. So that they can point out and say … “hey, look at your guy! Look at this blunder that he has initiated totally on his own. He is stomping on people. He is crazy after cash. He wants to start wars. And bla bla bla.” They want to show that … this was not a trap designed by us … there was no Establishment scheme involved … all of this was Trump initiated and Trump owned.

Examples will help:

  • Government shutdown for Border Wall funding. This was the first major trap to justify jail for Trumps in this year. Who shutdown the government? Trump shut it down. Why did he shut it down? He wants funding for his wall. Millions of Americans are losing their paychecks and he does not care. This is a complete “Trump initiated and Trump owned” blunder where they are trying to show that Trump is crazily going after money while stomping on his own people and misusing the Presidency. And Trump actually fell for this trap.
  • Civil War in Venezuela. The second major trap in the making is a “civil war in Venezuela”. You think that you will be able to make a regime change out there but the Establishment is actively designing a civil war in Venezuela. This is being done to show that Trump is no better than Hillary. “Hillary savaged Syria and destroyed the entire country … and Trump is doing the same in Venezuela … Trump is the same monster as Hillary … jail for Trumps.” This is exactly what they are working on.

Basics on Venezuela
Here are some basics on Venezuela before you do anything in that country.

  • Communist Country. Venezuela is a Communist Country … a system setup by the Establishment itself. The Establishment hates America mainly because America has been a key force of taking down Communism from most of the world. Why do you think you failed in Vietnam? Because Vietnam is a major world superpower? No, because it was a Communist country … it was being supported by the Establishment. The Establishmnent itself defends Communist countries. Two Communist countries came up with the Petro Dollar after the Bankers fled with their gold to South China Sea. One country is China and the other country is Venezuela. The Bankers are channelizing their gold into China and Venezuela as we speak. Do you really think that the Establishment will invite Trump to dismantle an “oil rich Communist Country”? It is a major trap.
  • Initiation of a Civil War. Just like Syria has succeeded against American intervention … so will Venezuela. The fun for these Satanists will be … the creation of a civil war in the country … spending of trillions of dollars in defense supplies so that their weapon companies make money … keep the world occupied in another major civil war. And then this will happen …
  • Millions of Refugees to America. Caravans of millions of refugees will travel from Venezuela to America. 10 Million people were displaced from their homes in Syria and that amount can be double from Venezuela. You are looking at a potential 15-20 million refugees once the civil war begins. As it is the condition in Venezuela is unlivable … the moment the war begins, the people will get the license to move into other countries.
  • Civil War Creating and Immigrant Hating President. Now, take a look at this scenario. Millions of refugees will be traveling towards America in massive caravans. From Venezuela, America is just a few weeks away. What will President Trump do? Welcome these millions of refugees? And abandon the Border Wall? If you block them while you have created a civil war in their country … then the Establishment has just proven you as someone worse than Hillary GodDamn Clinton. The moment you start the civil war … the Establishment got their case for impeachment and jail for Trumps. And when you block the movement of refugees in to your country then it is checkmate for the Trump Presidency.

Venezuela is a major trap
The government shutdown was nothing … if a civil war begins in Venezuela then it wipes out everything that is protecting the Trumps. They show you as worse than Hillary … and they get to justify impeachment and jail for Trumps. All protective shields will be taken down.

Doesn’t matter how many favors you have done for the Establishment … it doesn’t matter if you were 98% in favor for them. But don’t destroy your biggest accomplishment that you have done in one single step and that is … “peace” … peace in the world, no new wars, no more terrorism, no more civil wars and no more war on terror. This peace is one of your major shields against impeachment as well as against jail. I will show you one or two more shields … later on. But do not fall for silly traps and do not destroy the very very important shields that are keeping you safe.

Managing Venezuela
An easy way to manage Venezuela is via sanctions. Feel free to sanction the shit out of them. But …

  • Don’t supply any weapons
  • Don’t carry out any bombings
  • Don’t start killing their people
  • Don’t start destroying their cities
  • Don’t create a migration crisis

Venezuela is an “Establishment entity” and you are the main target here. It is not about destroying Venezuela but it is more about destroying and eliminating the Trump Presidency and justify jail for Trumps. It’s a major trap.